Fitness tracker – Xiaomi Smart Band 7

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  • 1.62″ high resolution AMOLED display
  • SpO₂ monitoring throughout the day
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Batteries: 1 A batteries required. (included)
  • Language: English
  • Date First Available: 8 Jun. 2022
  • Manufacturer: Xiaomi
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    Introducing the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the ultimate fitness tracker that will revolutionize the way nurses stay fit and healthy! This sleek and stylish device is not only a fantastic tool for tracking your daily activities, but it also comes with a range of features that make it the perfect gift for nurses.

    With its advanced heart rate monitor, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 allows nurses to keep a close eye on their heart health, ensuring they stay in tip-top shape while caring for others. It also tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned, providing valuable insights into your daily activity levels. Whether you’re running between patients or doing rounds, this fitness tracker will keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals.

    But that’s not all! The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 also boasts a sleep tracker, helping nurses monitor their sleep patterns and ensure they get the rest they need to perform at their best. It even has a sedentary reminder, which is perfect for those long shifts when it’s easy to forget to take a break and move around.

    With its water-resistant design, nurses can wear this fitness tracker all day, even during handwashing or when caught in the rain. Plus, its long battery life means you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging it.

    So, why is the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 the perfect gift for nurses? Well, it combines functionality, style, and durability, making it an essential tool for any nurse who wants to prioritize their health and well-being. Give the gift of fitness and show your favorite nurse how much you care with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7!

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    1 A batteries required. (included)

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    8 Jun. 2022



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    13 reviews for Fitness tracker – Xiaomi Smart Band 7

    1. Julio Cesar Davila Valero

      Acheter en août 2023 nous sommes fin janvier et impeccable pas de beug ,pas de réaction allergique avec le bracelet, je la porte jour et nuit dans le bain , au boulot , au sport , piscine….. Légère, pas trop gros au poignet.
      Fonctionne très bien je suis contente de mon achat

    2. Roberta Kelly

      I have have versions 3, 4, 5 and have been wearing a version 7 for a while now. The one I recently ordered was to be a spare.
      I find that they work well and do actually do not too bad at tracking. One thing that is way better then the others (Fitbit/Apple) is that I can go back and look at my tracking data from the first day I put on a version 3.
      I don’t have to pay a monthly fee (gouging) for my data to be kept for all these years. Saves quit a bit of money on the long haul.

    3. Flap

      Um aliado da saúde e para qualidade de vida. Não e só um relógio ele registra sua frequência cardíaca, saturação qualidade do sono e passos executado durante o dia.
      Além de servir de lembrete sobre todos os registros realizado no celular.
      Excelente compra, demorou um pouco pra chegar mas valeu cada centavo

    4. LizH

      There are so many devices that have clocks on them that I rarely have to check check the time, the auto wake is far too sensitive on it’s lowest setting, that I turned it off, and that extends the battery life to a couple of weeks. It fully charges from 20-15 percent that in the it takes for a shower, and I used the USB port for a pc to slow the charge rate in order to preserve the battery. To my surprise the workout list’s incudes archery, but the calories burned is far too generous to believe. However in my case it’s still useful to monitor heart rate which it does okay at.
      I purchased this watch for sleep tracking, to help with a circadian rhythm disorder diagnosis. The mi fitness app compiles the sleep data in an easy digestible manner, unfortunately it doesn’t let you export the data, so I had to manually read and type out the data anyway.

      Apart from that I like this watch way more then I expected to.

    5. DaveofCoalville

      I really like this fitness band, it is lightweight and not too bulky on my wrist, and I have very small wrists.
      I had a few problems linking band to my phone, as suggested by someone on another review I tried Zepp life app and still no joy but after investigating problem on line (I was on verge of reluctantly returning to Amazon) I reset band to factory settings and it bonded with my phone straight away.
      After that it was pretty plain sailing, managed to link my What’s App, weather and music. All a bonus as originally thought I would just use for counting steps. I would definitely recommend as step count seems very accurate.

    6. Roberta Kelly

      I got this watch because I have a nickel allergy and I could not make my FitBit stop irritating my skin. I tried liquid bandage, I tried putting tape over the part that touches your skin, I tried baby powder, I kept the band impeccably clean and dry and I could not stop the nickel on the Fitbit from causing me a horrible rash on my wrist.

      I did not want to spend several hundred dollars for a fitness watch all because of a brand name, especially after spending so much on my Fitbit and having it wasted.

      There are very few fitness watches on the market that do not have nickel that touches the skin, but this is one of them.

      I did as much research as I could and purchased this one and I do not regret it. I actually like it more than I ever liked my Fitbit because this one was only around $50 and does everything my Fitbit did AND MORE. I had the fitbit versa 3.

      Not sure why I was not able to get oxygen monitoring on my Fitbit, because they advertised that as a feature, but it is available for free on this band.

      Be more customizable than Fitbit or any other smartwatch I’ve seen. I actually put a picture of my dog as my watch face with a customized overlay (the actual watch time, the heart rate, whatever else you want to see). The photo quality of my watch face is crazy. It looks just like a phone screen and it behaves like one too. It’s very receptive and fast.

      So much about this watch is highly customizable which is great for me because I’m very particular about what I want popping up on my watch, so I don’t get distracted. You have a lot of freedom in choosing what alerts pop up on your watch and during what hours of the day, you can even choose a custom vibration pattern.

      Around October 24 I purchased 2 of the xiaomi band 7s for my boyfriend and I. It is now November 18th as I’m writing this, so that’s how long I’ve had the watches.

      The only downsides to this watch that I have found are: the companion app, the durability of the screen, and the band falling off sometimes. I will explain in detail.

      The Google app store has two applications for this watch and only one of them is good. Both of them are a little bit unintuitive to navigate, but it is manageable. The app recommended in the manual is the one that most people don’t like (I found this out online from reviewers).

      A few times, I was out of the house and my band just came undone and fell off. I almost didn’t notice and I could have lost my watch. Luckily I noticed in time and I picked it up, but unfortunately the screen was chipped a bit on the edge. It fell on concrete but it only fell like 2 ft down.

      The good app to get is ZEPP LIFE. Don’t even bother with the other one. You can do everything you need to do in the Zepp Life app!

      Hey xiaomi, you should advertise that your watch is nickel free because you could increase your customers! I had to search the web to find recommendations from other people who have nickel allergies. This information is hard to find, so you guys are missing out on potential customers.

      TLDR; I absolutely love this watch and I am very happy that I purchased it. I would definitely buy other products from xiaomi because of my experience with this watch. I prefer it to my old Fitbits and the price makes it a great value.

    7. dbayman

      Good product, good price, battery lasts well

    8. connor p.

      After returning the Chinese version and then getting the UK/global version my expectations had lowered. But, when I received the UK version of Xiaomi tracker I have been very pleased with my purchase. I believe it is a great product for its price, I have slim wrists but it fits great and the strap is comfortable and light so you do not even notice you are wearing it. it is waterproof and it is easy to charge with the magnetic charger and the battery life I was again surprised, overall very pleased. You can change the watch face easily and funk it up to suit and the dial is clear and sharp. There are plenty of exercise options and the tracker sensors seem to operate effectively. I always ask the question would I buy another as to whether i think it is good value and in this case I would say yes.

    9. Adrian B.

      The battery was starting to fail 6 months ago and I was fobbed off by Customer Service.
      Now at 12 months old, this band is starting to lose charge within 5 minutes of this band being disconnected from the charging lead.
      I won’t be purchasing another one, I will give Garmin a try even if it is a few pounds more.
      I tried a Garmin but the functionality and ease of use of this brand was enough for me to send the Garmin back and order another of this model.
      Since purchasing another of these Smart Bands, I have changed the watch face so I only see the date and time, not the battery level going down 5% every 6 hours or so.
      I realise I am utilising this Smart Band to its full potential so I accept that if I want this Smart Band to charge in a more reasonable time, I will need to charge my Smart Band every couple of days.

    10. Amazon Customer

      Bueno, bonito, barato

    11. Mya-Jo Howlett

      The band 7 is an improvement over the band 6 for swimming accuracy. The bluetooth messaging with my Samsung phone is excellent. No gps but syncs easily with my phone to provide accurate tracking.
      The strap on Xiaomi bands is not the best with a high degree of difficulty for fastening. But compared to many I have used for swimming it is pretty good

    12. Adrian B.

      This is my second one or third if you count my wife’s as well. It foes the usual tracking for sports. The swimming tracker is very hood and tracks distance and lengths pretty accurately.
      Good value fir money and far cheaper than other makes

    13. Mya-Jo Howlett

      I absolutely love it! It works great, there are TONS of backgrounds to choose from! (I chose this purple one with the dinosaur!) Tried it swimming today and it worked amazingly! Can’t wait to use it at the gym tomorrow! The app is also great and the battery is lasting forever! Super simple to use and it was super simple to set up too! There’s so many different workouts/sports options (even board games are a category as well?!?) Now I’ve figured out where everything is, I can’t wait to use this on the daily! 100% recommend!

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