Smart Body Composition Scales

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  • Measures 13 body data including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and metabolic age
  • Features high quality toughened glass plate with 0.2lb / 0.05kg increments
  • Equipped with 4 high precision sensors and electrodes for accuracy
  • App compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS 8.0 / Android 6.0 or higher
  • Data syncs to FITDAYS app and can be integrated with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit
  • Supports unlimited users and data sharing, ideal for family monitoring and fitness goals
  • Safety approved by CE, RoHS, FDA, FCC
  • Brand: INSMART, Country of origin: China
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    Introducing the Smart Body Composition Scales, the ultimate gift for fitness enthusiasts! These cutting-edge scales are not your ordinary bathroom scales. They are packed with smart features that will take your fitness journey to the next level.

    With the ability to measure not only your weight but also your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and even hydration levels, these scales provide a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. Say goodbye to guessing games and hello to accurate and detailed insights!

    But that’s not all – these scales are also equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to sync your data with your smartphone or fitness tracker. Track your progress over time, set goals, and stay motivated on your fitness journey. Plus, with the user-friendly app, you can easily visualize your data and even share your achievements with friends and family.

    The Smart Body Composition Scales are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are serious about reaching their goals. Whether they are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, these scales provide the tools they need to succeed. They are a brilliant gift choice for anyone who wants to take control of their fitness and see real results.

    So, why settle for ordinary scales when you can gift someone the Smart Body Composition Scales? Give the gift of knowledge, motivation, and progress. It’s time to step up their fitness game and make every weigh-in an exciting and informative experience. Get ready to revolutionize the way they measure their progress and achieve their fitness goals!

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    13 reviews for Smart Body Composition Scales

    1. Sy

      Great value for money. The scales work perfectly and are very easy to set up. App is easy to access and navigate around and provides a lot of information.
      Weight is accurate and the scales are slim easy to store away.

    2. J. Turner

      I have some old scales but they don’t have bmi, body fat and the myriad of other measurements these have. weight and accurate so bmi will be, no idea if body fat, muscle mass etc is accurate but a good reference with continuous use. No problems with the Bluetooth setup and syncs with my fitbit app ok so no more having to enter data. Manual translation could have been better but adequate. APPon android is ok tend graphs and basic data presented fine. Price was very reasonable, happy so far a couple of weeks in. Only thing I noticed is the first measurement seems slightly higher than subsequent ones which are stable

    3. Anthony

      La balance est de très bonne qualité. Elle est légère, pas très grande. L’application est très facile à mettre sur le téléphone et tout y est indiqué.masse graisseuse…… je recommande vraiment elle est arrivée rapidement et bien emballée


      Excellent product at a very reasonable price compared to others on the market. So easy to set up and use via Bluetooth

    5. Topillo

      Después de usarla todos los días durante más de 2 meses puedo decir que es una báscula fiable y completa.

      En primer lugar, destacaré que, habiendo comparado sus lecturas con las básculas de las farmacias más próximas, y siempre en igualdad de vestimenta y alimentos ingeridos, la diferencia con ellas ha estado entre 100 y 200 gramos menos. Una comprobación que inspira confianza.

      En segundo lugar, diré que la app es magnífica. Se comunica con el móvil por bluetooth y almacena los resultados sin límite de antigüedad, los cuales, además de ofrecerlos en cada lectura, permite exportarlos en formato Excel, viniendo acompañados de diversidad de datos complementarios como el BMI, BMR, Nivel de Obesidad, Tasa de Grasa, Agua Corporal, Masa Muscular, Proteína, etc.

      Asimismo, ofrece una gráfica con la evolución de las lecturas.

      Por ponerle un defecto diría que es un poco pequeña. Calzando un 42, el talón y el dedo gordo de mis pies sobresalen del perímetro del vidrio protector, lo que me produce incomodidad cada vez que la utilizo, ya que quiero posicionarme igual que las veces anteriores.

      Como siempre, es encomiable la rapidez con la que Amazon me la envió.

      Aunque la compré con un incierto temor a lo desconocido, ahora puedo afirmar que la volvería a comprar sin dudarlo.

    6. David L.

      I’m not a big mobile phone user and wanted a simple set of scales that provided weight and body fat, however, couldn’t find a decent one so tried this… and am so glad I did. It’s easy to set up and use. The measurements are quick and appear consistent with my old set of scales (so I assume it is accurate).. The app provides time trends across all parameters so it is easy to track changes. However, if all you want is a weight reading, simply step on and it gives it to you. So if you want simple or complex results, these scales provide both quickly and easily.

    7. Dawnie Urquhart

      Excellent scales, easy to use with app. Compares previous weeks results.
      Excellent value for money and sleek design

    8. Ahmad khalaf

      So easy to use easy to connect honestly I didn’t expect to get such a product for a really decent price.

    9. Robert

      Right, so we bought an Aria scale a while back from FitBit and it cost a whack of dough. It worked quite well even though it had a really weird way of getting data to Apple Health. On top of that, it had to connect to your WIFI in order to upload data.

      Well that was fine until WIFI6 came along and that scale was useless with my new router so I started shopping and I was specifically looking for one that connected directly to Apple Health when I came across this little baby. And WIFI???? No problemo. This thing connects via Bluetooth and if you ask anyone they’ll tell you that “Everything’s better with Bluetooth”

      The App is FABULOUS once you get over the explanations. They were translated from Chinese I think and leave a lot to be desired but just don’t look at that. The data collected is accurate and based on current fitness algorithms. TBH, I only checked the BMI and the Standard Weight calcs. They were good and as for the others, I gave it a leap of faith that if the others were good, the ones I didn’t even understand were probs OK too. Update to Apple Health happens as fast as it take Bluetooth to transfer the data over.

      Anyway, loving my new scale and at that price, you’ll love it too.

    10. Fiona Lynn

      These are so accurate and work a treat. App was easy to access to go with the scales

    11. Pontifex

      Der Kauf einer Waage ist wohl ein unvermeidbares Glücksspiel. Nirgends ließen sich belastbare Tests recherchieren, nicht einmal bei Stiftung Warentest. Tatsächlich hab ich hier wohl Glück gehabt. Die Waage scheint sehr genau zu sein, vielfache Wiederholungen einer Messung führen 100g-genau immer zum gleichen Ergebnis und Messreihen sind konsistent. Und das, obwohl man vor einer Messung keine Kalibrier-Zwangspause machen muss. Einfach draufstellen.
      Die App scheint keine Daten auf irgendwelche Server zu spülen, das ist mir sehr wichtig. Konnte die App auf Anhieb bedienen, alles sehr intuitiv, man kann eigentlich nichts falsch machen. Verbindung funktioniert immer. Die Auswertemöglichkeiten, insbesondere Verlaufsgrafiken, sind gelungen. App und Körperfett-features etc. halte ich eigentlich für überflüssig wie einen Kropf, aber hey, es schadet ja auch nicht.
      Einziger Kritikpunkt: ich finde das Teil Grottenhäßlich, aber das ist ja Geschmackssache. Dafür keinen Punktabzug, weil ich ansonsten mehr als zufrieden bin.

    12. ADs Reviews

      These scales are easy to set up and connect to the app and very easy to use. Shows lots of information, way more than I need but handy if you want to track more than just your weight.

    13. milena

      Fantastica, precisa, collegamento con l’app semplicissimo, molti dati rilevati e ottime spiegazioni, tutto in italiano

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