Netatmo Indoor & Outdoor Weather Station

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  • Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality, noise levels, and barometric pressure
  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts for ventilation needs
  • Access data remotely via smartphone, tablet, computer, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit
  • Analyze past readings and weather trends with data history and graphs
  • Check seven-day weather forecasts for outdoor activities planning
  • Connect with other smart devices for enhanced capabilities
  • Stylish French design with elegant appearance
  • Manufacturer: Netatmo, Material: Aluminum, Power source: Battery Powered
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The Netatmo Indoor is the ultimate gadget for tech enthusiasts! This sleek and stylish device is not just your average indoor weather station, it’s a smart home companion that will blow your mind. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to stay ahead of the curve.

This nifty device provides real-time information about the indoor environment, including temperature, humidity, air quality, and even noise levels. It’s like having your own personal weatherman right in your living room! But that’s not all – the Netatmo Indoor also connects to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor and control your home’s climate from anywhere in the world. Forgot to turn off the heating before leaving for vacation? No problem, just whip out your phone and take care of it in seconds!

But what truly sets the Netatmo Indoor apart is its compatibility with other smart home devices. It seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, allowing you to control your entire smart home ecosystem with a simple voice command. Imagine walking into your house and saying, “Hey Alexa, set the perfect temperature and play my favorite playlist,” and it all happens magically!

With its sleek design, advanced features, and compatibility with other smart devices, the Netatmo Indoor is the ultimate gift for tech enthusiasts. Whether they’re obsessed with the latest gadgets or just love the convenience of a smart home, this device will surely impress. So why settle for ordinary gifts when you can give the gift of a smarter, more connected home? Get the Netatmo Indoor today and watch their faces light up with joy!

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‎1.1 Kilograms

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‎Battery Powered



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10 reviews for Netatmo Indoor & Outdoor Weather Station

  1. mr nicholas webb

    All good

  2. Caroline P.

    I confess to being a bit of a “weather geek”. I’ve had one of those consumer weather stations for many years but in the last year it had begun to fall to bits and then stopped working altogether.

    There were 2 reasons I hesitated over the Netatmo. Mounting weather stations is a bit of a nightmare for the un-DIY type like me. For some reason, I thought the main module was about the size of the original Amazon Echo and the outdoor module the same but a bit shorter. Where to put them? How to mount them? I laughed when I opened the box. The outdoor module is a similar length to and slightly thicker than a Smarties tube. The indoor module about the thickness of those Christmas Smartie tubes, but half the length. And both incredibly light. It was a job of minutes to put a screw in under the eaves of my porch and simply hang the outdoor module on (and perfect for being away from rain and sunlight). The indoor module is small enough to be unobtrusive.

    I had no issues at all setting it, and the Android app, up. And this app is really well done, in my opinion. Instant info, graphs for everything with minimum finger presses but beautifully clear and zoomable in and out. And the app also works fine on my Android tablet. Temperature measurements are spot on and barometer pressure agrees with the only remaining working part of my old weather station. I also bought the rain guage, well worth having in my opinion. That was equally easy to mount thanks to a standard tripod mount on the bottom (I used one of those “Gorilla” type mounts to wrap it around the top of a trellis in my garden). I love that you can hook into outdoor Netatmo stations all round the world – I have some marked as “Favourites” that are close to friend’s houses across Europe. I also like the measurement for air quality, something I haven’t had before which has provoked me to open windows more often to improve it – and decided me to get another indoor module for my bedroom.

    I haven’t – and won’t get – the wind station. This really needs to be mounted on a roof and, though I liked having my previous one (on a garden wall) it was so hopelessly inaccurate because of obstacles and surrounding houses that I knew it would be a waste of money. Because the only thing I am slightly critical of with this Netatmo kit is value for money. This stuff feels just a bit too expensive for what it is, but that’s my only complaint. And Netatmo stuff appears regularly on Amazon Deals (I’ve been thinking about one for about 2 years, so I’ve been watching).

    I’ve read many reports about the reliability of the outdoor sensor. They are worrying but I just haven’t had it long enough to comment personally. I’ve had no issues of any kind in the few weeks I’ve owned it.

    If you’re the slightest weather geek, you will like this.

  3. Benn

    Nice to know indoor humidity and CO2. Integrates well with Alexa

  4. OlsBean – Aberdeenshire

    We bought this back in November 2015, using it for 9 months hopefully means that I can provide an honest and factual real world review. The Netatmo was purchased to replace an aging Watson Weather Station that was on its last legs after providing us with a good few years of reasonably accurate Meteorological data.

    The Netatmo unlike the Watson is what some might describe as an Apple White Product, by that it’s a modern and an aesthetically pleasing, it’s nicely packaged and genuinely looks like a premium product, even the apps and website that correlate and display the data that the units collect are polished.

    But this is where the positive review ends because put simply the Netatmo is not fit for purpose. The first issue is that it is not particularly accurate, OK it’s not hugely inaccurate and for most home users including myself to be honest the level of accuracy it provides would suffice but there is a bigger problem and that is the Outdoor Module (this is the module that gathers the Outdoor Temperature and Humidity) has a Battery Drain Fault, rendering it after time, impractical to use.

    Our unit worked flawlessly for around 4 months, we then got a notification via the App that the batteries needed changing (2 x AAA), even though they should according to the product information sheet last a year but I put it down to perhaps older batteries that had shipped with the unit. So out comes the ladder and I replace the batteries with good quality new Lithium Batteries and we are up and running again, 2 weeks later the batteries are completely drained, out comes the ladder and I replace them again, this time I monitor the battery level daily via the app and each day I could see the graphical battery icon for the outdoor unit on the app visually empty, after just 10 days it was back in the red, after 12 days the batteries were completely dead and the outdoor unit stopped transmitting data. So this time I moved the Outdoor unit so that it was within 2 meters of the Indoor Unit (basically one either side of a window) in case it was the distance that the unit needed to transmit that was causing the issue but once again within 2 weeks it was dead.

    I contacted Netatmo Support who informed me that I needed to speak to Amazon because they only support customers who purchase from Netatmo directly, so I contacted Amazon who were great as usual and swapped the unit without an issue in March of this year (2016). Fast forward to the beginning of July and we have exactly the same thing happening.

    Scouring the web I can see that the Battery Drain issue is widespread, what’s more worrying reading some Forums and Social Media sites is that Netatmo seem to be ignorant of the fact, denying that there is an issue, often putting the blame back onto the shoulders of customers for mounting the Outdoor Unit too far from the Indoor Unit or Mounting it where it is too exposed. I myself did neither of these, my unit was never mounted more than 4 meters away from the Indoor Unit, on a South Facing Aspect, with the top covered/protected by either eaves of the roof or by a deep stone window recess. If it is the case that the “OUTDOOR” unit is indeed prone to damage by the “OUTDOOR” elements then surely that’s a flaw within its design? At the end of the day it just does not work properly, it’s not fit for purpose, I don’t think it is too much to expect that a something functions as it should, especially something that costs over a £100.

    Amazon won’t replace again for the same fault, so it is being returned for a refund, which I am little disappointed about if I am honest as I would love this work properly but it does not so I guess I am off to research an alternative.

  5. Cliente Amazon

    Muy buena estación meteorológica, funciona perfectamente y nunca tiene problemas de conexión wifi, tiene muchas alarmas personalizadas además de un diseño muy elegante

  6. Andreas G.

    Tadellos und sehr funktional

  7. jfde

    Non compatibile con Google ma su Alexa si un passo verso la piena compatibilità sarebbe il massimo.

  8. mowshow2002

    Fait parfaitement le job.
    Achète pour remplacer une station que je croyais cassée.
    Finalement renvoyée et remboursée par Amazon. Merci Amazon.

  9. Sean

    Love this so easy to use and install. pretty accurate and can see the information wherever i am through the app. Batteries still holding up after running for 9 months.
    I waited for a while before reviewing but would highly recommend. I have bundled it with the Wind and Rain sensors and they are great as well.

  10. SMS

    For years I have used one of the LCD weather stations with an outdoor sensor. The one with the little man who carries an umbrella if it is raining, or is in swim-shorts when it’s warm and sunny. Over the years the outdoor sensor needed new batteries almost monthly, its grey plastic exterior was very grubby, and the indoor display just looked so old-fashioned. I wanted something new, modern, and that interacted with my smart phone.
    The Netatmo does just that. Although I have a degree in weather-related science, and work in the field of natural hazards, I have no professional needs for this product – I just want to know whether it’s a shorts day or I need to take an umbrella out with me. So any inaccuracies of the sensors are of little concern – the relative measurements are ample for me. I really enjoy looking at the stats over time, although I do feel they are presented in rather a bland way – I think they could be improved, and hope to see improvements in future versions of the app.

    Negative: the product support has been slow. I want to add my partner as a guest so he can use the app on his phone (without needing to log-in as me). I can see options to do this on the website, but only if I invite him via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – he does not use any of these. There’s an option to invite via e-mail, but clicking it takes me to a dead, blank screen. I contacted support on 29 March, and got a response on 7th April from someone who clearly hadn’t properly read my question. I replied and have not yet heard back 4 days later.

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