TRX Suspension Training System


  • TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System for full-body workouts
  • Includes suspension trainer, suspension anchor, door anchor, and getting-started guide
  • 30-day free trial to TRX Training Club with access to 500+ on-demand workout videos and daily live classes
  • Ideal for home-gym use with seven simple, functional movements
  • Carabiner safety tested for up to 318 kg, with locking loops and adjustable length feature
  • Portable gym setup weighing less than a pound, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and travel use
  • Comes with a 6-year warranty for durability and peace of mind
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    Introducing the TRX Suspension Training System, the ultimate gift for fitness enthusiasts! This innovative and versatile training system is designed to take workouts to a whole new level, making it the perfect present for anyone who loves to stay fit and active.

    With the TRX Suspension Training System, your loved ones can enjoy a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Whether they’re at home, in the gym, or even on vacation, this portable system allows them to harness the power of gravity and their own body weight to build strength, improve flexibility, and increase endurance.

    What makes the TRX Suspension Training System truly brilliant is its ability to cater to all fitness levels. From beginners to advanced athletes, this system offers endless exercise variations and adjustable resistance, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect challenge. Plus, it’s suitable for a wide range of fitness categories, including strength training, cardio, and even yoga!

    Not only does the TRX Suspension Training System provide an effective and efficient workout, but it also adds an element of fun and excitement to any fitness routine. Its unique suspension design engages the core muscles, promoting stability and balance while performing exercises. It’s like having a personal trainer right at home, guiding and motivating your loved ones every step of the way.

    So, if you’re searching for a gift that will truly impress fitness enthusiasts, look no further than the TRX Suspension Training System. Give the gift of endless workout possibilities, improved strength, and a healthier lifestyle. It’s time to elevate their fitness game and make their workouts more enjoyable than ever before!

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    ‎15.24 centimetres

    Item display length

    ‎134.62 centimetres


    ‎771 Grams

    Item display width

    ‎3.81 centimetres

    Material type

    ‎Nylon, Foam Handles

    Number of pieces




    Skill level





    ‎Exercise-&-Fitness, Yoga

    Included components

    ‎Trx Mesh Carrying Bag, 65-Minute Basic Training Dvd, Trx Suspension Training P2 Model, Full-Color 35 Page Workout Guide, Trx Metabolic Blast Bonus Workouts, Trx Endurance Circuit, Trx Door Anchor

    Batteries included





    ‎Fitness Anywhere

    Item model number


    Product Dimensions

    ‎134.62 x 3.81 x 15.24 cm, 771.11 Grams


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    13 reviews for TRX Suspension Training System

    1. HCMV

      Muy buen producto para entrenamiento funcional con suspensión. Llevo una semana usándolo y estoy muy contento. Producto original y a buen precio en relación a la marca y otros paquetes disponibles. Todo llegó como la foto. Perfectamente cerrado y empacado, en perfectas condiciones. Este incluye todo lo necesario para hacer trabajo adentro o fuera de casa, en interiores y exteriores.

    2. garagar

      Amplísima variedad de ejercicios, sencilla instalación y apta para todo tipo de personas. Los materiales y acabados son de muy alta calidad, algo que también se ve reflejado en el precio, pero la compra merece absolutamente la pena.

    3. Dawnie

      This is a great suspension trainer. Holds my weight no problem. It is very well made and you can tell it is good quality, it is the same one I use in the gym(when it was open). The code that came with it worked fine, so now I have access to some really useful online features. Would recommend this product if you are looking into using something like this.

    4. sean capes

      There’s a reason that these are expensive, they’re much better quality. I have purchased alternatives, but they don’t feel as good as these. I use them most days in the gym ,they extremely versatile. Don’t purchase the version with the online videos, you can get most of that from YouTube PT videos for free.

    5. Laura M

      I travel for work and the training facilities available to me vary a lot. This set is relatively lightweight and with the over the door anchor it can be used nearly anywhere. Add couple of resistance bands and you’ll have a highly versatile portable training kit.

    6. Sami

      Great service thank you and love my TRX! I am a TRX instructor and a PT and this is the best invention ever.

    7. Subwoofer

      I use the TRX system at my gym, I’m a big fan as it lets me do so much in a functional way. Been looking around for home use when I can’t get to the gym and this is it. There is a cheaper version floating around but the straps are narrower and don’t feel as robust. The hand holds/stirrups also are not as good as these ones. Very happy with the way these adjust too, much faster with the speed clips so going from exercise to exercise is fast. I bolted a hanger into my ceiling joist so I use the yellow extension strap and it works great, but the door hanger is also included with this.
      The best part of the TRX is it travels well. I can go on vacation or conventions and I have a gym in a bag. Seriously the best purchase for folks into fitness.

    8. Liz

      I ordered this after two failed deliveries of a TRX waiting over 3 months from elsewhere. So cancelled other ones and ordered this. Delighted that this arrived so so fast, in two days and using straight away. Fab book and great and easy to fix from door or otherwise. V happy

    9. Allan G. V

      A great piece of equipment that can be used anywhere for a variety of exercises benifiting the entire body. Best of all this product is top quality and will last forever. I have used my TRX at least 4 times a week since I bought it 4 yeaes ago and its still in perfect working order.

    10. Nadeem Mohammed

      I was looking for exercise equipment that wouldn’t take too much space in the home and that I could easily take with me while travelling. The TRX is ideal. It’s so versatile that you can pretty much do most exercises with it and it’s so light but strong that you can slip it back into the TRX bag and throw it in the suitcase. At home, you do need a hook to attach it to. I bought the following from Amazon and attached it to a beam:

      With all these types of equipment, it’s a case of just doing it and you’ll get the result. Diet obviously plays a bigger part than just exercise. So if you are looking to tone up and lose weight you’ll need to consider a lifestyle change to get the results you want.

    11. Azazel

      TRX has been there for years. It’s the small details that makes this product better than all other cheaper brand. Comes solid quality instructions and a 1 month subscription for the TRX app, but it’s a bit buggy and costs 5 eur a month. A bit too much. Learn the exercise during the trial.

    12. Paul K.

      Overall body fitness … great design
      Easy yo use… after some practice.

    13. Alexisglom

      Permet une grande variété d’exercices lors des entraînements, très facile à emmener partout avec sois et très polyvalent. La qualité est présente et le prix est justifié par la solidité apparente.

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