Braingain Adjustable Dumbbells


  • One dumbbell with 15 different weight options ranging from 2.5-24kg
  • Easy and quick weight adjustment by twisting dials
  • Advanced safety locking mechanism for stability during exercises
  • Made from high-quality cast iron with a non-slip handle for secure grip
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals
  • Designed to accommodate various exercises like presses, squats, curls, etc
  • Durable construction to last for years
  • Compact dimensions: 39 x 20 x 20 cm, 24 kilograms
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    Introducing the Braingain Adjustable Dumbbells, the ultimate gift for fitness enthusiasts! These dumbbells are not your ordinary weights; they are a game-changer in the world of fitness.

    With their sleek and compact design, these adjustable dumbbells are perfect for anyone looking to level up their workout routine. Say goodbye to cluttered home gyms and hello to a space-saving solution that packs a punch. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these dumbbells will help you reach your fitness goals in style.

    What makes the Braingain Adjustable Dumbbells truly brilliant is their versatility. With a simple twist of the dial, you can easily adjust the weight from a light 5 pounds to a challenging 25 pounds. No more wasting time switching between different dumbbells or cluttering your workout area with multiple sets. These adjustable dumbbells provide the perfect range for a wide variety of exercises, from bicep curls to shoulder presses and everything in between.

    Not only are these dumbbells practical, but they also come in a vibrant range of colors to suit every personality. Whether you prefer a bold red or a calming blue, there’s a color to match your style. Plus, they are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

    So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can give the gift of fitness? The Braingain Adjustable Dumbbells are the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to take their workouts to the next level. Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to a fun and effective way to stay fit. Get ready to unleash your inner strength and make every workout count with these incredible dumbbells!

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    ‎2x 24kg Adjustable

    Material type

    ‎Cast Iron

    Number of pieces



    ‎Non-Slip, Adjustable Weight, Rust Resistant, 24kg Adjustable Dumbbell





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    Product Dimensions

    ‎39 x 20 x 20 cm, 24 Kilograms


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    9 reviews for Braingain Adjustable Dumbbells

    1. Sam Jepson

      We bought this set as the first piece of our home gym set up, the space saving effect of having 2 dumbbells to accommodate a large range of exercises and the weights needed for them was the deciding factor and this set absolutely achieves this.

      The product:-
      The Dumbbells are well made, feel sturdy and seem to be constructed of good quality materials, using them overhead feels safe.
      The stand was easy to construct, the necessary tools are provided in the pack but I used our own higher quality tools for comfort, I don’t doubt the supplied tools would be capable of doing the job though.
      The only negative thing I have to say about the entire purchase is that one of the welded brackets supporting the mounting plate was around 1/8th of an inch out of an place, making one set of bolts harder to tighten up and the small bolts holding the handle to not quite sit flush. This is a minor issue as once constructed the plate is secure and the cosmetic issue at the handle is completely concealed by the dumbell base. Otherwise, materials are again of good quality, the building process was simple with clear instructions, and the end product is aesthetic, sturdy and useful.

      Customer service:-
      After placing the order I was contacted by the company and given tracking information and a point of contact for Anny issues.
      One dumbell and the stand arrived significantly faster than Amazon’s prediction, which was great.
      The second dumbell was lost by UPS, incorrect information being given by the UPS system for the packages received and no account for the missing package, immediately upon my reporting this via the provided contact point a replacement was despatched, and delivered swiftly.
      I can not overstate how much I appreciate the assurances and rapid response from Brain Gain, top quality customer service and I will be looking to them first for the rest of our home gym purchase when the time comes

    2. connor

      Arrived very quick and works perfect. There abit pricey but cheapest I could find and work great.

    3. Pegasus

      Great, good quality adjustable dumbells and for a really good price. Highly recommended as easy to use and take up minimal space

    4. Erik

      As you can see in the images I’ve added, the shape of the weights themselves is more rounded than what is displayed in the product images, but they are still flat on the bottom, so they can be set down on the ground with ease, without risk of them rolling away.

      It’s been a bit over a month now since these were delivered, and I would judge the quality and function of them as very good, no complaints.
      The change in shape of the weights is a minor thing, and it makes no real difference one way or the other for me.
      The reported weight seems to be very accurate, changing between different weights on the dumbbells themselves is very easy (sometimes, if the handle isn’t seated properly, you may have to wiggle the handle a little before you can spin the selector to change the weight you want to use).

      So far, in the month that I’ve had them, I haven’t really noticed any quality problems or faults with them.
      I gave them 4/5 stars, simply because of the fact that the product image doesn’t reflect the slightly altered design of the dumbbells, and the slight, occasional annoyance of having to re-seat the handle before you can spin the selector wheel. Really though, I could give it a 5/5 just as well, as these, for me personally, are very minor complaints, and they don’t change my perceived value one way or the other.
      Should the issue with the selector wheel get worse over time, or any new issues pop up, I’ll come back and update my review (this was originally written on the 9th of June, 2023). If there’s no new update after that date, I haven’t had any further issues.

      Based on my experience with these, I recommend them!
      If you’re new to weight lifting, I’m sure these will last you a long while before you need to look for a heavier set, they’re a great value for beginners with their wide range of weight settings, 24kg per arm is quite heavy! If you get to the point that these aren’t heavy enough, you’re well into advanced territory.

      Lastly, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I looked around on Amazon, as well as other websites, and I was unable to find any adjustable dumbbells such as these, which came as a pair, and had weights up to 20-30kg per dumbbell for anywhere near the price that I paid (3000 SEK, including free shipping, about €260 or $280 with current exchange rates), pretty much all were that price for a single dumbbell, or a pair which only went up to around 10-15kg per dumbbell.
      At that price, compared to anything else, they’re a steal!

    5. D. Williams

      This is a much cheaper copy of the best selling adjustable dumbbells on the market, and they work very well. The quick change system is very effective, and the weight range works well for my family who want to keep fit but aren’t full-on body builders (there’s a heavier version for that). My only gripe is that the weight plates do rattle a bit in use. I’m sure all weights of this design would do the same, but it’s worth noting that you can’t use them whilst the person next to you watches TV.

    6. dr martin j dougherty

      The dumbbells are sturdy, easy to use and great value for money. They helped me achieve 2nd place in the UKDFBA classic competition this year. I would strongly recommend them.

    7. Barrie Fay

      One of the dials rarely turns.
      It’s supposed to be easily adjustable – it’s far from adjustable!!!

    8. stuart a

      Nice set of dumbbells, easy action. If used properly (don’t throw or drop them) they will last

    9. Literaltruth

      Really good set of adjustable weights that are easily stored away if you’re short on space at home.

      Only small criticism is that I wish there could have been slightly more even jumps. 8, 9, 10, 11.5 is great for building up weight. But then it’s to 13.5 and 16. Still, if a few bigger jumps were needed to be able to get the full range that’s here then it’s probably worth it.

      Really great mechanism for switching weights, really secure, saves so much space and faffing around screwing and unscrewing to change plates.

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