Foot Massager with Heat & Vibration


  • Multi-functional foot massager with shiatsu, rolling, heating, vibration, and full feet squeeze settings
  • Additional vibrating massage on toe area for complete foot relaxation
  • Deep-kneading massage mimics professional techniques to alleviate foot soreness
  • Quick heat-up feature reaching temperatures up to 131F for foot warming
  • Compression massage with adjustable levels for Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy Pain relief
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain detachable foot sleeves
  • Ideal gift for men, women, moms, dads, teachers, on special occasions
  • Accommodates foot sizes up to 13
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    Introducing the ultimate treat for tired feet – the Foot Massager with Heat! This incredible device is designed to provide a soothing and rejuvenating massage experience right in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to achy feet and hello to pure relaxation!

    With its innovative heat function, this foot massager takes relaxation to a whole new level. The gentle warmth helps to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized. Whether you’ve been on your feet all day or simply need a little pampering, this foot massager is the perfect solution.

    But what makes this foot massager truly special is its suitability for nurses. As healthcare heroes, nurses spend long hours on their feet, tirelessly caring for others. This foot massager is specifically designed to cater to their needs, providing targeted relief for tired and overworked feet. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

    Not only does this foot massager offer incredible functionality, but it also boasts a sleek and compact design. It’s easy to store and can be used anywhere, making it a versatile companion for busy nurses on the go. Plus, its user-friendly controls ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing you to customize your massage to perfection.

    Treat yourself or surprise a nurse in your life with the Foot Massager with Heat. It’s the perfect gift that combines relaxation, rejuvenation, and appreciation all in one. Give the gift of ultimate comfort and let those tired feet unwind in style!

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    13 reviews for Foot Massager with Heat & Vibration

    1. Mary C

      very east to use, and the different options available, make it worth the money. I will enjoy using this product for a long time. I would definitely recommend this for any one that is looking for a good foot massager

    2. Ccw

      Really enjoying using this foot massage machine. It’s so much more powerful than I imagined – massagers are often too gentle but this one delivers a firm and strong massage. I’ve had problems with sprained ankles in the past and this Comfier massager has really soothed them. I would definitely recommend it. I’ve used it several times today, as has my sister, and when you take into account the cost of a foot massage, it really has paid for itself.

    3. Geoff H

      I have neuropathy in my feet and my toes are mostly numb or feel like wood most of the time. I find the machine relaxes my feet and reduces the numbness. I have 2/3 sessions first thing in a morning and the same at night. I have started to enjoy walks with my dog again as I can still feel my feet when I have finished and I can always have another session when I get back to loosen them up again. Each session only lasts for 15 seconds which doesn’t seem like a long time but the actions by the machine are rigorous and at times I am wanting it to finish. It has three levels of settings and so far I have used the lowest setting the most as it is the most relaxing. If I am feeling able I do sometimes venture into using the medium setting that gives my feet a harder workout. I haven’t used the highest session and at the moment I doubt I ever will. I do find it a little uncomfortable on the heels of my feet are all the way into the machine but is a little more comfortable if I slide may feet as far back as I can get them off have my heels slightly out of the machine. On the whole a good but which I would recommend, only time will tell if it will have a lasting affect on the neuropathy.

    4. F Ahmed

      The machine did not even turn on it was a total waste of time and money would not recommend this product at all

    5. SEICORP

      It’s been about a week I bought this machine. While the massager works fine the heating part doesn’t work. I got it in the first place to warm up my feet. When I am sitting to work I get cold feet, so reading the reviews made me believe it’s also warming your feet. It might warm a bit but not noticeable.

    6. Judy

      Loved it, it has heat, a sqeezing, kneading button, a rolling motion, just a great massage.

    7. Mottok76

      I have now purchased two of these products, the reason being the rollers on the front for the toes (as seen in the product description) appeared not to work. I sent it back and got another one, these didn’t work either. After being assured they should by product support, they now admit the UK one does NOT have the toes roller function.

      Apart from that disappointment, you can register for a free 3 year warranty and overall product support was very good and friendly. Gives a nice shiatsu message to about 3/4 of the foot, not the top of the foot so much. Pressure is very good but you can’t really feel it working on the very back of the heel.

      It is light and quiet, looks well made, at £65 it was £10 cheaper than my first purchase and represents good value. My wife says it is helping her feet, so that’s the main thing. Just be wary that there is no toe roller on this UK model. You have vibration functionality but I don’t find that does much and keep it switched off.

    8. Kayleigh McCartney

      Bought this for my boyfriend who runs alot and he has enjoyed using this after an Iron Man at the weekend. I am heavily pregnant and tried this to see if it made any difference to my swollen ankles! After a 10min massage, my feet and ankles weren’t swollen and the tension has released from my feet entirely. The settings are great because you can start off on low and build up. There’s also something really comforting about the heat option, too. I’ll look forward to this after being on my feet all day! Service is also very good – the warranty can be extended from 1 to 3 years upon proof of order number (you just email customer services of the product maker).

    9. Amazon Customer

      I have Hallix Rigdis and my whole feet swell and ache after a day at work. I used to spend a lot of money on reflexology but I could never find anyone able to apply enough pressure to fully relieve my pain. I think they were worried about injuring me. This machine however is very strong at kneading and squeezing and I can sit there for hours having my feet massages. It’s so good it does feel like someone’s hands and I haven’t even managed to get to the top setting as it’s so strong and powerful. The one downside is the kneading is more focused at the heel and bottom to mid section of the foot – whereas my pain is the top middle and toe area. However you can still move your feet around and alter the position of your feet to hit the spot. The squeeze is great for the whole foot and has really helped the swelling. Love the heat too. My feet don’t hurt anymore because I literally just sit all night now with my feet in this machine. I did bruise my feet with it at one point. Self inflicted as I was enjoying it too much and using it continuously- so I’m having to put it away and just use it when I’m suffering. Definitely recommend it if you like a very strong massage and have painful feet.

    10. Ethan

      I was a bit disappointed when i first used it, i thought the kneading would go deeper into the center part of the foot, but then i discovered this little platform you can rest ur toes on at the front and lift ur feet up and now the possibilities are endless.

    11. Robert M.

      Awesome product! A snug fit for my size 13s, but I could just squeeze them in with one pair of socks on and just fit all the way down flat on the bottom. The snugness actually makes it work even better as the Air bag portion, I believe, is the most effective that way. I actually wear size 14 Wide shoes, but my feet still fit well. I have had long-time full bottom of foot neuropathy with almost total numbness on the bottoms of my feet at 81 years old. Walking across hard surface floors for the past several years bare or stocking footed has been severely painful at times like walking on sharp rocks! I almost scream in pain at times. After about 20 minutes of rest after my very first 30-minute session using the massager under the lowest settings for the Kneading, Air, and Vibration modes (no heat), I was able to walk back and forth several times around the house on our hard tile floors in my stocking feet with absolutely no discomfort for the first time in years! FANTASTIC! I could not believe it! My feet were a little sore in spots the next morning from the Kneading rollers but that subsided quickly after walking around a bit. I just had my 2nd massage session the second evening in a row with the Knead mode turned off because it activated the sore spots on the bottoms of my feet too much from the night before and I couldn’t take it again that soon yet. The second session felt great as well. My feet have felt the best ever in several years over the last two days. Don’t hesitate to purchase. It’s awesome! Hoping for even better results I also purchased the wooden double roller acupressure foot massager “THERAFLOW” to use under my desk during my late-night computer session work, and it works great as well! I have a sluggish bladder and kidneys, a common problem in us elderly people, and the two sessions using that and rolling my feet back and forth continuously over just a two-hour period activated both 3 times in that time period! Was not expecting that! That was an added bonus! I’ll state it again, Awesome products!

    12. Ccw

      I knew my foot massager would be coming in today. I couldn’t wait to come home from work to try it. It was very easy to maneuver. Just plug it in and pick your levels…low, medium or high. I started with the low just to see the amount of pressure. I’m a server, so I’m on my feet for an entire 8+ hour shift. My feet hurt every single day and every shift. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. This massager was great! It focused a lot on my heels, which is what always hurts me the most. Low setting was good, as it eased me into what to expect. This massager squeezes your feet tight while kneading the bottom of your feet with balls that also move around in circles. I tried all 3 levels and discovered that the highest setting was what I needed the most. After years of neglecting my foot pain and letting it persist, this is exactly what I needed! My feet feel SO much better. I would be lying if I said I feel so great that I could go dancing, because that’s not realistic for a person with chronic foot pain, but it did relieve my foot pain significantly. Mind you this is only day 1 and for no more than 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend this foot massager any day ❤️

      After using this every day this week, I’ve learned that the medium knead setting works best for me. The 3rd level is a very deep knead. In some instances it’s a little too deep for me. I also learned that if you lean a little to the left, or a little to the right in between the “squeezes” that the massager does, it kneads an entirely different part of your foot. I also scoot my feet up or back, depending where I want the next knead. All in all, I’m loving this massager and I’m learning what works best for me and my massaging needs. It’s well worth the money ❤️

    13. Amazon Customer

      Gift for my sister but I tried it and wow, I will be buying one for myself when i get my wages. *******

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