Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie


  • Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie
  • Intelligent jump rope that pairs with mobile app
  • Provides exact training data
  • Battery and case included
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Color: Coral, Style: Loving Coral
  • Features adjustable length and includes coin battery
  • Produced by Tangram, model number SR100-LC, dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 15 cm; 200 grams
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    Introducing the Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie, the ultimate fitness companion for all the skipping enthusiasts out there! This innovative skipping rope combines the classic fun of skipping with cutting-edge technology, making it the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

    With its sleek design and smart features, the Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie takes your skipping game to a whole new level. Equipped with built-in sensors, it accurately tracks your jumps, calories burned, and workout duration. Say goodbye to manual counting and hello to hassle-free tracking!

    But that’s not all – this skipping rope connects seamlessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to sync your workout data with the Tangram app. Set goals, track your progress, and challenge your friends for some friendly competition. Who knew skipping could be so high-tech?

    Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie is designed to suit all fitness levels. Its adjustable rope length ensures a perfect fit for everyone, and the comfortable handles provide a secure grip for intense workouts. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

    So, if you’re looking for a brilliant gift for fitness enthusiasts, the Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie is a no-brainer. It combines the joy of skipping with advanced technology, making workouts more engaging and effective. Get ready to jump, skip, and have a blast while staying fit!

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    ‎Loving Coral


    ‎Adjustable Length

    Batteries included



    ‎coin battery





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    Product Dimensions

    ‎2.8 x 2.8 x 15 cm, 200 Grams


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    13 reviews for Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie

    1. Andrew Chase

      I’m enjoying working out with my rope. Only one battery is required for it to work. I have read reviews and a few people saying it needs two, it doesn’t. It’s great for recording my jumps, can’t fault it.

    2. Amazon Customer

      Great purchase

    3. N Dudley

      This rope is completely useless, it stays bent in the shape it came wrapped up, so when you jump it doesn’t straighten out so you just trip all the time. It’s useless, I wish I never bought it. Don’t buy it – better buy a leather one and count in your head 🙂

    4. Michaela

      Before purchasing the Rookie model from Tangram, I tried to find some detailed reviews on the web, including YouTube. Perhaps because this is a newer model, there were none.

      There were however, a lot of reviews available on the original Tangram rope which retails close to $90 and features a fancy LED feature in the rope to beam your skip count out in front of you. The reviews I read on this model mentioned concerns about the weight and hesitation to use it outside because of the electronics in the rope.

      This “Rookie” model features none of that fancy stuff so the rope is just as light as a standard jump rope. All the electronics are in the left handle and you won’t even notice it.

      Setup was pretty easy, but I did need to read the manual to figure out how to get going. The right handle features battery storage and you will need to open it to grab the included battery before transferring it to the left handle where the actual electronics are located. The battery is a C2032 flat battery which will apparently last for months. This also is unlike the fancier legacy model, which features a rechargeable battery via USB. That likely needs a lot more charging due to the LED beaming ability.

      Once the battery is in you’ll just need to insert the rope into the handles. This was very easy after reading the instructions in the manual. All that’s left then is to set up the app, which only takes seconds. You can also set up Apple Health integration to log your workouts and grab your weight and heart rate.

      Performing the actual workout is easy. You really don’t need the fancy beaming ability of the original model as it’s easy to either set up your iPhone in front of you or occasionally check your Apple Watch for your skip count and time. There’s also a sound feature to notify you at skip intervals of your choosing. (I assume this works just as well on Android devices).

      One annoying feature is that the count will reset after about ten seconds of inactivity and also then send data as a workout to Apple Health (or presumably the Android equivalent). Thus you could end up with a dozen “workouts” in a 30 minute session. The app itself will show you the total count when you’re done, but it’s not fun from a data management perspective. Since “skip count” isn’t an Apple Health value anyway, I figure I can just use my Apple Watch to log the workout and use skip count within the Smart Rope app for reference separately. That way I will get my workout as one chunk and will still have heart rate and calorie data. At the end of your workout you can create some nice data images to share on social media and such. This will use your total.

      Other than standard skip tracking the app also has a few additional features. Workout-wise there’s an interval tracker which will let you pick from intervals with rest at various skill levels. The interval program does not have the annoying 10-second workout end time, so this is more enjoyable to use if you’re going to use Apple Heath or the Android equivalent. Additionally there’s a competition mode so you can compete against friends in the somewhat unlikely event you have one with the rope as well.

      For data there’s a simple global leaderboard to compare yourself against other users as well as a personal log with some basic graphs.

      At a sub-$40 price tag and with no more bulkiness than a standard rope, this is a good edition to your home fitness equipment with the added benefit of some fun data to keep you motivated. It also appears to be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys fitness.

    5. Dréane Besson

      He probado muchas combas “electronicas” y esta es la mejor que he encontrado con bastante diferencia. Permite hacer saltos muy rápidos, es muy ligera, las otras normalmente son más pesadas y no se adaptan cuando ya eres avanzado. La aplicación tiene un buen diseño y no se apaga como otras mientras la estás usando. Funciona con pilas, es cierto que incluye una y otra no (se necesitan dos), pero una vez que sabes que el sistema de funcionamiento es este con tener las pilas de repuesto no me parece incómodo. Lo mejor que encontrarás si buscas estas características…

    6. Andrew Chase

      The jump rope accurately counts the skips and has good app connectivity (just make sure you are in WiFi range or it doesn’t record the skips to your total).

      The rope only requires 1 BATTERY, which you swap easily from the dummy handle to the main handle that says ‘rookie’ on it. Don’t listen to the reviews complaining about there being only 1 battery.

      The rope does tangle a bit but untangles easily enough upon skipping.

      I have used it everyday for a couple weeks and it has held up well.

    7. Noelia

      Kräfte messen mit Freunden macht echt ein riesen Spaß

    8. Rosanna longo

      Super corde à sauter, connexion simple à l’application du téléphone.
      Se décharge très lentement.

      Bon rapport qualité/prix vu la qualité de la corde à sauter.

      J’en suis devenue accro

    9. John Boothman

      Easy to use product that connects well to my phone. A couple of observations though. When the rope is first taken out of the packet, it will need straightening out as there are lots of folds in it. Secondly, strange design to move the coin type battery from one handle to the other then move it back when finished. Why not just have an on/off switch that prevents the battery running down.

    10. Felix M.

      Excellent Jump Rope – and worth the price for the digital functionality and ease of use.

      It’s not a weighted jump rope but the device has a very Apple style box and design.

      I was briefly confused about the moving of the battery from one handle to the other. One side is a stowage point for an extra (and the 1 provided). When moved to the actual battery compartment the device beeped awake and the Bluetooth set up on my iPad with the newer SmartRope app was pretty easy. Signed up with my email address, entered some details. In the settings can give it Apple Health permissions so it logs a Skipping workout and calories burned. All very neat and nifty in my opinion for £40!

      The device appears to turn off when not used but if I was storing for a while I’d move the battery out of the active handle to the stowage side for peace of mind that it would get turned on my an inadvertent movement.

      The main point of this device is that it can count your jumps and do so accurately. It does this very well. The SmartRope app which appears to be a newer option that they are migrating over to from their previous app is minimalist and perhaps in need of a little extra stability and polish to the UI elements but I feel this will likely come with time.

      The main thing for me is that the count and activity tracking works with Apple Health AND that this counting isn’t behind a paywall / subscription!

      You buy the device and that’s the expense over and done with. Excellent.

      Rope can be easily and securely adjusted. Handles are smooth and light weight. But this is exactly what I expected for the price – and the motivation I can for the the counting of my jumps is great. It seems to add them to a daily total which is fine – and there’s a vocal read out of the latest total archive in the last jump session you did.

      Comes with a small grey pouch and this is very compact, and easy to take with you on any trips etc.

      All round excellent and I was very surprised how so – given the average reviews it had in here when I decided to buy it.

      Not paid or sponsored to say anything here, just skipping with joy and this nice package for Jump Roping on iOS 🙂

    11. Kerri Louise

      Really easy to set up and link to the app. It sounds just fine, so don’t panic on other comments. You need to ensure the rope is correctly sized to you (follow instructions) then the tightness of the rope will hit the ground and count correctly. No issues so far and it’s been 4 weeks.

    12. ConfusedPegasus

      The concept is great but the rope itself is like a nasty washing line and twists all over the place. A leather skipping rope is much better. App works well . I got bored of it eventually.

    13. Jayjay

      This is a very cool way to build up your cardio. Not gonna lie took me a sec to figure out how to use it 😝 I would definitely recommend as it has interval training and a leaderboard that keeps you motivated to do more and get batter and faster. It’s also so very cute 🥰 Hope this help ☺️

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