Would You Know That?

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  • The product is a quirky quiz card game called “Would You Know That?
  • Features intriguing quiz questions on various topics
  • Suitable for adults, kids aged 12 and up, and family games nights
  • Easy to play – players guess the answer to the question, and the closest guess wins
  • Can be played as a travel game, as a 2-player game, or as drinking games
  • Created by Beta Games, a small British business
  • Product dimensions are 3.3 x 7.8 x 10.8 cm and weight 250 grams
  • Manufacturer recommends it for ages 12 and up
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    Introducing “Would You Know That?” – the ultimate card game for all the trivia-loving enthusiasts out there! Get ready to put your knowledge to the test and have a blast with this exciting and interactive game.

    With “Would You Know That?”, you’ll dive into a world of mind-boggling questions and hilarious challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned trivia master or just love a good laugh, this game is perfect for you. Gather your friends and family, and let the fun begin!

    This game is a brilliant gift for card game fans, especially those who enjoy testing their knowledge and competing with others. It falls into the category of trivia games, making it a must-have addition to any game night or social gathering. Get ready to show off your expertise in various topics, from history and science to pop culture and sports.

    The best part about “Would You Know That?” is its versatility. It can be played with a small group of friends or with a large party, making it suitable for any occasion. The game is designed to keep everyone engaged and entertained, ensuring that laughter and friendly competition fill the room.

    So, why wait? Grab a deck of “Would You Know That?” cards and get ready to challenge your friends, impress your family, and have an absolute blast. Get ready to become the trivia champion you were always meant to be!

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    8 reviews for Would You Know That?

    1. Meta Man

      Bought to use at Christmas with friends and family but also can be used, all year round! They have very interesting trivia/facts and brought out quite a few laughs, very enjoyable! Worth every penny!!!

    2. Cazkins

      We played this over the weekend at a family meal celebrating some exam results, and really enjoyed playing this game! It had a lot of different questions which was good for all ages, from 14 to 65 who were playing.

      It came in a nice wrapped film, and the cards felt really good quality. Definitely recommend and really good value for money

    3. Dan Matthews

      Highly recommend this fun and exciting card game for lots of laughs and a brilliant time with friends and family! Great as a gift or to buy as a stocking filler…everyone will love it so don’t miss out!

    4. Lewis Hodgkiss

      Purchased this game to play with family and friends whenever we have get-togethers. Had a few games with family members recently, and all I can say is that this game is brilliant!

      The box is nice and chunky, filled to the brim with cards, the cards are stacked with some strange and hilarious questions and answers, there’s always a question to keep you all guessing.

      The good thing I like about this quiz game is the re-playability, there’s so many questions included that it’d take forever to go through them all in a single game, so it’s something I can always get out and have a new experience with.

      Top quality game, hilarious and left us all stumped many of times!

      Definitely recommend.

    5. Alison

      With the holiday season drawing closer it won’t be long before we find ourselves around the table enjoy a game or two. Would You Know That? Is a simple card based quiz game were players try to get the correct answer, and if they don’t the nearest one scores the points.

      The deck consists of 101 cards with 500 hundred questions in total with the answers on the reverse white side of the card. The rules are contained on a single card and they are pretty simple, as explained earlier. The cards are reasonably well printed but there isn’t any demarcation between questions. I feel a simple numbering system and maybe even a line between them would help. The question bank is quite upto date, and has a broad mix of topics. Some questions are a simple guessing game while other are more knowledge based. The strength of the game is it’s simplicity, but it is also it’s weakness. For example all players get to answer the question. There is nothing to stop anyone just parroting another players answers. This leads to lots of stalemates. Sure you could get players to write down answers but there are no components for this included in the game. However that looseness does allow players to adapt the rules to suit and maybe add their own elements.

      A good bank of questions with plenty of diversity. The simple rules set makes it easy to pick up but can be easily exploited. The quality of the questions open up other avenues though, so you can adapt from a simple quiz to something more complicated. At £11.95 it is probably price a little too high, and should be under £10. However if you want an upto date quiz with some interesting questions for a party then you should maybe take a look.

    6. Cazkins

      Loved the game, took it took work for team building.
      Loads of questions varied subjects. Everyone enjoyed playing and we didn’t get through all the questions.
      Can’t wait to plan either more team building sessions at work or gatherings at home with family and friends.

    7. Lewis Hodgkiss

      This is a nice compact game that’s only a little bigger than a pack of playing cards but you get plenty of content to keep you going for a good while. This is an adult trivia game that tests your knowledge on things that most quiz games don’t.

      I like how simple this is. You basically get a bunch of cards with questions and answers, and you can set the rules. Before starting, the brand suggests you set a limit for how many correct answers wins, but I like the flexibility as there are no real ‘rules’ so you can play casually or more formally if you wish. I’m more of a casual game player so I’m keen on this game for that reason. I’d say you need two or more players, though realistically you can play on your own and just challenge yourself. A lot of quizzes require lots of people so you can use more people here or small teams, but you don’t have to.

      The text on the cards is nicely printed to make them clear and easy to read, though I noticed the quality isn’t excellent for them all, with some what looks like flecks over them and some print rubbed off around the edges, which is a shame. That’s the only reason I’m not giving 5 stars.

      As for the questions, some of them make my brain boggle and others make me chuckle. I like how weird some are, and how others are things I’ve never even thought about before, while you still get some more regular trivia mixed in. I can find pub quizzes a bit stressful as I can’t always think on the spot well and my memory these days is mush, so while I get very, very few questions right on this game, I like that it’s so laid back and much more fun. You can have a laugh with it and not take it too seriously, while it’s also interesting and with enough cards that you can pick up and play plenty of times.

      All in all, despite some slight issues with the quality of the cards, I think this is a really novel quiz game that can be played casually for a lot of fun.

    8. T Follows

      This is the second card game that I have purchased from these guys and it did not disappoint, it had us all scratching our heads for answers as the questions were not your normal blah blah blah. I will definitely be purchasing more at Christmas for stocking fillers and secret Santa’s 5*****

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