Patchwork (Board Game)


  • Patchwork board game designed for 2 players aged 8+
  • Created by Uwe Rosenberg, an international bestseller
  • Strategic game where players fill individual boards with decorative tiles
  • Players compete to create the most beautiful quilt using patches
  • Each tile has unique designs, making the game challenging and engaging
  • No assembly or batteries required for gameplay
  • Educational objectives include literacy and spatial awareness
  • Multicolored game board released on 6 Nov. 2019
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    Introducing Patchwork, the ultimate board game for all the puzzle-loving enthusiasts out there! Get ready to embark on a creative and thrilling journey as you piece together your very own quilt. This game is a must-have for all board game fans, especially those who enjoy a good challenge and love to showcase their strategic skills.

    In Patchwork, players take turns selecting and placing beautifully designed fabric patches onto their personal quilt boards. The goal? To create the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient quilt possible. But be careful, as every patch comes with a cost and time is of the essence! Will you be able to strategically manage your buttons and time tokens to outwit your opponents and create the most stunning quilt?

    This game is not only incredibly engaging and addictive, but it also offers a unique and refreshing experience for board game enthusiasts. With its simple rules and endless possibilities, Patchwork guarantees hours of fun and excitement for players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned board game aficionado or just starting your collection, this game is sure to become a favorite in your gaming repertoire.

    So, why not surprise your favorite board game fan with Patchwork? It’s the perfect gift that combines creativity, strategy, and a whole lot of fun. Get ready to dive into the world of quilting and embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure. Get your hands on Patchwork today and let the quilting frenzy begin!

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    ‎19.99 x 4.5 x 19.99 cm, 530 Grams

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    ‎Literacy & Spacial Awareness



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    ‎6 Nov. 2019


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    13 reviews for Patchwork (Board Game)

    1. oniony

      I bought this for my 7-year-old daughter for Christmas but my wife and I have been playing it mainly at night. The rules are exceptionally simple but the game actually has a tremendous amount of strategy. My favourite two player game is currently Jaipur but Patchwork may very well dethrone it, it’s that good.

      Both players have their own gridded mat on which they need to construct a quilt. On a turn, the player may take any of the next three quilt patches from those encircling the board: there is a rather substantial wooden marker to mark the current point and it’s moved to where the patch was removed from each time, thus your choice affects the patches available to your opponent.

      Each patch is a shaped like a tetris piece (of three, four or five blocks) and so the first puzzle is fitting these onto your grid. Each piece has a cost (in buttons, the game’s currency) and time printed on too. You see, to represent time, there is a third board with a track on which the players have a token: once a player reaches the centre they can make no further changes to their quilt. The game finishes when both are over the finishing line.

      To buy a patch you have to both pay its cost in buttons and also move your piece around the timeline the number of spaces shown on that piece. The twist is that the person at the back continues to play until the other player is at the back, golf style. That way there is a strategic element of taking the pieces with the low time cost in order to get multiple sequential goes and, in doing so, access to the better patches. However, the more awkward shaped pieces tend to be cheaper so sometimes you have to pay high in order to get a piece that actually fits your quilt. In addition, many of the patches have one, two or three buttons icons on them: for these you get payouts whenever a button icon is crossed on the timeline (there are several of these) and it’s important to get lots of buttons in the early game as otherwise you don’t have enough cash to buy what you want later on. So there are many factors in play here: money, time and best fit.

      If there’s no quilt piece you want you can, instead, move in front of the other player on the timeline and gain one button for each square you moved, thus allowing you to cash time for money to get access to the more lucrative pieces. There are also five 1×1 patches on the timeline that are won by the first player to cross over them: extremely useful for filling those inevitable holes.

      At the end of the game, each player loses two buttons for each empty square on their quilt board, so it pays to get as much covered as possible. Finally there’s a 7 button bonus for the first player to complete a 7×7 square without gaps. The winner is simply the player with the most buttons at the end. We’ve had winning scores ranging from the negatives to 40, but we’ve also had some very close games too, with just a button or two between us.

      All in all, Patchwork is a pure gold: it has simple and straightforward rules, it’s quick and easy to play, tense in places and a lot of fun! It’s also has surprisingly strategic depth: I especially like how you can really stick it to the other player, by making a snazzy chain of moves when they go too far ahead on the timeline. This is especially satisfying when you are running out of buttons but are then able to set up a chain of moves that pushes you over a button icon giving you a button haul you can then use for your second or third contiguous go.

      This is the second Uwe Rosenburg game I’ve played: Bohnanza, too, is a fantastically original and fun game so I’m starting to think this guy is some kind of game designing genius: I’ll definitely be checking out his other offerings (looking at your Caverna).

    2. Kyla Carter

      Ordered this for Valentines day, and I’ve played it multiple times since with different people. Fun and easy to learn.

    3. Matthew Sibley

      This game is great fun and enjoyable for most ages, though on first glance the game may seem a little complex it is very easy to pick up and play. If you are looking for a game for two players which involves a little bit of strategy you won’t regret getting this game.

    4. P. Banbury

      But it’s a good game balancing several factors in your tactics in a game that avoids any possibility of conflict of argument. A nice way of spending half an hour.

    5. Alex Perry

      This game can be played many times, without ever feeling quite the same. The puzzle aspect means you’re always trying to work out what piece will fit best.

      Because there are a set number of simple actions you can take, this is an easy game to learn, and can also be explained to young children. We ply with our 4 year old and she enjoys the placing of the tiles (even if she isn’t quite on bird with the strategy aspect yet!).

      Fun for all the family, and a great addition to anyone’s collection. A game of patchwork has become a new part of our evening routine – quick to set up and very enjoyable.

    6. Ste


    7. Mathew Melo

      This is a wonderful, quick to learn game, that my gf and myself purchased after trying to get into the hobby. It is difficult to find many 2 player games that don’t feel forced and this is one that was created specifically for 2 players. It is super easy to learn, fun to strategize and the pieces are really fun to put together. The only thing that I felt was missing was the tokens are not real buttons; but a quick trip to the dollar store fixed that. This game is a 10/10!

    8. funkidflick

      I was looking for a small footprint game and this one fit the bill. I play it using some coloured pens rather than the pencils it came with which makes it a little more fun and vibrant. Nice to play solo when I don’t have much brain capacity. Have played with others as well and it’s equally as enjoyable as you still get to chat with little analysis paralysis. You focus on your own board and there’s no interaction or “take that” approach. Overall enjoyable little game of Tetris with no long complicated rules or rule book to follow.

    9. Avreimy

      Juego para dos personas que es muy bueno y muy entretenido.

    10. Mandy

      Great price. Such a fun game. One of the best two player games. Easy to teach and doesn’t take long to play.

    11. JD

      Very enjoyable game, not too complicated and very replayable. If you’re looking for a fun 2 player game with a bit of strategy that plays pretty quickly then go for this.

    12. W. J. Dunham

      Nicely produced and packaged game. Easy to play but not so easy to win convincingly by creating a perfect pattern

    13. opfiend

      Patchwork is a great game even if the theme isn’t your favorite. I love the Halloween version.

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