OUTSMARTED! The Live Family Quiz Show Board Game


  • Live family quiz show board game
  • Utilizes technology for immersive experience
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Supports up to 24 players
  • Adjusts question difficulty for different age groups
  • Questions are always up to date
  • Allows remote play from anywhere in the world
  • Includes virtual board and voice-chat functionality
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    Introducing OUTSMARTED! The Live Family Quiz Show Board Game, the ultimate game night experience that will have you and your loved ones laughing, learning, and outsmarting each other in a battle of wits!

    Step into the spotlight and put your knowledge to the test as you compete in a thrilling trivia showdown. With over 600 questions across various categories, including history, science, pop culture, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned trivia buff or just love a good challenge, OUTSMARTED! will keep you on your toes and your brain buzzing!

    But what sets OUTSMARTED! apart from other board games is its unique live quiz show format. Get ready to feel like a true contestant as you answer questions against the clock, strategize with power-ups, and even steal points from your opponents! The interactive gameplay ensures that every round is filled with excitement and surprises, making it the perfect choice for game night with family and friends.

    Not only is OUTSMARTED! a blast to play, but it also makes a brilliant gift for board game fans. Its inclusion in the board game category showcases its ability to bring people together, fostering friendly competition and creating lasting memories. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a special occasion, this game is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a good challenge and a lot of laughter.

    So, gather your loved ones, put your thinking caps on, and get ready to be OUTSMARTED! This lively and engaging board game will bring endless fun and entertainment to your game nights, making it the perfect gift for any board game enthusiast. Get ready to show off your trivia skills and prove that you’re the ultimate quiz champion!

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    10 reviews for OUTSMARTED! The Live Family Quiz Show Board Game

    1. Beth

      Loved this game from the day it was launched. A fabulous game that we can play with our 10 year old and we all have a good chance at winning! (She normally wins) Great characters, great up to date questions and fabulous categories. Couldn’t recommend this enough!

    2. Tim McDonnell

      This game is great for the whole family. With most games, there are only one set of questions for all participants, regardless of age but I love the fact that you can set up players in different age categories and they get either easier or harder questions. Love the fact that you can also buy extra subject packs, which are very reasonably priced. Also, the character pieces are so detailed and fun and are easy to hold and move around the board. Fantastic game for those that have a family of different ages who like quiz games.

    3. Xavier

      Enfin un jeu de quizz dans lequel tout le monde peut jouer, s’amuser et gagner. Que ce soit un enfant, un ado ou un adulte, car on a la possibilité de paramètrer la catégorie d’age de chaque joueur et ainsi adapter les questions en fonction des différents profils.
      Le jeu est en français car c’est l’application qui gère la langue. La notice est elle en anglais mais facilement trouvable en français sur internet, et même sur l’application directement. En même temps, rien de plus simple à mettre en place.
      On a joué avec chacun un smartphone, on a pu tester comme si nous étions à distance. Du coup, on peut voir le plateau de jeu et y placer son pions et lancer le dé. On peut aussi parler avec les participants grâce à un bouton de type talkie walkie.
      Je n’ai pas encore essayer de télécharger d’autres thèmes de questions. Mais les thèmes présents sont déjà très sympa.
      Je recommande ce jeu qui plaira à toute la famille.

    4. JB

      Really good boardgame, a bit like Trivial Pursuit.

      Kid, teen and adult for each player so all ages can play together.
      Questions up to date, and reasonably priced for new question packs.
      The mini figures are nice.
      Overall very solid trivia game.
      Really cheap, especially factoring in it’s always getting new questions.

      No way to switch off or limit the “help” perks, which are also given out randomly so some players can end up with loads and some not. This isn’t balanced, it just awards them randomly and can just give the winning player an even bigger advantage. Me and my wife just choose to ignore them now, but a way to turn them off or limit them would be better.
      Having to manually skip the intro to every single question- just put a setting to turn that off!
      Have noticed a couple of questions that are worded badly.

      Overall, very good game that could be even better just by adding some options/ settings to the app.

    5. Leen

      Leuk maar jammer dat de app geregeld blijft hangen en het spel soms middenin crasht.

    6. Matt M

      Many hours of fun (and anguish in defeat) have been had since discovering this game. A way of livening up the Trivial Pursuit format with fully customisable game modes, question categories to suit all tastes and a gameshow edge to keep the entertainment value high. Question packs are reasonably priced and are regularly updated, meaning the longevity value of the game is high. Can also be played online with friends, as a friend of mine living in Hertfordshie (with me in Greater Manchester) has discovered with regular victories over me! This game makes a marvellous addition to any game collection!

    7. lisa

      Besonders gut ist, dass:
      1. Jede Altersklasse mit machen kann, die fragen werden angepasst, bzw. Enthalten die Frage Pakete auch leichte Fragen für Kinder
      2. Jeder kann mit spielen, auch wenn sie sich in einer anderen Stadt aufhalten.
      3. Man kann jederzeit neue Pakete für r wenig Geld dazu kaufen.

      1. Nicht alle Frage Pakete enthalten Kinderfragen
      2. Die Kombi Pakete, welche man auf einem Prospekt im Spiel finden, sind nicht im Fragenladen zu finden.

      Insgesamt ist es ein gelungenes Spiel, für jeden.

    8. Kara W

      This game was played between my husband and I ( 40,36) and my two sons ( 13,10).
      Assembly was easy, just take the board,the character pawns/ dice, and cell phone stand out of box, then download the Outsmarted App on your smart phone. The App walks you through set up foryour first game, including player names, trivia categories, and scores. There are trivia categories for free and others that you can buy for $1.99. We did all the free categories for our first game. The game time varies( it gives you choices quick game, 30, 60,90 minute game). The whole family had a great time with trivia and we had so much fun. Even my husband who hates board games throughly enjoyed the game! There is also a choice to play electronically with others( like family, etc) that have the board game too!

      Would definetly buy again!

    9. Amanda

      We got this game because it sounds different. Boy was it ever. Any age from I’d say 5 and up can play. They have kid and adult modes. You do need a tablet or something simular to play and wifi to play it. It is so much fun. It reminds me of an upgraded version of scene it. We love the fact that is has a lot of questions and if we ever get board of them we can buy another category so super cheap. The set up is super easy. It walks you through it. My children loved how you can give your character funny names. This has more players too so it is great for big families like us where it’s hard to find games for 5 players and up. Definitely recommend for your next family board game night!!

    10. Pds James

      I’ve always loved board games, and have been on the hunt for a decent quiz game for some time now. Having owned the game for a couple of months now, both remotely and in a room with real life people, I feel obliged to give this gem a review…

      First of all, the presentation of the game is excellent. Everything about the packaging, board and playing pieces oozes quality, which you’d expect considering the game isn’t cheap. You even get some little stands to place your devices on if you so choose. The playing pieces themselves are really cute, and are meant to represent famous boffins through history. Some of these are more instantly recognisable than others, and there is a diverse representation, but I’d like to see a wheelchair user (Stephen Hawking?) included in future iterations. Also, note that some of the characters are playable on the remote version but aren’t included in all versions of the board game…

      The game was very easy to register with my iPad using the registration card provided. I had a game set up within 10 minutes of opening the box for the first time, and the app does a good job of explaining various features.

      Included with the game are several question packs, which cover a good range of topics. Some are a little more obscure (celebrity arrests?!) but there’s also some great general knowledge packs to get you started (pub quiz and back to school are always popular). However, if you want to get the most from the game you will want to purchase additional quiz packs to expand your questions. These range in price from £1.99-2.99, although there are some special packs on offer where you can purchase several together (through the website). The price of the packs doesn’t seem too unreasonable, but some packs are much smaller than others (for example, movie music only has around 100 questions, so it won’t be long before you see them being repeated).

      Before the game starts you select which six quiz packs the game will use as categories during the game. I feel it would be great if there were an option to let the game pick six categories at random for you, to keep things fresh and interesting, but this isn’t a huge problem.

      Now for the really clever part. Some people who are playing don’t even need to be in the same place as you. I was dubious about this feature before I bought the game, but it’s safe to say I’ve been very pleased with how reliably it works. I’ve played several games with people hundreds of miles away, both on my own and with other people playing around the board.

      The app allows remote players to roll a virtual dice and move their pieces on a virtual board. If using a real board too you just have to remember to also move your virtual piece so remote players can see what you’re doing. Personally I find it easier just to do away with the physical board altogether if playing against anyone remotely. App connection is good, and dropouts are few and far between.

      Now for a few (minor gripes)…

      The colours of some of the squares on the board are way too similar to each other, and it can be a real challenge trying to work out which category you’ve landed on at times (red/yellow/orange are the main culprits here). I’m not sure why they didn’t opt for more distinct colours, such as black etc.

      Also, every time you land on a question and select the relevant category on the app it then plays a little video sequence that you have to press ‘next’ to move past. Except you can’t press ‘next’ straight away, as there is a few second delay. This gets a little irritating after a while, but it could be down to the question loading in the background. Still, it would be good to turn this video off if possible.

      The final gripe is with the random bonuses the game can give to players during the game. Whilst this gives the game some gameshow sheen and can be quite exciting at first, when you are outsmarting a player and then you find they suddenly get a 4x score multiplier on a 500 point question (thus winning 2000 pts if they get it right) this can suddenly become VERY annoying! It would be great to have the option to turn these random bonuses off, but alas, it’s not there (yet).

      But please don’t let these minor issues put you off this excellent game. I’ve had so much fun playing it with family and friends, and I love how customisable it is with the varied quiz packs. It’s also very family friendly, with several quiz packs available that are suitable for children, plus you can set the ages of players in game to adjust the questions accordingly. This was a very good idea.

      Overall you won’t be disappointed with Outsmarted. Buy it now!

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