Bird of Prey Day UK Wide


  • Bird of Prey Day available in multiple locations across the UK
  • Experience the thrill of flying and interacting with amazing birds of prey
  • Get up close with falcons, owls, eagles, and more
  • Expert handlers will provide insight into the birds’ behaviors and characteristics
  • Perfect day out for bird enthusiasts and those interested in learning about these majestic creatures
  • Opportunity to have birds of prey land on your arm
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of bird-watching experience
  • A unique and memorable experience for individuals or groups
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    Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill of witnessing majestic birds of prey up-close with the Bird of Prey Day UK Wide! This extraordinary adventure takes you on a journey across the country, giving you the rare opportunity to witness these fierce predators in their natural habitat.
    Prepare to be captivated as you join expert falconers in exploring the world of these magnificent creatures. Whether you’re a passionate bird lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, this day-long event is perfect for anyone with a fascination for nature and wildlife.
    Throughout the day, you’ll be treated to captivating falconry displays, where you can marvel at the awe-inspiring flight and agility of the birds. Be amazed as they swoop down with incredible accuracy, showcasing their impressive hunting skills. You’ll have the chance to witness different species of birds of prey, including majestic eagles, powerful hawks, and stealthy owls.
    But Bird of Prey Day UK Wide doesn’t stop at mere observation. You’ll also have the thrilling opportunity to interact firsthand with these regal creatures. Under the guidance of experienced handlers, you’ll have the chance to hold a falcon on your arm, feel the softness of an owl’s feathers, and marvel at the intimidating power of an eagle up-close. This hands-on experience is guaranteed to leave you in awe of the magnificent world of birds of prey.
    Whether you’re embarking on this adventure alone, with friends, or as a family, Bird of Prey Day UK Wide promises to be a truly unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you witness these magnificent birds in their element. Book your spot today and let the magic of the Bird of Prey Day take flight!

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    8 reviews for Bird of Prey Day UK Wide

    1. Chris Clift

      This gift was for my husband as a birthday present and what a brilliant day out it was too. The staff especially John were really helpful and gave us lots of information. Flying the birds and seeing them at such a close range was spectacular. A thoroughly good day out which we can both recommend. I am attaching a few photographs which I hope you will also enjoy.

    2. Graham Barnett

      Fantastic day out! Very friendly and a knowledgeable instructor. Lots of opportunity to see fly and talk about the Birds of Prey! Really wonderful experience.

    3. Dan Ewens

      An awesome day the trainers really know their stuff and it was very exciting having the birds of prey fly to the fist.

    4. 1973

      i brought this for my husband as a christmas present and he was thrilled with it we had such a great day being able to be part of it with my husband was such a great day for me too. the trainers were so good gave us so much information nothing was to much trouble i’ve told so many people about are day it will forever be with us

    5. Tasha

      Went to Gauntlet in Knutsford and wow, what an amazing day.The staff were very friendly and even though there were other people there it felt very personal.I learnt how to handle the birds and to tie the falconers knot and flew some fantastic birds. There were 2 public displays through the day that we got to watch too and the birds they fly are so varied and fly and behave in their own unique way.We flew several different birds ourselves and this was brilliant, you only ever see falconers at displays do this so to be involved was great!When it got to a point where I thought we were ready to end the day (which I didn’t want to happen) we still had an hour or two left.This experience gives alot of involvement and alot of fun without rushing you around. An amazing and unique experience and I’d reccomend to everyone I know!

    6. bear 1234

      Great day, Well run friendly and plenty of hands on with the birds.

    7. smitten

      We went to Eagle Heights in Kent and arrived at 10.30. Parking in a small rough area .Following the sign, we booked in and was greeted by Emma who stayed with us all day . She introduced herself, took our food menu ,explained the health and safety issues and took us through to a large room where we flew 4 different raptures, learning the terminology and every detail of the birds.(answering every question asked)After this we had our dinner and was allowed sometime to wander around the park to view the other lovely birds and animals there.There were displays going on outside and plenty to see inside .At 1.30 we met up with Emma again and were given our gloves and bags . We took 2 harrier hawks out into the meadow and took turns calling them to hand .Our group consisted of 4 couples, each couple had 1 guest .The guest was allowed to take photos and paid a fee which was also good value for money.At 4.30 we went back for tea and a drink, said good-bye to everyone and had a look at some reptiles that we had missed.It was a fantastic experience that I will always remember. Emma ,the staff and the raptors made this day unforgettable. Thank-you!It was well worth traveling to from Sheffield.

    8. Sharon

      Emma (the falconer) was great, very cheerful and encouraging, really enjoyed flying the four hawks over open fields. Very good value.

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