Bee Water Stations


  • Set of three bee water cups for garden hydration
  • Cups can also hold ripe fruits for butterflies and bees
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to flower beds and plant pots
  • Different cup sizes (4cm to 5cm) on individual 45cm spikes
  • Easy installation by pushing into the ground
  • Can be clustered or spread through the garden
  • Handmade garden sculpture from steel in Wales
  • Sealed rust patina with hand-painted interior
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    Introducing Bee Water Stations, the buzz-worthy gift for all the environmentalists out there! 🐝🌿

    These adorable and eco-friendly water stations are designed specifically to provide a refreshing oasis for our precious pollinators. With their vibrant colors and charming designs, they not only serve as functional watering spots but also add a delightful touch to any garden or outdoor space.

    Bee Water Stations fall under the category of must-have accessories for nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts. By gifting one of these stations, you’re not only showing your love for our buzzing friends but also promoting a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. 🌺🌼

    Imagine the joy of watching busy bees and butterflies fluttering around, taking a quick sip from these vibrant water stations. It’s like having a front-row seat to a magical show in your own backyard! Plus, these stations are incredibly easy to set up and maintain, making them a perfect gift for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike.

    By providing a reliable water source, Bee Water Stations help support the well-being and survival of our essential pollinators. They play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the growth of our favorite flowers, fruits, and vegetables. So, whether you’re looking to attract more bees to your garden or simply want to make a positive impact on the environment, these stations are an ideal choice.

    Spread the love for nature and surprise your favorite environmentalist with a Bee Water Station today. Let’s create a world where bees can thrive and continue to do their vital work, one sip at a time! 🌍🐝

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    4 reviews for Bee Water Stations

    1. lucyjstevens

      The seller’s communication was excellent- quick, helpful and friendly. I bought these as a gift and had them sent directly to the recipient who loves them! Thanks

    2. Maddie McCollin

      Great gift, perfect for the garden

    3. Emma Hamilton

      Gorgeous gift for my mum and dad who have just moved somewhere with a garden. They love these. ❤️

    4. Amanda

      Have looked at this product for a few weeks thinking should I. Well I’m glad I did and can’t wait to put them in my garden. They are as described and arrived in super quick time from order. 🐝🦋💖

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