Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Kit


  • Brewery in a Box – Classic IPA
  • All Grain Reusable Beer Making Kit
  • Kit handcrafted in Dorset, UK by Brew Bros
  • Ingredients include malt from Britain’s oldest working maltings, hops, and yeast from a leading UK merchant
  • Custom-made mash filtration net
  • Reusable kit, can brew multiple times with own ingredients or refill kits
  • Includes 5L keg, stopper, airlock, thermometer, malt, hops, yeast, dextrose, sanitiser, instructions, and beer mat
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and demo video on YouTube provided
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Introducing the Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Kit, the ultimate gift for beer lovers, retirement celebrations, and anyone who enjoys a good drink! This kit is a game-changer, allowing you to brew your own delicious beer right at home.

With everything you need neatly packed in one box, this kit is perfect for beginners and experienced brewers alike. It includes all the essential equipment, from a fermenter and airlock to a thermometer and hydrometer. You’ll also find a step-by-step guide that takes you through the brewing process, making it easy and fun to create your very own craft beer.

What sets this kit apart is its versatility. It caters to all tastes and preferences, offering a wide range of beer styles to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or refreshing lagers, this kit has got you covered. Experiment with different flavors, add your own twist, and create a brew that suits your unique palate.

Not only is brewing your own beer a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, but it also makes for a brilliant gift. Imagine the joy on the face of a retiree as they embark on their new brewing adventure, or the excitement of a beer enthusiast discovering a whole new world of flavors. This kit is a gift that keeps on giving, providing endless opportunities for creativity and enjoyment.

So why settle for ordinary gifts when you can give the Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Kit? It’s the perfect choice for beer lovers, retirement celebrations, and anyone who appreciates a good drink. Get ready to unleash your inner brewmaster and embark on a flavorful journey like no other! Cheers to unforgettable experiences and delicious homemade beer!

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8 reviews for Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Kit

  1. RW

    After cooking you are left with nothing. The keg cannot be used a second time. It’s very disappointing to not get anything for this money. and it’s easy to fix, just add a cheap fermentation bucket.

  2. Marco Laing

    Not as easy as it looks . He has to use u tube to follow instructions. Four weeks in and still not complete. Thought this would be easier and quicker. No not the case . Do your research beforehand. Although not tried and tasted yet but hoping it worth the £108 pounds ,it says that every thing you need is in the box but no you need to buy bigger crock pots x two extra sugar . And few more add ons .. so no not every thing you need is in the package ..

  3. cam

    An easy to use kit, with clear instructions. We’ll put together, and delivers a cracking product.
    An ideal starter in the home brew world as only need a couple of large saucepans in the kitchen, and you produce enough beer to enjoy with friends or over a weekend. Keep up the good work!

  4. Charles

    I brought this as a bit of lock down experience. Wow it really worked I had done syrup kits but this is better. Everything really well labelled for novice and useful youtube video (worth a view before brewing)……the beer is great which is the most important thing and just purchased the brew bros doombar kit and great for presents with a difference…..Happy Swilling,

  5. Rob

    First time brewing for me and I went for the Classic IPA brewery in a box kit. The results were far better than I expected, the beer was surprisingly good for a first effort, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow – especially with the YouTube video to back it up.

    All equipment is included apart from a few standard kitchen items (though you do need to have a couple of large pans/stock pots, which the instructions describe).

    I’ve already ordered a second (different) kit for my next brew and have had quick responses by email to a few questions I had – excellent service.

  6. cam

    This home brew kits its absolutely perfect for brewginners! It’s worth the 4 week waiting time to fully brew. It’s delicious. This has been my first brew and it came out beautifully. Probably one of the best tasting IPA’s I’ve had. I insist you try this. Very happy

  7. Donna brown

    Each refill pack brings down the overall per pint cost – can’t be bad with the way everything is going up in price

  8. Paul Wakeley

    Missing parts from my kit. Have messaged all contacts to get one sent my no response, will have to send my kit back and ask for a refund as I can’t use it without the missing items.

    UPDATE: I have a new kit that is excellent! As a gesture they have offered me a free refill. Very happy with this kit. It’s one of the few home brew kits where you actually do the brewing yourself…. Most kits just ask you to shove some liquid together. Very excited to get going.

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