Beer Can Chicken Roaster

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  • Crafted from premium stainless steel
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor BBQ scenarios
  • Comes with a barbecue drip pan
  • Can be used on grills, smokers, and ovens
  • Infuses beer-infused taste into chicken
  • Secure locking system for stability
  • Trusted by pit boss smokers worldwide
  • Enhances grilling prowess and cooking adventure
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Introducing the MOUNTAIN GRILLERS Beer Can Chicken Roaster Stand, the ultimate tool to elevate your grilling game! Made with high-quality stainless steel, this roaster stand is designed to ensure your chicken cooks evenly, resulting in tender and juicy meat every time.
With its innovative design, our roaster stand can hold a standard beer can securely inside the chicken, infusing it with flavors and moisture for a mouthwatering experience. The sturdy construction and wide base provide stability, allowing you to effortlessly place the chicken on any grill, oven, or smoker.
Not only does this roaster stand make cooking beer can chicken a breeze, but it also includes four vegetable spikes. These spikes fit perfectly into the stand, allowing you to add your favorite vegetables to cook alongside the chicken, making it a complete and satisfying meal for your family and friends.
Cleaning up after a fantastic meal has never been easier. Our roaster stand is dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort when it comes to maintaining this essential grilling accessory. No more scrubbing away grease and residue.
Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a Sunday roast, or simply want to try a new cooking technique, the MOUNTAIN GRILLERS Beer Can Chicken Roaster Stand is here to enhance your cooking experience and produce delicious, restaurant-quality results. Elevate your grilling skills and impress your guests with perfectly cooked beer can chicken and flavorful vegetables.
Grab your MOUNTAIN GRILLERS Beer Can Chicken Roaster Stand today and become the grill master you’ve always wanted to be!

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8 reviews for Beer Can Chicken Roaster

  1. loony

    Thought I’d give it a go for the price….and it worked well.
    Arrived next day. Simple but adequate packaging and the product appears made of good quality materials. Used the next day for a large chicken and cooked on bbq. I filled the central container with water and lemon/herbs. After cooking juice tray was full and product stood up to the job.
    Cleaned up in dishwasher. A week, later no rust.
    I think it did the job well.

  2. Ms. J. Wlazlo

    This is a decent copy of the original invention, with few details off. The container does not lock in with the stand, making it a bit awkward when removing the bird from the roaster. The spikes are also loose fit, I wouldn’t use them for anything larger than about tennis ball. That said, it seems solid and sturdy otherwise. Comes in a nice medium size box, so can make a nice gift.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Good sturdy build, easy to clean and infuses beer into chicken as expected, very pleased

  4. Katie Fraser

    Have used many a different model of beer can chicken devices in the past, often with more enthusiasm than because of the results. This version resolves a number of problems : pot fits easily into chicken, no can paint taint on food, ability to easily add additional herbs, spices, garlic etc with the beer for additional flavour. The tray is great for collecting juices (and avoiding mess flare ups), try adding a few herbs and a few slices of onion at the beginning and an amazing jus is produced. The Rolls Royce of Beer Can chicken roasters…. moist, succulent and flavoursome chicken every time. Bon appétit!

  5. FestiveLady

    Great present for my two brothers in law this Christmas!

  6. Alastair Cassie

    Arrived quickly and well-packaged. Seems well-made, although the spikes to hold mini corn cobs were way to loose and kept falling off – I used a pair of pliars to squeeze the support-prongs closer together and that did the trick. The drip tray is way to small to hold enough vegetables for more than two people, so I placed the unit into a bigger oven tray. Used a light beer to start with, and basted the outside of the chicken with some spices etc. All in all the chiken was lovely and moist, although not much beer flavour – likely due to me using a light lager, next time I’ll try something a little stronger. You need a medium/large chicken, otherwise it won’t fit over the metal cannister. I baked in a fan oven at 170 degs C – next time I’d cook at 150 degs C but for longer, as at 170 degs C the skin cooked a bit patchy – not somthing I’ve had happen before with a normal roast. I think it’s a case of trial and error depending on your oven. Over all it’s a nice idea and I’ll be using it again for sure, but I do recommend, if you like roasted vegetables, to use a larger oven tray.

  7. FestiveLady

    1. Produces a nice moist roast chicken with crisp skin.
    2. For barbecue/BBQ or domestic oven. If it’s (Small or) Medium size, there’s room to cook other items in the oven at the same time.
    3. The pan’s small footprint has both advantages and a few minor niggles compared to a conventional large roasting tin, but you can work around the niggles. I rate this 4.5 stars.
    4. Doesn’t seem to taste better or worse than cooking the conventional way, but it seems to take less effort when using this product.
    5. Presentable outer box, for gifting.
    6. It’s a uni-tool. Only worth it if you use it a lot and have space to store the kit. You’re unlikely to get rid of the still-useful conventional roasting tin so you won’t gain that space.

    MG’s smaller pan is an advantage (but see also CONS later) – below I compare with a conventionnal large roasting tin:
    1] Drizzling light olive oil over the top of the bird is quick, as gravity does the work.
    2] The oil and meat juices that run off the bird pile higher, so it’s easier to suck them up in a baster, no need to tip the pan to get them. Can baste the bird without taking it out of the oven. It’s easier when pouring off oil and meat juices into a saucepan (to make gravy).
    3] It’s a good way to use up excess alcohol (does “excess” alcohol exist?!). Otherwise I’ve used “excess” alcohol only in casseroles. The “beer can” took only half the lager bottle, leaving you to drink the other half – well, someone’s got to finish it up!
    4] Saves on fruit. When I cook chicken horizontally I’d put a couple of oranges or lemons up inside it which keeps it moist (different cooks use different methods). Often I’d rub lemon butter over the bird’s skin but it meant usually having lemon chicken and no other flavour.
    5] The kit has a smaller footprint, and disassembles too, for easier washing up.
    6] Love the “Mountain Grillers” wordplay. It helped me buy this brand. I won’t tire of seeing it printed on the cooking tray.
    7] The vegetable spikes (not yet used) take little extra space.

    (1) It makes an impression on anyone who’s not seen it before, with the bird standing to attention.
    (2) Beer can chicken but you can use any liquid of course, maybe even just water. So far the chicken hasn’t tasted of the lager used; I’d need to use a stronger-tasting liquid.
    (3) Putting the bird on or off the “beer can” looks a bit obscene. It could outrage a disapproving great-aunt.

    CONS YOU CAN WORK ROUND – for oven users, compared to using a conventional roasting tin:
    A. The pan takes few veg or potatoes. Don’t crowd them as shown in the advert photo.
    B. You need to drain accumulated oil and meat juices more often. You don’t want soggy bottoms. If they’re get too wet they won’t roast.
    C. Due to likely splashing of liquids, keeping the pan inside a larger one which could also contain veg and potatoes.
    D. Getting the cooked bird off the “beer can” can be fiddly. I can’t do it without wearing and thus dirtying a pot grab.
    E. If cooking a Large chicken the size could prevent cooking other items at the same time. But if necessary you can leave a cooked bird in foil for up to an hour without it getting cold (I rest a bird for 20 to 25 mins), or use a second oven or a warming drawer if you have them, leaving time to cook the trimmings and to mollify the great-aunt.

  8. Chris C

    The chicken sits firmly on the stand without fear of it falling over (like it does if you just use a beer can). You don’t have to put beer in the container, you can try other drinks as well such as whisky for added flavour, then use the remaining liquid in the gravy.

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