Mcbazel Dual USB Charger Staion for PS5 Controllers

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  • Fast charging dual controller dock for PS5 DualSense controllers
  • Charges two controllers simultaneously
  • Fully charges controllers within 2.5 hours
  • LED charging indicators (Red for charging, Blue for fully charged)
  • Tri-protection function for controller safety
  • Powered by USB Type-C, PS5 console, PC or wall power source
  • Provides reliable and safe charging for PS5 controllers
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    Introducing the Mcbazel Dual USB Charger Station for PS5 Controller DualSense Controller Charging Docking Station. This charging dock is the perfect solution for keeping your DualSense controllers fully powered and ready for gaming action.
    Designed specifically for the PS5 controller, this charging station features a sleek and compact design that can easily fit into any gaming setup. The dual USB ports allow you to charge two controllers simultaneously, saving you time and ensuring that both controllers are always ready to go.
    With LED light indicators, you can easily see the charging status of each controller. The lights turn red when the controllers are still charging and change to green when they are fully charged. This convenient feature eliminates the guesswork and ensures you never have to worry about running out of battery power in the heat of a gaming session.
    One of the standout features of this charging dock is its fast charging capability. With advanced technology, it provides a rapid charging speed, allowing you to quickly recharge your controllers and get back to playing in no time.
    Additionally, this charging dock is equipped with tri-protection to ensure the safety of your controllers. It has overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection, providing you with peace of mind while your controllers are being charged.
    Don’t let low battery power interrupt your gaming sessions. Invest in the Mcbazel Dual USB Charger Station for PS5 Controller DualSense Controller Charging Docking Station and enjoy uninterrupted gaming with fully charged controllers every time.

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    13 reviews for Mcbazel Dual USB Charger Staion for PS5 Controllers

    1. Danny Chan

      Sleek design, happy with the purchase.

    2. Tracy

      Works well easy to use

    3. Haley Takach

      Easy to charge controller and the lights look great. Matches the PS5 perfectly

    4. Max

      These do exactly what they say they’re going to they fit both my PlayStation 5 controllers and charge them up within two hours. I’m very happy with the product and the price.

    5. Simon V.

      This is a great, simple, useable charging stand for two PS5 controllers. Works as it should, styled in the manner of the PS5 (so looks right at home) and very easy to use. The controllers sit naturally on the stand and the connection is consistently accurate, so just drop the controller on and it starts charging.
      Oh, and it was a bargain compared to others on Amazon 🙂

    6. Diego P.

      Buen producto, solo que no le queda a los controles con funda. Estaría excelente que lo especifiquen.

    7. Mr Alan Williams

      Hi, I bought this in November and it doesn’t charge anymore. Can this be repaired? Thanks

    8. Miss Jade J. Chambers

      Needed this as I was fed up constantly plugging in to charge the dualsense, I only have 2 controllers so this was spot on and it works really well, keeps my controllers topped up with juice and I have not got to deal with a USB cable constantly needing to be hanging out the front of the PS5, it also looks good too matches the PS5 aesthetic and is not over the top like some.

      Seems well made too has a little bit of weight to it, rubberized feet stop it from moving and it’s not massive like some. 10/10 works as intended and looks the part.

    9. Diego P.

      The media could not be loaded.

       Charger looks nice, charges quickly and supports the controller nice as well. It has a strange plastic smell, but that’s to be expected.

    10. Claire

      Nice little unit looks good and fits in with the ps5 looks. Only gripe is can be fiddly to get the controllers to fit into the charging port especially when there are two chargers otherwise very happy.

    11. Tracy

      Great ps5 charger. Love that it’s not just available in usual white or black. Ordered burgundy colour. Quick delivery. Great price. Small and compact . The USB lead isn’t very long. Just needs to have an extra foot for my own personal liking.
      Great product and would recommend.

    12. Amazon Customer

      Me parece que cumple su función y no requiere mucho más espacio del necesario para su funcionamiento apropiado. Solo para mí es un poco molesto que la luz LED decorativa,(la que va por los contornos) cuando uno decide apagarla, ésta se vuelve a encender cada vez que se reinicia su ciclo de carga. Tal vez si no quieren ese problema elegir la versión sin luz led. Fuera de eso es un excelente producto desde mi humilde opinión.

    13. Puffy

      I bought this to charge the PS5 controllers, which charge with the handle side down. This means that you can just rest the controllers on the connections to charge them. Some other brands had the charging point of the controller from the front USB C point which means you have to plug a small connector plug in before you start charging. So to me this brand was easy to use. It is styled in the same way as the PS5 so doesn’t look out of place. The charging can be done from the PS5’s USB port, or you can plug it into a mains plug with a USB port and have it charge. It charges the controllers quickly, has a nice blue glow when it is connected. Charging light on the unit shows orange whilst charging for each controller and turns to a Blue glow when fully charged. Price was very reasonable, arrived the next day from placing the order. Very pleased with it and would recommend it to any PS5 user.

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