PlayStation Portal

  • PlayStation Portal allows you to play your PS5 console over your home Wi-Fi
  • Console quality controls for a seamless gaming experience
  • Experience the immersion of DualSense controller features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • Play compatible games from your PS5 game collection on your handheld device
  • No need to play on a TV, enjoy gaming on the go with PlayStation Portal Remote Player
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    Introducing the PlayStation Portal, the ultimate gaming experience that will transport you to a whole new world of entertainment. Unleash your gaming potential with this cutting-edge device, designed to redefine the way you play.
    Equipped with the latest technology, the PlayStation Portal boasts a powerful processor and stunning graphics that will bring your games to life like never before. Immerse yourself in realistic, high-definition visuals, and experience games with unparalleled fluidity and precision.
    But the PlayStation Portal is not just about graphics. It offers a seamless and intuitive user interface, making navigating through menus and accessing your favorite games and apps a breeze. With its ergonomic design and comfortable controllers, you’ll have the perfect balance of comfort and control during those intense gaming sessions.
    Get ready to connect and compete with fellow gamers from around the world. The PlayStation Portal comes with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly connect to online multiplayer games and join the global gaming community. Chat with friends, form teams, and take on challenging opponents in thrilling multiplayer battles that will test your skills and push you to your limits.
    With an extensive library of games available, the PlayStation Portal offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into action-packed adventures, gripping RPGs, or mind-bending puzzles, you’ll find a game that suits your taste. Plus, with the option to download games directly to your device, you’ll never run out of new experiences to try.
    Step into a world of limitless possibilities with the PlayStation Portal. Elevate your gaming experience, revolutionize the way you play, and unlock a whole new level of entertainment. Get ready to embark on unforgettable gaming adventures that will keep you hooked for hours on end. The future of gaming starts here, with the PlayStation Portal.

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    13 reviews for PlayStation Portal

    1. I. Maloney

      Snabb leverans och bra kvalitet

    2. Amazon Customer

      I really wanted to keep this and the idea is good. But unfortunately it’s terrible. The input lag and buffering on this device is shockingly bad considering I’ve strong Internet connection. There’s tips on line to improve the performance by unplugging your hdmi cable from the console or turning the video out put on the ps5 to 1080p. This still did not help. Why a 200 pound device isn’t capable of doing the basics Is absurd. Put it this way with out Internet this is a 200 pound lump of useless plastic. It’s a shame because the rare moments it did work I enjoyed it and I can see the appeal.

    3. Stefan Chirana

      Is good only for casual games. If you try to play FP shooter or rally games you will feel the imput lag and is a bit unplayable. But i discovered if you set from PS5 the resolution to 1080p the games are much more fluid. Build quality is very good, the display is a good quality LCD

    4. F4rthay

      Update: after a month of use the left stick starting making a loud clicking noise that became really irritating. Sony have no stock and Amazon have no stock so I couldn’t get a replacement. Amazon offered a refund. This is a common fault so I wont be buying again until the device has been through some updates.


      Really pleased, quick to setup and all the games I played run really smooth. The screen is really nice quality. Haven’t noticed any lag or any skipped frames.
      Been happily playing Doom Eternal with no issues at all. Running off Talk Talk broadband with their supplied router and the ps5 is connected with Ethernet cable, highly recommended at a fair price. Perfect If you don’t have access to a TV all the time or some quiet gaming in bed.

    5. Matthew martin

      Great product, can play it anywhere with good connection

    6. Trijntje

      Cosa cerchi? Se vuoi giocare steso sul divano accanto a tua moglie mentre lei guarda un film e tu ti rilassi un paio d’ore giocando alla PlayStation mentre chiacchierate del più e del meno, allora la PS Portal è l’oggetto perfetto. Se non hai vincoli e puoi giocare senza scocciature seduto alla scrivania, davanti a un bel monitor a 144 Hz, con cuffie e pad alla mano, allora la PS Portal è un oggetto di cui puoi farne a meno. Io ho sempre giocato alla PlayStation da piccolo e oggi, a 40 anni, con moglie e due figli, non riuscivo più a trovare il tempo per rilassarmi un’oretta davanti alla PlayStation. La PS Portal è stata la soluzione perfetta: si gioca alla perfezione, è leggera, ha un display che, se non lo si prova, non si può credere quanto sia ben fatto, è fluida, zero lag… ed è fatta bene! Prima di acquistarla, ho provato il Remote Play usando lo smartphone (troppo piccolo, ti passa la voglia), poi sono passato al tablet da 10 pollici (poggiato sulle gambe, uno stress) e dopo 10 minuti spegnevo tutto. La PS Portal è il compromesso perfetto. Insomma, io mi sento di consigliarla.
      L’unica nota stonata è il bagarinaggio che gira attorno a questo prodotto. È una vergogna che un prodotto, il cui costo è di circa 220€, debba essere venduto con un incremento di almeno 100€ e che sul sito ufficiale non se ne trovi neanche uno da settimane. Se si è sicuri di usarla, i 220€ spesi per questo prodotto potrebbero essere un investimento accettabile, anche se siamo veramente al limite per un prodotto del genere. Ma onestamente, spenderne 350€ mi sembra una follia totale.

    7. Mehran

      Blij mee

    8. Amazon Customer

      Being an older gamer this device gives me a lot more hours to cram my gaming sessions into. It does lag now and then but 90% of the time works without a hitch. Only one complaint I have is that even on the lowest volume it is extremely loud – think again if you think you can keep it low and play a shooter while your partner sleeps next to you. Only option is to used a wired set of headphones which is not ideal or purchase Sonys €230 set of wireless earbuds. This aside the device is a must own for aging gamers with kids like myself.

    9. Walter

      Ovni décrié de toutes part, cet accessoire est critiqué de toute part.
      Oui ce n’est pas une console autonome.
      Oui l’écran n’est pas Oled.
      Oui le stream limite les couleurs, où sont les 4096 couleurs ? C’est quoi ces escaliers dans les dégradés de couleurs ? Beurk !
      Oui la manette est un poil plus petite et surtout les joysticks sont d’une qualité bien faible.
      Oui sans une connection Wifi haut de game ça rame et ça devient injouable.
      Oui 220€ pour tout ces défauts on reste dans voix.
      Oui on peut faire la même chose, déjà, avec son smartphone ou une tablette. Et à ce prix même pas une pochette de rangement … un scandal.
      Oui on ne peut pas visualiser un flux de stream sur la console : ni les jeux, ni les vidéos (Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, TV+ : rien ne marche !), en tout cas pour le moment. Le dernier rachat de Sony (un spécialiste de l’optimisation des flux de streaming) leur permettra peut-être de changer cela dans le futur.

      Mais ….
      L’ergonomie proposée est exceptionnelle, a minima au niveau de mon Steam Deck (je n’ose admettre que même meilleure) qui est pour moi une référence, même meilleure que la Nintendo switch.
      Même sans être Oled l’écran est exceptionnelle, certes Sony le configure par défaut « à fond » sur la luminosité et les contrastes, mais franchement ça claque. Et malgré les critiques, l’écran Oled n’est pas si gris que cela, on est sur un 8 pouces, c’est moins visible qu’entre mes 2 tv (l’une Oled l’autre non).
      Le confort de jeu est top, et les détails de l’image exceptionnels.
      Alors oui avec un wifi 5, et même avec la fibre, en ayant un flux Netflix plus rien ne marche. J’ai donc commandé un routeur Wifi 6E … ça commence à faire cher !

      Au final, et malgré toutes les critiques, je suis très content de cet accessoire. Il m’apporte un réel confort de jeu, et étant un adepte des consoles mobiles (steam deck, Nintendo switch) ceci me permet d’avoir ma collection PlayStation accessible de partout dans mon appartement.
      De plus la console tournant sur Android, on peut espérer qu’elle s’améliorera dans le futur, notamment l’accès au streaming vidéo mais aussi de jeux.

    10. Matt

      Absolutely stunning bit of kit. Easy to set up, just switch it on and follow the easy steps. Been trying a combination of games this morning and can confirm there is no lag, no pixelation, just a smooth gaming experience that I’m used to on the big screen here.

      Its really nice to have the option to just fire up a session whilst I’m chilling out in another room and having access to all my PS4/PS5 games on Portal is amazing. Well worth the money for me personally and it sits nicely alongside my Nintendo Switch.

    11. Jellycookie

      Putting aside the noise on social media, this is an amazing device that does exactly as advertised. It provides a playing experience as close as possible to using your PS5 on the TV. Can’t fault the ergonomics and feel of the dualsense controller, and the screen is amazing. Very quick to pick up and connect to your PS5.

      Great value for the price.

      Only downside is it doesn’t support multiple accounts so if you are sharing this device with another user, you will need to manually log out/log in to the appropriate account before connecting via remote play.

    12. Bn4life

      Looks a bit weird but then so does the PS5. Very easy to setup. Screen is amazing and it’s more comfortable than any other hand held I’ve tried. I just wish Sony included Bluetooth and a web browser. We all know and understand why they didn’t. Bluetooth latency (I’ve tried an adapter and it works a treat) and a browser would open up the possibility of using GEForce Now and XCloud. I’m still going to give it 5 stars but it could have been so much more.

    13. Vincenzo

      Lo compré con la idea de utilizar mi ps5 durante mis vacaciones fuera de españa en LATAM específicamente y me pude conectarme y jugar sin problemas baldur gate 3 y diablo 4 entonces si funciona perfecto desde otro continente.

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