Desktop Bookshelf Organizer


  • Multi-functional desktop organizer for books, stationery, and office supplies
  • Space-saving design fits neatly on any desk or counter
  • Free combination design with 3 separate pieces for flexible adjustments
  • Made of high-quality MDF board for durability and strong load-bearing
  • Approximate dimensions: (11-27) W x 11 H x 6.75 D
  • 100% service guarantee with responsive customer service team
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    Introducing the Desktop Bookshelf Organizer, the ultimate solution for office workers who want to bring order and style to their workspace! This nifty little organizer is designed to keep your books, files, and stationery neatly arranged, making it a brilliant gift for anyone who spends their days in an office setting.

    With its sleek and compact design, this bookshelf organizer fits perfectly on any desk, providing a dedicated space for all your essentials. No more searching through piles of papers or struggling to find that one important document! The multiple shelves and compartments offer ample storage, allowing you to keep everything within arm’s reach.

    Not only does this organizer help you stay organized, but it also adds a touch of charm to your workspace. Made from high-quality materials, it boasts a modern and stylish design that will instantly elevate the look of any office. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a more vibrant and colorful vibe, this bookshelf organizer is sure to complement your personal style.

    But what truly sets this product apart is its versatility. It’s not just for books and files! Use it to display your favorite photos, showcase small plants, or even store your collection of quirky office supplies. The possibilities are endless!

    Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized and visually appealing workspace with the Desktop Bookshelf Organizer. It’s the perfect gift for office workers who deserve a little extra organization and style in their lives. Get one today and transform any desk into a tidy and inspiring haven!

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    11 reviews for Desktop Bookshelf Organizer

    1. Max Freedman

      Nice to keep a few books organized

    2. Sharad

      Very straightforward to assemble… took hardly 5 to 10 min. Once sassembled they can be stacked in various setups which I liked the most. Using it as a kitchen shelf and not a book shelf

    3. Lisamadge

      This is a lovely addition to expand the height of my bookcase. I assembled it easily on my own, everything to do this was in the packaging with no additional tools required. It’s sturdy and looks good. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    4. R. Allen

      its good.. but way way over priced for what it is.

    5. Orlando Amor

      This product is awesome, and easy to install, you can play with the configurations and organize whatever you need, from books to desks, to kitchens etc. I wanted to order another one but was disappointed it was no longer available for now, hope they come back 🙂

    6. jmahone

      Brilliant little book shelf for the lounge for a living room, able to stack normal size books oj

    7. Pamela Abreu

      This piece is lovely and easy to assemble. Everything has been provided—no missing or damaged parts. The colour is stunning, and it has pretty good spaces for keeping books or other stationeries.

    8. Amazon Customer

      I have floor to ceiling bookshelves in one living room, and floor to just below the picture rail bookshelves in the other. So the top of the shelves is just a muddled heap of piled up books. I really needed to add another shelf, which was going to be difficult on a custom built, huge single unit.
      So I bought six of these, stood them sideways along the top of the unit, spaced out at regular intervals, cut and varnished a plank of wood to match, and voila! I now have floor to ceiling bookshelves in that room, too.
      The units, when stood sideways, are big enough to hold up to three quite tall books.

    9. cristy scarboro

      very creative idea. separate pieces give opportunity to arrange multiple ways to meet organization needs.

    10. Max Freedman

      As easy a build as advertised and looks pretty much as expected as well. These were the slabs before I had started building which means either there was a manufacturing defect or more likely I got someone else’s return which sucks a little but product itself is as advertised

    11. Phil B

      This little book case is perfect for my bed side, it’s easy to assemble and you can arrange it how you want to. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to read in bed and would like their books within easy reach and looking tidy

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