Monopoly – Mr Men & Little Miss Edition


  • Mr Men and Little Miss Monopoly Board Game
  • Suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 and up
  • Includes 6 metal tokens featuring popular characters
  • Unique game board with classic characters like Mr. Strong and Little Miss Naughty
  • Build houses and hotels to expand your empire using themed Monopoly money
  • Customized Chance and Community Chest cards can impact gameplay
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 26.7 x 5 cm; 1.04 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up
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    Introducing Monopoly – Mr Men, the ultimate board game mash-up that will bring a smile to any Monopoly fan’s face! Get ready to embark on a whimsical adventure through the colorful world of Mr Men and Little Miss characters, where fun and laughter await at every turn.

    This special edition of Monopoly takes the classic game we all know and love and adds a delightful twist with the beloved Mr Men theme. Join Mr Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Tickle, and their friends as you buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from their charming universe. Will you become the richest player by acquiring Mr Bump’s Bumper Cars or Mr Greedy’s Cake Shop?

    What makes Monopoly – Mr Men a brilliant gift is its ability to transport players into a nostalgic world of childhood memories. Whether you grew up reading the Mr Men books or simply adore their timeless charm, this game is a delightful way to relive those moments and create new ones with family and friends.

    Perfect for Monopoly fans, this edition combines the excitement of strategic gameplay with the whimsy of the Mr Men characters. It’s a fantastic addition to any board game collection and promises hours of laughter-filled entertainment. So gather your loved ones, roll the dice, and let the Mr Men guide you on a journey to become the ultimate property tycoon!

    Get ready to rediscover the joy of Monopoly with Monopoly – Mr Men. It’s a gift that will bring smiles, laughter, and cherished memories to any Monopoly enthusiast’s game night.

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎40 x 26.7 x 5 cm, 1.04 Kilograms

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    ‎Cardboard, Plastic




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    9 reviews for Monopoly – Mr Men & Little Miss Edition

    1. Ben

      I love both the Mr Men & Monopoly, so this is the perfect combination for me!

      It’s so bright and colourful and just makes me smile. 😊 The 6 character pieces are well made and look far better than the photos.

      What I love most about this version, is they have kept it true to the original, I’m not a big fan of some of the other versions where they change too much.

      There really isn’t anything to dislike about this Mr Men Monopoly. It’s now my favourite version! 😍😍

    2. Laura

      There are so many versions of monopoly now, but this one must be one of my favourites!

      The character pieces are so cute, the board is bright and colourful and the game brings a lot of fun to classic monopoly!

      The game works the same as classic, so if you know the rules it’s easy to grasp, and if you don’t then this makes a fun way to learn them!

      If you love Monopoly and love Mr Men & Little Miss this game is a great addition to the family collection of games!

    3. Alex A

      A nice twist to an old classic Mr Men and Little Miss Monopoly game.
      It’s really colourful and a well made set.
      A fun game, it’s great for the whole family.

    4. Harvey

      This delightful spin on the classic Monopoly game has added a splash of color and a whole lot of fun to our family game nights.

      First of all, the theme is just too adorable for words. Who wouldn’t want to advance to Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Bossy, or Mr. Noisy? It’s a refreshing change from the usual property names, and it had us all giggling right from the start.

      The game pieces are equally charming. We’ve got Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Hug, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Happy, Mr. Cool, and Mr. Strong. It’s a tough choice deciding who to play as because they’re all so endearing!

      This game is suitable for players aged 8 and above, and it strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and strategy. It’s easy enough for kids to grasp, but there’s enough strategy involved to keep adults entertained as well.

      The quality of the components is top-notch, and the metal tokens add a touch of nostalgia and durability to the game.

      Overall, the Mr Men and Little Miss Monopoly Board Game is a fantastic addition to our collection. It’s a classic game with a wonderfully fun theme that brings smiles and laughter to our game nights. If you’re looking for a lighthearted and entertaining twist on a timeless classic, this is the one to go for. Highly recommended!

    5. Ben

      This is great. With some of these licensed Monopoly games they change the rules and mess with the game so much that it’s not even really like playing Monopoly anymore, and to be honest, it’s not always very good I have a few of them and they’re pretty hit and miss. This Mr Men and Little Miss version, however, is basically just original Monopoly, just with Mr Men rather than London. Everything works the same, the fines are the same value, everything costs the same, it’s literally just got a facelift with the text changed, so if you like Monopoly, you’ll like this. As for what this version brings, I personally love it. The board is really colourful and fun, everything looks really happy. It’s just really nice to look at it all. For a kids first version of Monopoly this is perfect and for any adult that grew up with the books, it’s fun too. If I was to have one gripe it’s that they chose two unique figures for the player pieces and then four more that all sort of look a bit similar, which didn’t make sense to me when they’ve got so many unique characters they could have drawn from and then you would never reach for the wrong counter during a game etc. That’s really a small issue though and I’m being quite picky here. Overall I absolutely love this version of Monopoly, it’s colourful and fun and still just good old fashioned Monopoly, just as you remember it.

    6. Sunglasses

      Mr Men + Monopoly = echoes of my youth! Excellent purchase!

    7. Ash

      There are a lot of special Monopoly editions out these days but I have to say this is one of the most creative. The game concept is unchanged but everything is beautifully customised to the Mr Men and Little Miss theme, including the wonderful little figures you move around the board. I can really see this attracting young players to the game; will be an excellent game to play with the family at Christmas

    8. Ash

      I am a big fan of monopoly board game, and this edition is amazing. It’s the original monopoly rules game amazingly design for Mr Men and little Miss. My daughter and niece enjoyed a love playing the game. Really good quality, design is cute and very well made. Perfect for Christmas, winter games time. Really good.

    9. Sarebear

      My granddaughters are big fans of both Mr. Men and Monopoly, so this combo board game was a real treat. We had an absolute blast playing it together. What’s great about this game is that it’s built on the classic Monopoly gameplay, but with a delightful Mr. Men twist. It adds a whole new level of fun to the game. All in all, the colorful and unique Mr. Men edition of Monopoly kept us thoroughly entertained.

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