Monopoly – Chance

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  • Fast-paced Monopoly Chance board game for 2-4 players
  • Average playing time of 20 minutes
  • Players must test their luck by rolling the die and flipping cards for cash
  • Compete to own properties strategically by placing cards on the board
  • Build the longest skyline to win by placing buildings on owned properties
  • Suitable for adults and children aged 8 years and up
  • No assembly or batteries required
  • Made of cardboard material and in English language
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    Introducing Monopoly – Chance, the ultimate game for all Monopoly fans out there! Get ready to roll the dice, buy properties, and become the ultimate tycoon in this exciting twist on the classic board game.

    In this special edition, the Chance cards take center stage, adding a thrilling element of surprise to every turn. Will you land on a card that brings you fortune and success, or will you face unexpected challenges that could turn the game around? With Monopoly – Chance, every move you make is filled with anticipation and excitement!

    This brilliant gift is perfect for Monopoly enthusiasts who love the thrill of taking risks and making strategic decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned Monopoly player or just starting your board game journey, Monopoly – Chance offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages.

    Gather your friends and family for an epic game night and watch as the competition heats up. Will you be the shrewd negotiator who strikes the best deals, or will you rely on luck to guide your path to victory? With Monopoly – Chance, anything is possible!

    So, if you’re looking for a gift that will bring joy, laughter, and friendly competition to your loved ones, look no further than Monopoly – Chance. It’s the perfect addition to any game collection and guarantees unforgettable moments that will be cherished for years to come. Get ready to roll the dice and let the cards decide your fate in this thrilling twist on a classic favorite!

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    8 reviews for Monopoly – Chance

    1. Onion

      This is even better version of the classic Monopoly game. The game is designed for 2-4 players and takes around 20 minutes to play.
      In this version of Monopoly, players draw Chance cards instead of rolling dice and moving around the board. The cards offer a range of outcomes, from collecting rent from other players to buying and selling properties. The game is won by being the player with the most money at the end of the game.
      One of the advantages of this version of Monopoly is that it is much quicker than the original game, making it perfect for those who want a fun and fast game without committing too much time. The game’s rules are also straightforward and easy to follow, making it accessible to all ages.
      Overall, the Monopoly Chance Board Game is a great option for families or groups of friends who want a quick game of Monopoly. The game offers a fun and exciting twist on the original game, making it a refreshing change for long-time Monopoly fans.

    2. Boggles The Three

      Good game. Have never heard of this one before. Played it with the family and it was a hit.

    3. Bear

      Fun spin on monopoly, rules modified for a quicker game, more suitable for younger kids compared to original game and needs 3 players minimum to make it fun

    4. Elli

      The rules/guide for this game are pretty complex on first impression, really easy to lose interest in the game compared to other monopoly versions where you buy properties and the winner is the one that bankrupts everyone else. Personally I don’t like it nearly as much as standard versions or the custom ones.

      The last one I played and enjoyed was the Secret Vault edition(though I never won at it and it always seemed to be my daughter that got to open the vault)

      Anyway, I can play this monopoly now I’ve learned the rules and will play it with the kids during family nights but it’s honestly a big shuffle in gameplay compared to the norm and effectively makes it no longer monopoly.

    5. michelle tait

      Great for the monopoly fan who doesn’t have much time for the full game

    6. Donna ridings

      I collect monopoly but only the ones that have a twist in the game play and this one does and we all lo e playing it as a family great addition to my collection

    7. A Taylor 96

      The first thing I noticed with this game is how weak the box is. I imagine after repeated use the box will fall apart.

      It took us as a family a while to understand how the game works, we were learning as we went along so it took us over an hour to play. The overall aim of the game is to fill a tray with monopoly houses, and the winner is the person who reaches the marking/end of the tray first. We enjoyed the game generally, and I imagine with familiarly it would be a quick game.

      It’s different to traditional monopoly as you are playing with cards rather than money and physical tokens.

      I also thought that there could have been an improvement with the placement of the buildings in the centre of the game board, as a few times we managed to knock them over which was irritating. Perhaps an improvement would have been a way to secure them to the board.

    8. A Taylor 96

      Originally I thought it is just a smaller version of Monopoly but I am completely wrong. This is a very different concept from the traditional monopoly that I played since I was 6. A faster game, more exciting, and needs lots of luck coz every flip of the card will make my heart start pumping fast. The game is approx 20min each which is a lot shorter than the traditional one but a lot more exciting. Suitable for my family to have a game after meal before everyone goes back to focus on their own work. Anyone in my family can play and it is designed for 2-4 players and ages 8+. It is also a good one to give as a gift.

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