Monopoly – Junion Edition

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  • Monopoly Junior board game for kids
  • Fast and simplified gameplay
  • Kid-friendly locations on the gameboard
  • Engaging family game for counting and collecting Monopoly money
  • 4 fun Monopoly Junior game tokens to choose from
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 and up
  • Perfect for playdates or Family Game Night
  • Multicolor board game with plastic material
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    Introducing Monopoly – Junior Edition, the ultimate board game for all the Monopoly fans out there! Get ready for a fun-filled adventure where you can buy, sell, and trade your way to victory in a kid-friendly version of the classic game.

    Designed specifically for younger players, this Junior Edition brings all the excitement of Monopoly in a simplified and accessible format. The game features adorable tokens like a cute little penguin, a playful puppy, and a friendly T-Rex, making it perfect for kids aged 5 and up.

    With colorful and vibrant game pieces, this edition of Monopoly is not only entertaining but also educational. It helps children develop essential skills such as counting money, making decisions, and strategic thinking. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends, creating lasting memories and laughter-filled moments.

    Whether you’re a Monopoly enthusiast or looking for a gift for a young board game lover, Monopoly – Junior Edition is an absolute must-have. It’s a brilliant gift choice that falls under the categories of family games, educational toys, and classic board games. So, why not surprise your loved ones with this delightful game that guarantees hours of entertainment and friendly competition?

    Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of property buying and deal-making with Monopoly – Junior Edition. It’s time to roll the dice, collect your favorite properties, and become the ultimate tycoon in this exciting world of Monopoly!

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    ‎4.13 x 26.67 x 26.67 cm, 630 Grams

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    ‎2 – 4 players

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    13 reviews for Monopoly – Junion Edition

    1. ilaria

      My son loves it and plays all the time with it. From age 4 and above i would say . Easy instructions

    2. J McLaughlin

      Great version of the big game. Grandkids 5and 7 played for an hour with no fights! Much easier than playing the full version . Fast and fun

    3. ragotin mathieu

      attention jeux en anglais cest précise mais jai pas fais attention

    4. Sarah

      Perfect game kids love it

    5. Lindsay E.

      I was unsure whether to get Junior or adult monopoly for my 7-year old grandson; I am so glad I got this one! The complicated and tedious rules of adult monopoly have been whittled down to a minimum, leaving a game that is easy for a child to understand, reasonably fast, entertaining, and best of all, my grandson is able to win on his own merit, not because adults have bent the rules to allow him. He said it was his best Christmas present.

    6. Marita

      Gioco molto divertente e facile da spiegare ai bambini che lo imparano molto velocemente.
      I miei hanno 5 e 9 anni e ci giochiamo molto volentieri insieme.
      L’unica cosa però da sapere è che è in INGLESE!!!
      Anche le carte della fortuna sono in inglese! Quindi se non si conosce l’inglese, meglio comprare la versione ITALIANA che costa circa 5 euro in più.
      Il prezzo è davvero OTTIMO, ma solo se lo si vuole usare come allenamento per la lingua!

    7. Teegan

      So fun for both kids and adults as has the same concept of monopoly but allows for the children to understand well

    8. martin

      Fun game. 7 year old loves it. 4 year old can play it with some help.

    9. Marita

      En cuanto al juego, lo recomiendo. Fácil de entender para los peques (mi hija tiene 5 años y lo cogió a la primera) y muy entretenido. Prestad atención a la versión que elegis. Yo elegí este en concreto por los muñequitos que venían y me llegó otra versión con otros personajes (ver foto). Disgusto de mi hija porque no venían los animalitos que había elegido!!! Pero a la vez tenía tantas ganas de jugar que se conformó y no quiso devolverlo. Amazon me abonó los 4€ de diferencia de precio. Pero nos hemos quedado con el que no habíamos elegido. Decepción. Caja del juego dañada.

    10. chris

      Youngsters able to enjoy this easy version

    11. Gisella Papa

      Rules are simple for kids to follow and play

    12. Shazza

      Just watching their little faces roll the dice for the first time, knowing it would all end in tears was enough to keep me entertained. It’s much faster to play than the adult version, just as fun, and everyone fell out at the end as expected. Result! Just like the adult version 😂 on a serious note, it’s a great introduction into the more advanced version. My 5 and 7 year old played it with ease once they got the rules which were easy.

    13. Janice C.

      Bought for a 3.5 year old as a step up from Orchard Toys games which have taught using and recognising dice and turn-taking, decided to try now and put away if it transpired to be too complex.

      They love it! Quickly grasped the concept of buying property and enjoyed having their own money and taking the role of banker. Lots of exciting properties to buy like the zoo and ice cream parlour. Game is engaging enough that adults don’t get bored and as it’s over when the first player runs out of money the games aren’t too long.

      Four chunky player pieces and easy cardboard tabs to denote property ownership. Rent doubles if you own two properties of the same colour. No building houses as in the classic version which keeps it simple.

      Only criticism would be the money – it is grey, only printed on one side and is only one denomination. It’s a shame it is not more colourful and varied like the classic game – if children can recognise numbers to play they can deal with higher denominations. Also likely it will wear and become damaged quite quickly.

      Highly recommended.

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