High Altitude Workout Mask


  • Simulates high-altitude training for increased endurance
  • Helps build stamina, lung capacity, and overall performance
  • Made of rugged, durable PP plastic front cover
  • Includes 30 ML deodorizer spray to combat odor and sweat build-up
  • Comes with a hard shell zipper case for storage and travel
  • Suitable for adults, universal size in black color
  • Material type: Polyester with earloop style
  • Specifically designed for running workouts
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    Introducing the High Altitude Workout Mask, the ultimate gift for fitness enthusiasts who are always up for a challenge! This innovative mask takes your workout to new heights, quite literally. Designed to simulate high altitude training, it’s like having your own personal mountain adventure right in your living room.

    Why is this mask a brilliant gift? Well, for starters, it falls under the category of fitness accessories, making it a perfect fit for those who are passionate about staying in shape. Whether they’re into running, cycling, or hitting the gym, this mask will take their workouts to the next level.

    But what exactly does this mask do? By restricting airflow, it forces your body to work harder, just like it would at higher altitudes. This means increased lung capacity, improved endurance, and enhanced overall performance. Plus, it adds an extra element of fun and excitement to any workout routine!

    Not only is the High Altitude Workout Mask effective, but it’s also comfortable to wear. With adjustable straps and a lightweight design, it fits snugly on any face, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. And let’s not forget about the sleek and stylish design that will make anyone feel like a fitness superstar!

    So, if you’re looking for a gift that will truly impress the fitness enthusiast in your life, look no further than the High Altitude Workout Mask. It’s the perfect combination of functionality, innovation, and fun, making it a brilliant choice for anyone who loves to push their limits and reach new heights in their fitness journey. Get ready to take their workouts to the summit!

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    ‎NextGen Workout


    ‎NextGen Workout

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    ‎9 x 15 x 15 cm, 300 Grams


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    7 reviews for High Altitude Workout Mask

    1. Jon

      I purchased and tested my NextGen Elevation Breathing Training Mask: it is High Altitude Workout Mask with 16 Level Air Restriction Running Mask that helps my level of Fitness and Exercise – Oxygen Deprivation Mask helps to strengthen my lung breathing space and Cardio when jogging or practising the martial art/free weight lifting fitness.

      Worth recommended buy

    2. Darrius Brown

      I ordered this device to help prepare my body for a high altitude ski trip in which I would be operating at lower oxygen levels.

      The unit is well packaged, and as comfortable as you might expect for a mask that deprives you of oxygen. The mask is well designed with 10 or 12 settings — more than enough to fine tune the oxygen flow.

      This mask does a good job of throttling air flow — that is what it is designed to do. Wearing this mask will increase the difficulty of your workouts, just like strapping additional weight to your body will do.

      It seems like this mask might be advertised at preparing someone for low oxygen environments. I don’t think it is effective for that purpose. I’ve done a lot of research and think that the only thing which can do THAT is a $2000 unit that actually substitutes nitrogen for oxygen in your air supply (e.g. a tent while you sleep or a whole room unit).

      In the end, I had a great trip — in part because I went to Utah instead of Colorado and stayed below 9000 feet most of the time.

    3. jonathan p bromwich

      Tia mask is fantastic does take a bit of getting use to but it will improve my training. Great product

    4. jonathan p bromwich

      Si serás constante y entrenas te ayudará mucho

    5. Harold D LLoyd

      The High Altitude Training mask has taken my fitness routine to new heights. The adjustable resistance levels allow for a customizable challenge, making every workout more intense and rewarding. The quality is top-notch, and it’s surprisingly comfortable during extended use. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my endurance and stamina. If you’re serious about pushing your limits, this mask is a game-changer!

    6. Daniel Pérez Hernández

      Finally tried this performance mask. Boy does this thing work. Looks good and is of very good quality. Comfortable to and love the fit. I had ordered another kind before this and the camo color didn’t even match the pic let alone I didn’t like the material. Gonna be wearing this bad boy every workout conditioning my cardiovascular one workout at a time. Lungs will become stronger and my breathing will enhance. Nothing like being fit at the core’s. Any workout, I mean any. 4 position levels to increase restriction of air. Added value & filter accessories. Start off @ level one to test your breathing during the course of your workout. Remember the higher the level the less air plus elevation and exertion on the heart will affect you so be careful.

    7. Harold D LLoyd

      El único problema fue que el sobre en dónde llegó venía roto, pero el producto venía en excelentes condiciones.

      Una gran opción para aumentar la dificultad de tus entrenamientos, aunque hay que tener cuidado y seguir las instrucciones del uso de los filtros, necesitas un tiempo de adaptación para usarla sin problemas.

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