101+ Life Saving Medicines & Supplies for Doomsday Preppers: How to Be Medically Prepared in an Extreme SHTF Disaster Situation


  • 101+ life saving medicines and supplies for doomsday preppers
  • How to be medically prepared in an extreme SHTF disaster situation
  • Provides guidance on what medicines and medical supplies to stock up for emergencies
  • Covers proper storage, organization, and safety testing of medical supplies
  • Includes information on expiration dates and how to choose the right items
  • Discusses various categories of medical supplies and their uses
  • Lists specific items for first aid, personal protection, medical equipment, and tools
  • Covers bandage supplies, bleeding/trauma supplies, bone/joint/fracture care, heating/cooling supplies, eye care, dental care, feminine care, and general medications to stockpile
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    Introducing the ultimate guide to surviving the unforeseen chaos in a world thrown into disarray – “101+ Life Saving Medicines & Supplies for Doomsday Preppers: How to Be Medically Prepared in an Extreme SHTF Disaster Situation”.
    In these uncertain times, being prepared for any eventuality becomes paramount. Whether it’s a natural disaster, economic collapse, or even a pandemic, this comprehensive manual serves as an essential resource for doomsday preppers, equipping them with vital knowledge and expert recommendations on life-saving medicines and supplies.
    This invaluable guide goes beyond the basics, delving into the depths of medical preparedness in the face of extreme SHTF (Sh*t Hits the Fan) scenarios. Authored by industry experts, it provides a wealth of information on essential medications, medical equipment, and supplies required to navigate through even the most dire circumstances.
    Inside, readers will find a carefully curated selection of 101+ life-saving medicines and supplies, meticulously categorized and explained. From antibiotics and pain relievers to wound dressings and first-aid tools, every item listed is explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms, ensuring even those with limited medical knowledge can make informed decisions when stocking their survival kits.
    This indispensable manual also covers topics such as storage and rotation of medicines, maintaining hygiene, alternative remedies, and emergency techniques. With step-by-step instructions, it empowers doomsday preppers with the necessary skills to handle medical emergencies effectively, often without access to professional assistance.
    Whether you are new to the world of prepping or a seasoned survivalist, “101+ Life Saving Medicines & Supplies for Doomsday Preppers” is a must-have resource that could make all the difference when the unthinkable occurs. Don’t leave your medical preparedness to chance – arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to survive and thrive in even the most extreme SHTF disaster situations.

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    5 reviews for 101+ Life Saving Medicines & Supplies for Doomsday Preppers: How to Be Medically Prepared in an Extreme SHTF Disaster Situation

    1. Anna

      I have seen a lot of information out there about prepping, but generally, the focus is on food and supplies. This book focuses on an equally important aspect of preparation—medicine and supplies. Imagine not having those ready when needed? Author Henry Holcomb offers excellent tips and advice on everything from proper labeling, storage, inventory, and expiration dates. He also provides suggestions on eye care, dental care, and feminine care, as well as information about vitamins, minerals, and supplements. He also explains the importance of medical supplies, such as compression bandages, and details what they can be used for and how to use them. He also considers medical issues such as staying warm should an event trigger power loss. With someone who is sick or elderly, staying warm is of utmost importance. Many have specific medical needs that must be considered and prepared for every day and, especially, in the event of an emergency. This book helps ensure that nothing is forgotten, and everything is considered—all in an easy-to-read format.

    2. Melanie Spencer

      I would say this is a very extensive list of what medical supplies one would or might need in a SHTF situation. The brief overview of each item is enough to understand the main function of the item and help you decide if you should include it in your medical kit. The author doesn’t push you to buy every single medical supply item there is but makes suggestions if you want to broaden your personal supply to cover items that would be helpful in assisting other people in the event of a disaster. It gave me a lot to think about and I found myself going through my own supplies to see what I was really lacking in, which was a lot. I’ve already ordered a batch of supplies to fill in my spaces and will be adding to this over the next months.

      The only thing I would have added to the book to make it better would be some small illustrations of certain items, for example, I had some trouble picturing the syringes he was writing about. Illustrations would have helped a lot.

      Overall it’s a good book to make sure your medical kit is stocked with the items that you would personally need in a SHTF situation. Definitely worth the cover price of the ebook.

    3. Alexandra Pauley

      The first thing the book, 101+ Life Saving Medicines & Supplies for Doomsday Preppers: How to Be Medically Prepared in an Extreme SHTF Disaster Situation, does, is to bring to your attention, a scenario which the average person has likely never thought of (including yours truly). But he brings it up as a matter of fact, rather than creating a position of fear. And it made me wonder- could I perform some sort of basic medical feat, should medical care become unavailable? Holcomb gave me the confidence to say, “Yes, I believe I could!”

      Inside these pages is a comprehensive list of items which, if faced with an emergency, would allow anyone to aid in basic, if not somewhat more advanced, medical care. And while no one can prepare for all contingencies, this book strokes a broad brush across likely scenarios, in the unlikely event of a natural disaster, or other emergency situation.

      From logical prepper items, such as bandages, ointments, and compression bandages, to items which may have been overlooked, like prescription medication, medical tools, or crutches, Holcomb lays out the list in layman’s terms, while giving a brief description of each recommended item. For the average person, this book gives an excellent start for those looking to prepare for the unpredictable.

      Alexandra- author of “Bottoms Up”

    4. connor morris

      I think everyone should read this book. Especially if you have family that you love and care about. This book shows you how to stay alive. Knowing which supplies to have and why is really nice. There are more creative ideas and devices in this book than I thought imaginable. I would highly recommend getting this book to learn more about life. I used to watch doomsday preppers, this book taught me way more about prepping than that show. 5 stars!

    5. M. Penny Shelton

      This worst case scenario book will teach you how to have a three-day-supply emergency kit to prepare for Doomsday. Construct a first-aid kit with a hospital’s supply of gear for any situation that should arise, from bug bite to laceration, and common drugs to have on hand… Learn to store supplies and check your inventory on a regular basis. Are you prepared for that natural disaster or lockdown? This informative book will teach you how.

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