Mini Massage Cushion


  • Well Being Mini Massage Cushion for a soothing and relaxing experience
  • Features smooth and gentle massage with optional heat function
  • Contains four pressure points for targeted massage
  • Compact size: approximately 30 x 14 x 8 cm
  • Comes with a mains adaptor plug and elastic strap for easy use on chairs
  • Product weight: 1.48 g, making it lightweight and easily portable
  • Manufactured by The Source Wholesale in China
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    Introducing the Mini Massage Cushion, the perfect gift for daughters and mums alike! This little wonder is designed to bring relaxation and comfort to anyone in need of a soothing massage.

    With its compact size and portable design, the Mini Massage Cushion is a versatile companion that can be used at home, in the office, or even on the go. It fits perfectly on any chair or sofa, making it ideal for those long hours spent working or studying.

    But what sets this cushion apart is its incredible massage capabilities. Equipped with innovative technology, it offers a variety of massage modes and intensity levels to cater to individual preferences. From gentle kneading to invigorating vibrations, this cushion has it all!

    Not only does the Mini Massage Cushion provide a blissful massage experience, but it also offers numerous health benefits. It helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. Who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of relaxation and well-being?

    Whether you’re looking to surprise your hardworking daughter or treat your amazing mum, the Mini Massage Cushion is the perfect choice. It falls under the category of thoughtful gifts that show you care about their well-being. So why wait? Give the gift of relaxation and make their day extra special with this brilliant Mini Massage Cushion!

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    ‎1.48 g


    ‎1480.0 gram


    ‎The Source Wholesale

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    11 reviews for Mini Massage Cushion


      I am so glad I purchased this item. It works a treat on my back. I use it 10 minutes on each area of my back, moving it down gradually. So starting from the lower part of my neck and working my way down until I’m on the lowest part nearest my waist and it really makes the world of difference to the pain I was having. The balls rotate as if someone is using the ball of their palm and their fist so it mimics the real deal. Definitely recommend 👌👍

    2. Leiyah Relah

      Relaxes muscles. You have to get the pressure right, if you lean too hard on it, you might find it uncomfortable. With the right pressure, this is very good

    3. Amazon Customer

      Fantastic massage cushion, I’ve tried several over the years but this one works a treat, really pummels the knots in your back and works to release the tension. It’s cheaper than a visit to a pro and has saved me so much time and money as often if you act fast you can stop your back from getting worse whereas you often can’t get an appointment with a pro for about 1-2 days. Makes a massive difference.

    4. k.s

      I purchased the cushion for my lower back & hip pain. It is a very firm massage cushion.
      I have felt it helps to relax the muscles.
      I use this on my shoulders too.
      For the price I think it’s worth trying out.
      My husband tried it on his back but thought it was too firm.

    5. Mohammed afsar

      Great product, works really well. Would be better if it was a little larger.
      I was also disappointed that the product got delivered in original packaging and not blank packaging. It was intended for a Christmas present, so the box arrived a little tatty due to the bad weather, having the sticker with my name and address on the box wasn’t ideal to give to someone, and the recipent of the gift actually was the one who was in at the time to receive the parcel…if it was in blank packaging they would have more of a surprise on Christmas

    6. Sandra

      Vielleicht war mein Gerät kaputt. Es gab weder Massage noch Wärme.
      Leider musste ich das Gerät zurück schicken.

    7. Emma

      Produkten levererades för Brittiska uttag (och är därför oanvändbar hemma). Adapter för bilen följde med.


      Good deep massage, best relief after a hard session at the gym. You can use all over back legs arm ti get the notts out. you wont be dissapointed.

    9. Ellie

      This is small but powerful.

      Lightweight and easy to use.
      Great for putting exactly where you need it. I have another similar one that is much bigger. The other has great o agree different levels of massage.

      But I prefer this one. It’s so much more practical and does the job, really working out the stress and the knots in the muscles. Just what I needed. 👍🏼

    10. Tomas Nilsson

      Lo volvería comprar

    11. Mrs Lodge

      This massager is perfect for backaches especially for the spine and muscles close to it just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s no good give it a go when you strap it to chair lean onto it so it massages deep into the muscles it receives pain tension knots can be used on any body part

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