Become a Laird Or Lady


  • Gift allows you to ‘own’ one square foot of land at Dunans Castle
  • Grants the title of Laird or Lady
  • Includes a land ownership certificate
  • Receives a Proof of Title card with Laird-based perks
  • Brand: Gift Republic
  • Model Number: GR100008
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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    Introducing the ultimate gift for those who deserve a touch of nobility and a sprinkle of whimsy: Become a Laird or Lady! This extraordinary experience allows you to step into the shoes of Scottish nobility and own a piece of land in the stunning Scottish Highlands.

    Retirement gifts, for dads, for friends, for grandparents, for husbands, for mums, for wives – this gift is perfect for anyone who dreams of being addressed as “Laird” or “Lady.” Imagine the look on their face as they receive an official title and become part of an ancient Scottish tradition. It’s a gift that will make them feel truly special and cherished.

    Not only will they receive a personalized certificate, but they’ll also become the proud owners of a square foot of land on a beautiful Scottish estate. They can proudly display their title and show off their land to friends and family. And the best part? They’ll have the opportunity to visit their estate and explore the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

    Whether it’s for retirement, a special occasion, or just to bring a smile to their face, becoming a Laird or Lady is a gift that will create memories to last a lifetime. So why not give the gift of nobility and let your loved ones experience the joy of owning a piece of Scotland? It’s time to make their dreams come true and let them embrace their inner Laird or Lady!

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    ‎2.54 x 16.51 x 22.61 cm, 250 g


    ‎Stainless Steel

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    ‎250 g

    13 reviews for Become a Laird Or Lady

    1. Saucy

      I think this is an amazing gift for someone. I got this for chirstmas last year and just was tickled pink. Its a unique gift for anyone who enjoys a good fairytail or loves the stories of knights and princesses, lards and ladys. Its a yiny peice of history your contributing to keep around, to be restored for years to come, so more will see and enjoy and know of the castles of the past. I really love mine, and i got one for my hubby so we an be a lard and lady together..😁

    2. jonathan

      Got this as a gift for my other half and she loved it. Easy to understand instructions for how to register the gift, and a lovely presentation tin with the information sheets in

    3. cryteria

      Gave to my husband at Christmas. He was so excited to become a “Laird” and claim 1 sq ft of land in the castle grounds that we’re planning a trip there in 2025. Bought 2 more for family. Unique gift for sure.

    4. Leah

      bought two as gifts. they loved them. great gift and you can use the title on driving licence or bank card

    5. karen whattam

      This is a brilliant gift to any member of the family or friends. However, when I received the first gift box, all I received was a empty tin, and the large cardboard envelope it was in, had been tampered with. !!, I got straight onto amazon, another one was despatched, which was all ok, and my father absolutely loved it !!

    6. Rosario Ruiz

      Compré este producto y a la hora de quererlo registrar me dice que no se puede por que ya fue usado el código, no lo compren

    7. Laird Sky

      Its a rather fun, dapper idea. My wife originally bought me this gift and I thought I would return the gesture. What does the gift consist of? A souvenir plot of land (a micro estate) on the ancient grounds of Castle Dunans, also proceeds go toward the gradual rebuild of the castle and the upkeep of the grounds. I gather there is some chunter on the internet that these feudal titles are a con……well all I can say is that when I presented my title deeds to my bank and credit card company they changed my title from ‘Mr’ to ‘Laird’ on all my bank cards. I thought that was rather splendid. I also see that Lairds & Ladies of Dunans are permitted to wear an exclusive tartan too. All in all I thought this was a good gift, a fun gift for those enjoy something that little bit different.

    8. Nicole

      Love this gift set! Being a Scottish landowner may not mean much, but this gift set really makes it fun.
      It’s simple to register your set and receive your information to verify you laird/lady status. The information about Dunans Estates is very interesting and made me excited to be a part of the restoration process.
      I would definitely recommend as a unique gift for your friends.

    9. jc

      I liked the product it is different to what is shown on the front. It is a different castle

    10. Laura elkin

      Loved it, brilliant little box, kept the recipient quiet for a good 30 minutes reading through the contents. Wonderful pictures included,map of the area & history of the land, would definitely get another, brilliant value!

    11. Dolly Sparkle

      In these days of Downton Abbey, what better present is there than the opportunity to call yourself Lord / Laird / Lady? I bought this originally for my sister in law who is half Scottish but apparently the family consensus is that she wouldn’t like it (?!?!) so I am going to gift it to a far more appreciative person who is going to be marrying a man of Scottish decent very soon. She will love it!

      Also a great way to conserve the landscape and preserve the past. A very worthwhile gift if nothing else.

    12. Tubz

      Was a bit of a hassle to get sorted and was worrying too since when it arrived it said it was out of date but it did still work in the end anyway. Went down great as a gift and the recipient is planning on doing the visit to her plot of land too 😅 brilliant!

    13. Bee

      Als Geschenk für den Freund gekauft der hat sich sehr gefreut. Man muss sich für Anmelden und bekommt nochwas per post. auf Vat19 gibt es ein genaueres und witziges Video dazu.

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