Scythe | Board Game

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  • Competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period
  • Players have almost complete control over their fate
  • Streamlined action-selection mechanism for brisk gameplay
  • Time of farming, war, innovation, and valor
  • Characters from five factions compete for land in Eastern Europa
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 10.16 x 37.01 cm; 3.29 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 14 – 18 years
  • Number of Game Players: 1 to 5 Players
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    Introducing Scythe, the ultimate board game for all the strategy-loving enthusiasts out there! Get ready to embark on an epic journey set in an alternate history 1920s Europe, where you’ll compete to conquer territories and build an empire like never before.

    This captivating game combines elements of resource management, area control, and strategic planning, making it a must-have for any board game fan. With its stunning artwork and intricately designed game pieces, Scythe will transport you to a world filled with intrigue and excitement.

    As you navigate through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from five unique factions, each with their own special abilities and play styles. Whether you prefer to dominate through military might or focus on technological advancements, Scythe offers endless possibilities and strategic depth.

    What sets Scythe apart is its seamless integration of gameplay mechanics and its ability to immerse players in a rich and immersive world. The combination of stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and strategic decision-making makes Scythe a brilliant gift for any board game enthusiast.

    So, if you’re looking to surprise your favorite board game fan with a gift that will provide hours of entertainment and challenge their strategic thinking, look no further than Scythe. Get ready to conquer, build, and strategize your way to victory in this thrilling and visually stunning board game.

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎30 x 10.16 x 37.01 cm, 3.29 Kilograms

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    Number of Game Players

    ‎1 to 5 Players

    Number of pieces


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    Material Types

    ‎Multiple Materials

    Remote Control Included



    ‎One Colour

    Release date

    ‎1 Jan. 2023


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    11 reviews for Scythe | Board Game

    1. Hewes_This_Girl

      O jogo é maravilhoso de bonito, super bem acabado, veio em perfeito estado!

    2. stavros

      I already own Wingspan so was super eager to invest in more Stonemaier games, and this was on my wish list for a while. It was an excellent purchase.

      The artwork is stunning, the board and all the cards are exceptional quality/feel. You are paying for the brand and the quality.

      It’s not easy to learn- had to watch a couple of YouTube videos along the way as sometimes the instructions were heavy going/hard to visualise or understand what was meant to occur. But after the 2nd play through it suddenly clicked and became more enjoyable rather than a scramble of un-knowingness.

      The turn structure is similar to wingspan so if you have already played this- it will be easier to pick up and learn. I love the character variations and different abilities and the ways in which you can play the game. Looking forward to purchasing some expansions to add more depth to the game.

      Also: don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of items/cards/meeples you have to set up the game. It looks a lot but it is easy to pick up and learn what goes where.

    3. Mr MacDoogle

      On first appearance the game may appear quite complicated but this is where YouTube is your best friend! You can watch an hour long tutorial how to play the game and it is very informative and you pick it up well! Definitely good for single player and the cards which the notes the opponent are very unforgiving and make it a challenge! Very enjoyable, the pieces are all wooden and the cards and coins are cardboard, good quality as well so very environmental considerate! Picked it up on sale for about £50 and is well worth it, the attention to detail is great

    4. Hewes_This_Girl

      *Disclaimer: I have only played this once so far*

      Initial impressions are that this is a great game, we played as 3 people, all keen board gamers and found it really engaging. A bit like Mah Jong the set-up and rules took a while to sort out first time around but once you get started the complex looking set-up is actually nicely intuitive and follows a logical order.

      The design of the board feels like an amalgamation of Catan, 7 Wonders and Risk; all pretty strong games! The pieces of my (standard) version are plastic but feel substantial enough not to detract from the fact it isn’t the metal collectors edition (these more specialist pieces can be bought separately). There are piece for up to 5 players, with 7 factions actually allowed on the board, this will presumably allow for expansion in the future if needed.

      Each faction has their own special ability, with a randomly assigned second player board giving even more replayability. I feel with more games under our belts we’ll really get into the different strategies you can employ to get the most out of the design (and win of course).

      Overall I’m looking forward to playing this again as it feels like there are so many ways to play and different iterations with the different factions.

    5. Carlos Romero

      Not that any particular playthrough of Scythe will be the same, but if you play every week or so with your friends, it starts to feel a little stale.

      With this Modular board, it creates a different layout each time, making each game feel different and exciting! The only thing that could make this better is if it came with one or two more modular tiles so there could be more potential layouts, or if there were completely different layouts on both sides to make each game more unique.

    6. Lerxstfan

      This game took about an hour to set up and learn to play. Once we had learned the rules and how to play, it was brilliant fun.

    7. Mr MacDoogle

      First of all, I’m a 58 year old Modeller/Wargamer, in the past playing 20mm WW2, D&D and later Warhammer fantasy when the kids got older (I also had Steve Jackson’s original edition of OGRE, long lost during house moves).

      In the last 10 or so years I have gotten back into gaming, Axis and Allies Naval and Air Miniatures, X-Wing Miniatures. Also Munchkin, which my wife loves!

      So what made me buy this game? Well, obviously the production is superb, Jakub Rozalski’s artwork is stunning. I like the ‘alternative’ history style of setting for the game, and the fact it had a set of rules for solo play. It is worth looking at ‘Lines42’ Automa tutorial on YouTube, as well as his tutorial for the game itself.
      First thing you notice is the box is hefty, full to the brim of quality components. Unwrapping all the card and unpunching all the counters takes a while. The playing Board is good quality and warp free, always a good sign.
      This game at first seems very complicated, but it’s not, just very involved, with a lot of aspects to the play. It takes a while to set up, even in ‘Solo mode’, but once you pick through the various rules it plays fairly quickly, but it does take time to remember EVERYTHING you have to resolve and be aware of, whilst playing.
      I won’t go into the gameplay because there are a wealth of videos online. I’m just going to say that, once you pick up the movement rules for the ‘Automa’ player (that is, your game driven opponent) this is a satisfying game, even though I haven’t beaten it yet, and that’s on the easy setting! Tactics and strategy is the key here, something I have yet to master, but this game will entertain those who only play once in a while and appreciate quality. Buy it.

    8. Ally Hope

      First play was cumbersome as there is a lot to think about but now its our “go to” game. You really have no idea who’s won until the very end. Brilliant

    9. Rodrigo

      Lo compré con mi exnovia hace unos años. Me encantó, es un gran juego para los amantes de la estrategia y las mecánicas más complejas de lo convencional. Toma tiempo aprender, pero vale la pena. Además, la calidad de todas las piezas, cartas y tablero es increíble.

      Ya no lo tengo, mi exnovia se lo quedó. Extraño más este juego que los recuerdos con ella.

      24 de Diciembre 2023

    10. George

      O impacto no jogo é enorme, todo jogo se torna diferente, juntando com todas as expansões ficou magnífico. (No caso ainda falta a dos fenris). Recomendo compre scythe e recomende para as pessoas, esse jogo merece continuar expandindo.

    11. Muriana

      Overall this game is great! I’ve had a lot of fun and has lots of replay ability for sure. A little expensive when you get into expansion etc, but I think it’s worth it. Not too hard to learn either. only thing is I would 100% recommend getting an organizer for the box and there is A LOT of pieces. Also be careful opening the container that holds the resources as they are tight and slightly elastic so will fling pieces everywhere if you’re not careful

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