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  • Classic word-forming board game for adults and kids
  • Object is to earn the highest score by spelling words in a crossword style
  • Each player starts with seven letter tiles
  • Scores are based on letter values and premium squares on the grid
  • Improves vocabulary as players are introduced to new words
  • Includes game board, 120 letter tiles, racks, letter bag, and instructions
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 36.8 x 26.8 cm; 639.57 grams
  • Recommended age: 10 years and up
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    Looking for a gift that will spellbind your favorite board game fan? Look no further than Scrabble, the ultimate wordplay extravaganza! This classic game has been captivating word enthusiasts for decades, and it’s time to unleash the lexical genius within.

    Scrabble is the perfect gift for board game fans who love to exercise their mental muscles. With its clever combination of strategy and vocabulary, it’s a brain-teasing adventure that will keep players on their toes. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just starting to explore the world of language, Scrabble offers endless hours of entertainment and friendly competition.

    Imagine the excitement as players strategically place their letter tiles on the board, creating words and racking up points. It’s a battle of wits and words, where every move counts. With each turn, players must think strategically, considering not only the words they can form but also the opportunities to block their opponents. It’s a game that challenges your linguistic prowess while keeping you engaged and entertained.

    Scrabble is not just a game; it’s a gateway to endless fun and laughter. Gather your friends and family around the table, and let the wordplay begin! Whether you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, sharpen your spelling skills, or simply enjoy a lively game night, Scrabble is the perfect choice.

    So, why wait? Give the gift of wordy wonder with Scrabble, and watch as your loved ones embark on an unforgettable linguistic adventure. Get ready to spell, strategize, and score big – it’s time to unleash the wordsmith within!

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎4.6 x 36.8 x 26.8 cm, 639.57 Grams

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    ‎2 to 4

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    ‎Scrabble 75th


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    13 reviews for Scrabble

    1. wran

      I was concerned that wooden pieces would be better than plastic ones however the plastic pieces are fine in this set set and I have no worries at all about the quality of the board. It is absolutely fine for having a family game of Scrabble.

    2. Manolo

      Bellissimo gioco da giocare sia in coppia che con gli amici, buon passatempo

    3. Miss M.

      Classic game, good quality as per usual from Mattel products. Interactive scoring board is really handy too! Daughter loves it. Keeps us entertained (7 yo) for at least an hour.

    4. Jenoftheglen

      What’s to say, it’s a great board game, good quality and great fun.

    5. D. Hayes

      Great game and a classic.

      Bear in mind, there’s no score pad included and the Scrabble Companion app isn’t compatible with every phone. It’s not available for my hubby’s Honor and will only work on iOS 16 and above, so I can’t download it either. Feels a bit unfair.

      Still a great price!

    6. Amazon Customer

      This is an original Scrabble game by Mattel and not a poor quality imitation. I would have given 5 stars had the packaging been better, I had to return two as they arrived damaged!

    7. Haki F.


    8. Ed

      Classic game and great value at this price. Don’t expect a premium feel as this is the cheaper version. There are more expensive versions available with more bells and whistles. We purchased this base model to see if we liked it and will potentially upgrade to a more premium version in time. Main features we miss is a grid that holds the letters in place when on the board, but wouldn’t expect that at this price.

    9. Mr. M. Sherriff

      Our last Scrabble game disintegrated, so we had to seek replacement. Looks good and better than our old one.

    10. All my family members play this. Good quality fun game

      A great family game

    11. Jean- Pierre Ingold

      Loisirs. Excellente présentation.

    12. Familia Pombalina

      El tradicional juego de “palabras cruzadas” que permite pasar un rato divertido entre exprimir el cerebro y descubrir nuevos términos de nuestro idioma, en una edición comercial clásica, esta vez orientada al idioma francés…

      La caja tiene la medida tradicional de Mattel y los juegos básicos de 36,5 x 26,5 cm., poco más de 4 cm. de alto, todavía viene retractilada con plástico y sobra embalaje para el contenido, algo que deberían revisar en nuevas ediciones…
      Tablero de cartón resistente de poco menos de 36 x 36 cm., las letras son fichas plásticas robustas de 20 x 20 mm., soportes plásticos para 7 letras y una bolsita de tela para guardar los “azulejos”.
      En general me ha gustado la calidad de las piezas, quizás estaría mejor algún componente en madera, pero es cómodo jugar y las fichas son estables en las casillas.

      Esta versión está diseñada para el francés, con 102 fichas en las siguientes cantidades:
      _ 0 puntos: 2 comodines sin letra
      _ 1 punto: E-15, A-9, I-8, N-6, O-6, R-6, S-6, T-6, U-6, L-5
      _ 2 puntos: D-3, G-2, M-3
      _ 3 puntos: B-2, C-2, P-2
      _ 4 puntos: F-2, H-2, V-2
      _ 8 puntos: J-1, Q-1
      _ 10 puntos: K-1, W-1, X-1, Y-1, Z-1
      Como los signos diacríticos, no están contemplados en “scrabble” por ser un juego de origen sajón, en la versión francesa tampoco hay la letra “ç”, algo bastante extraño, ya que en la portuguesa si tiene la cedilla y en castellano tiene la “ñ”…

      En resumen, un juego muy interesante para familias y grupos de amigos que quieran pasar un rato divertido e intenso, siempre con buen humor y muchas ganas de aprender, una compra recomendada aún más con las grandes promociones que ocurren aquí…

      Un saludo a los atletas de los juegos de mesa…

    13. Familia Pombalina

      Very nice and well made game

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