Krups The SUB Compact


  • THE SUB Compact Black UK is a home draught beer tap system by Krups
  • Compatible with a variety of beer brands like Heineken, Birra Moretti, and Tiger
  • Chills beer to 2°C and keeps it fresh for up to 15 days
  • Indicator light may stay red in room temperatures above 30°C
  • Product dimensions: 453 x 190 x 383mm, Weight: 4.45kg, Capacity: 2 litres, Color: Black
  • Care instructions: Wipe with dry cloth
  • No assembly or batteries required
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    Introducing the Krups The SUB Compact, the ultimate gift for beer lovers! This sleek and stylish beer dispenser is a game-changer for any beer enthusiast. With its compact design, it fits perfectly in any kitchen, man cave, or backyard BBQ setup.

    The SUB Compact brings the pub experience right to your home. Imagine having your very own mini bar, complete with a wide selection of perfectly chilled beers on tap. Whether you prefer a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA, or a smooth stout, The SUB Compact has got you covered. It’s like having your own personal bartender, ready to pour you a refreshing pint whenever you desire.

    This brilliant gift is a must-have for beer lovers who appreciate the art of pouring a perfect pint. The SUB Compact not only keeps your beer at the ideal temperature but also ensures a creamy and frothy head with every pour. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite brews in the comfort of your own home.

    With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use cartridges, The SUB Compact makes enjoying a cold one a breeze. Simply load your favorite beer cartridge, adjust the temperature to your liking, and let the magic happen. It’s the perfect addition to any beer lover’s collection, allowing them to explore a wide range of flavors and styles from around the world.

    So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can surprise your beer-loving friends or family members with The SUB Compact? It’s the ultimate gift that will elevate their beer-drinking experience to a whole new level. Cheers to that!

    Additional information

    Product Dimensions

    ‎2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm, 5.24 kg

    Care instructions

    ‎Wipe with Dry Cloth

    Is assembly required


    Batteries required


    8 reviews for Krups The SUB Compact

    1. Amazon Customer

      It pours like a proper pub beer but you do have to wait for a few hours until it’s ready (until the green light comes on) and you only get 4 pints out of each beer barrel – they cost between £8 & £20 for a barrel, so it does work out quite expensive, but my husband likes it.

    2. John Hippisley

      Product is fantastic. Pours a perfect pint everytime. At first when I put it on and installed the torp it made a loud buzzing noise every few seconds. This continued for almost 20 hours, but after that it has been fine and only makes a slight buzz when you’re pouring. Get just under 4 pints from each torp aswell which is good. Top product

    3. steggy1

      Excellent! Simple to use and delivers very cold draught beer. Choice of beer mini kegs is fairly broad.

    4. Kunjal Dave

      Very happy with the purchase. Was a bit skeptical reading some of the negative reviews , but I have been pleasantly surprised with the great pour pint after pint ! It takes a while for the green light to come up in the first instance, but cheat is to keep the torp in the freezer for an hour or so! And then when pouring make sure you hold the glass a bit tilted, very close to the tap and pull the lever quickly…Guaranteed good pour. All in all a great buy and luckily also got a beer day discount.

    5. John Hippisley

      It’s rare for me to buy something that I have used every day without fail since purchase, but this is one rare find. If you like beer at home, then this is a very good alternative to the perfect draft system. Simple to use, plug and go technology. Chill your Torps before you place them into the machine, and hey presto you are ready to go. I took up home drinking during lockdown, and will never go back to the pub now, this is such god value, plus with the selection of beers you can get from Beerwulf, you’ll be so glad you chose one. Perfect beer every time and chilled to perfection.

    6. Narkosläkare

      It’s great fun, and there’s a fairly wide range of Torp beers to go with it, from
      Stick to the dozen or so Torps that are reasonably-priced, as some of the brews are rather expensive, at more than £4.50 a pint, which isn’t cheap home drinking.
      My only criticism of the Sub itself, is that it struggles to maintain its operating temperature, in ambient temperatures greater than 25C.
      May 2021: I’ve had it for two years, and the novelty of over-paying for beer has worn off (rather like inkjet printer cartridges). The 2-litre Torps are simply too expensive, and availability is often very patchy. I have no argument with the Sub itself. It now makes an excellent mini-fridge for a bottle of beer, in the man-cave.

    7. Jamie

      Very nice good quality beer dispencer beers just like the pub very easy to use . Hope the beer gets cheaper and easier to get

    8. Minto clan

      This is great fun for a party and a nice alternative to going to the local! The Torps hold 4 pints and chill the beer to perfection – lots of variety to choose from too – lagers, ciders, IPA’s. It’s easy to pull a pint – just check out the You Tube videos and with a little practice you’ll be on to a winner. Compact size fits nicely into the kitchen as well. Get one!

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