Savisto Wine Aerator


  • Savisto Wine Aerator with built-in filter
  • Promotes better tasting wine in less time
  • Expedites wine breathing process
  • Breaks down tannins for better bouquet and enhanced flavor
  • Removable mesh filter eliminates sediment residue
  • Product dimensions: 14.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Comes with a display stand
  • Color: Black
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    The Savisto Wine Aerator is the ultimate accessory for every wine enthusiast. This sleek black acrylic wine breather, pourer, and filter will revolutionize the way you enjoy your favorite wines.
    Designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of your wine, this wine aerator injects air directly into the wine as you pour, allowing it to breathe and helping to release its full potential. The result is a smoother, more mellow taste that will impress even the most discerning wine connoisseur.
    With its easy-to-use design, simply attach the Savisto Wine Aerator to the bottle, and watch as your wine is instantly transformed. The built-in filter ensures that any sediment or impurities are removed, giving you a crystal-clear pour every time.
    To make storage and display a breeze, this wine aerator also comes with a stylish display stand. This stand not only adds a touch of elegance to your wine collection, but also keeps the aerator organized and easily accessible for your next wine night.
    The Savisto Wine Aerator is made from high-quality, durable acrylic that is built to last. Its lightweight and compact design make it the perfect companion for wine parties, picnics, or any occasion where a good glass of wine is a must.
    Take your wine drinking experience to the next level with the Savisto Wine Aerator. Whether you are a casual wine lover or a dedicated oenophile, this innovative accessory will unlock the true potential of your favorite bottles. Cheers to great wine!

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    13 reviews for Savisto Wine Aerator

    1. Sonia

      Makes a huge difference to the taste of wine. Really does exactly what it says on the box. Love it.

    2. CARMEN

      Muy bien, buen material. Bien envuelto, para regalar.

    3. H P

      Bought as a stocking filler for husband. Wasn’t expecting much in way of results, more a bit of fun. But we were both very impressed at the affect it has on wine. Tried taste of a £8 bottle of red. Then tried after pouring through air stir. The difference was very noticeable. Wine was smoother, and more open flavour. Good little investment. Now every bottle we do the pre/post test.

    4. Mario Franco

      Non potrei bere più senza Savisto. Ottimo come idea regalo, sapore e ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo.

    5. Ralf Nickel

      Ich habe wesentlich teuere Belüfter probiert.
      Dieser ist Spitzenklasse. Funktion und Verarbeitung, vor allem Preis stimmen völlig. Hätte ich gewusst wie genial und hochwertig der Savisto ist, ich hätte auch 50 Euro bezahlt, hier stimmt wirklich alles.

    6. sigane

      It arrived today after ordering yesterday. Beautifully packaged, nice materials, well made and easy instructions.
      Not yet 100% sure it makes a lot of difference, but I love the whole thing, the aesthetics, pouring the wine through it, the sound it makes and all for a very good price.
      I think it would make a great present.

    7. James Rance

      Good quality product that does the job. I made a comment to someone at a charity luncheon regarding the pain getting the dregs out of older wines and they recommended the wine aerator as it improves the taste of the wine and collects any bits or cork that might be floating about! Ordered it at the table and it was delivered the next day.

    8. MB

      Mejora los matices del vino.

    9. Padavi

      I have now bought three of these for family members and red wine drinkers swear by them.

    10. light reader

      If you have no time to decant and breath your wine this does a good job. Good gift for wine lovers who travel.

    11. B. Nicolas

      Offert à mon père retraité, il a été bluffé du résultat, parfait pour rendre plus doux ses vins piquant de la coop lol

    12. Lulu

      I must admit I was a bit sceptical about this, but it really does make a difference! It comes well packaged and in a nice box. Also it has a storage bag and a stand. Best to make sure the wine is at the right temperature first, and you simply pour it through. We did a taste test, and even with a fairly ordinary supermarket wine, it made it better. With a more expensive wine, it seemed to make more difference. It seems to develop the flavour. I recommend it and it makes a great gift!

    13. helen black

      aerating red wine

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