The GCHZ Puzzle Book

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  • The product is called “The GCHQ Puzzle Book
  • It is perfect for anyone who enjoys challenging puzzles
  • The book was published by Michael Joseph on October 20, 2016, and is the UK edition
  • It is written in English and has 368 pages
  • The book is available in paperback format
  • The ISBN-10 is 0718185544 and the ISBN-13 is 978-0718185541
  • The dimensions of the book are 15.24 x 3.05 x 23.5 cm
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The GCHQ Puzzle Book is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys a mind-bending challenge. Packed with 368 pages of brain-teasing puzzles, this book will put your problem-solving skills to the test. From logical reasoning to code-breaking, each puzzle has been carefully designed to provide a satisfying and challenging experience.
Published by Michael Joseph, this UK edition is filled with puzzles that have been inspired by the intelligence agency GCHQ. With their expertise in cryptography and intelligence gathering, you can expect nothing less than the most intriguing and stimulating puzzles.
The paperback format makes it easy to carry this puzzle book with you wherever you go. Whether you’re travelling, waiting for an appointment, or simply relaxing at home, you can immerse yourself in hours of captivating puzzles.
The GCHQ Puzzle Book features a range of difficulty levels, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner looking to sharpen your thinking skills or an experienced puzzler seeking a new challenge, you’ll find hours of entertainment within these pages.
With its dimensions of 15.24 x 3.05 x 23.5 cm, this book is compact yet packed with hours of brain-teasing fun. It’s the perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good headscratcher.
Challenge yourself and dive into the world of puzzles with The GCHQ Puzzle Book. It’s time to put your skills to the test and unlock the secrets within these pages.

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Michael Joseph, UK ed. edition (20 Oct. 2016)




368 pages






15.24 x 3.05 x 23.5 cm


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13 reviews for The GCHZ Puzzle Book

  1. Dj Graham J

    An absolute must for any puzzle solvers & code breakers out there! You actually feel like you are a spook! Self satisfaction after completing tasks )

  2. Colin Green

    Bought as a birthday present and the birthday boy was very pleased.

  3. rohini

    Good book for a mind exercise

  4. SG

    The book is an absolute must for puzzle loving people. It is guaranteed to keep you hooked with the huge numbers of puzzles to play with.

    The book consist of a large number of questions, puzzles and problems that range in its difficulty of being very easy to near impossible! Indeed, in some puzzles you are highly tempted to glance at the hints or even solutions that has been generously added in the back of the book.

    If you have a good eye for detecting hidden patterns, then it wont take a much effort at cracking the questions. Else be prepared to have lots of classic paper + pencil efforts with a good help of the internet to research about your ideas that may ultimately lead to solving the question

    Overall its a challenging, fun and engaging book that is worthwhile to have.

  5. Philip

    If you really enjoy a mental challenge this book is well worth considering, because it will stretch and exercise your brain like few others.

    John Buchan’s short story about the WW1 code breakers was aptly named – ‘The Loathly Opposite’. Similarly, with these puzzles, not everything is as it seems…. For example when you are given a set of letters, could they be represented as numbers? Alternatively are the points of the compass buried within otherwise ordinary words?? etc, etc

    I would suggest you start off by reading ‘the explanation of puzzle types’ then do the ‘starter puzzles’ and give each of them a fair crack before using the ‘hints’ section. The ‘puzzles’ then get more difficult and the ultimate test is the ‘Kristmas Kwiz Challange’, answers for which will be available 1st of April…..

    I came to the conclusion early on that if there are superbrains who find these puzzles easy, they probably already work for GCHQ and write the puzzles. However, with logic, lateral thinking, dogged determination and the occaisional flash of inspiration – when you get the puzzles right you do get a sense of achievement!!

    I am happy I bought the book, feel good that as a result money is going to the ‘Heads Together’ campaign to improve mental health care and whilst it may purely be ‘placebo effect’ I feel that my brain is better for the exercise. (Remember – no pain no gain..)

  6. V. Babei

    I love having this book on my bedside table for some late night browsing and perusal. It is also great to sit by the fire and flick through it to exercise your mind.

  7. Gary Parr

    Puzzles like I’ve not seen before! Really challenging but fun too. Enormous respect to anyone who can solve these quickly.

  8. atwickwitch

    I bought 3 of these, one for my husband and I for each child. They are all very good at puzzles so I thought they would make ideal Xmas gifts. If you want to make someone feel dim then give them this book!! An excellent book to test your intelligence. atwickwitch

  9. Martino P.

    Beautiful, brainful and hardly

  10. al

    heavy going will go back to it when I feel up to it
    good book

  11. Nic

    After having read through several different puzzle books and solving countless twisty puzzles; including Rubiks, I began to find that almost all of the puzzle books available on the market contained several either slight variations of the same puzzles or the same puzzles entirely.

    So after scouring the web for a new, more complex challenge; The GCHQ Puzzle Book landed on my computer screen. The reviews seemed to suggest that this book was something else entirely. A new challenge for those who found themselves in the same position as me.

    I placed my order, and after only waiting a few days, the book arrived. I immediately sat down and read the introduction and first few pages. With the promise of ever more increasingly excruciating complex puzzles, I began with the simple ones first. Although with a bit of time these were all solvable, they were definitely more challenging than previous puzzle books I’d read.

    I then moved on to the complex puzzles. From the offset, never has my brain been more challenged or stretched to new lengths than it was when trying to solve these puzzles. Some I could do, others I found impossible. But all the puzzles I could solve, left me with an amazing sense of pride and childlike astonishment at the geniuses that devised this masterpiece of puzzles.

    So, if you’re looking for a challenge or know of someone who thinks they’ve got an unchallenged mind… this is the book you want!

  12. GM, mark of excellence.

    Makes a great. Bought 3.

  13. Nigel W

    I bought copies of this book as stocking filler gifts. They were chosen after reading positive reviews.
    Unfortunately the recipients are all busy people and I have no idea if the books have even been opened.

    “Thank you what a good idea.” was the reaction to receiving them. The 4 stars are based on the information that I researched before buying.

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