OIVO PS5 Charging Station

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  • Designed to charge 2 PS5 controllers simultaneously
  • Fast charging in 2 hours
  • No need for a power adapter, powered by the PS5 console
  • LED indicators show charging status
  • Energy-saving design with an on/off switch
  • Easy to use, simply connect and place controllers on the dock
  • Firm and secure charging port for controllers
  • Note: Remove the anti-scratch film on the front screen before use
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    Introducing the OIVO PS5 Charging Station, the ultimate charging solution for your Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller. With its 2H fast charging capability, you can now quickly power up your controllers and get back into the game in no time.
    This upgrade PS5 Charging Dock is designed to perfectly fit and securely hold your PS5 Dualsense Controllers. It not only charges your controllers efficiently, but also provides a neat and organized way to store them when not in use. No more tangled cables or messy charging setup!
    We understand the importance of versatility, which is why our PS5 Charging Station comes with two types of cables – one USB C cable and one USB A cable. You can choose the cable that suits your needs and easily connect it to your PS5 gaming console or any other compatible device.
    Equipped with smart charging technology, this PS5 Charger ensures safe and efficient charging without damaging your controllers. Its built-in protection system safeguards against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, giving you peace of mind while charging your valuable gaming gear.
    The OIVO PS5 Charging Station is not just a practical accessory, but also a sleek and stylish addition to your gaming setup. Its compact design and high-quality materials make it durable and long-lasting, while its LED indicators display the charging status, so you know when your controllers are ready to go.
    Upgrade your gaming experience with the OIVO PS5 Charging Station. Say goodbye to low battery life and hello to endless hours of uninterrupted gaming. Get yours now and enjoy the convenience of having fully charged controllers whenever you need them.

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    13 reviews for OIVO PS5 Charging Station

    1. thebeardygaymer

      Great value for money, looks good with the ps5 and easy to use

    2. Jason lee

      Very neat. Charges and holds the controllers nicely.

    3. Mpf

      Works great, looks good. No complaints

    4. Rodrigo


    5. Max

      Solid made looks perfect. I saw a review on YouTube of this one and I recommend it for any ps5.

    6. thebeardygaymer

      Arrived on time. Everything is working ok and yes it is charging controlers quickly. Not extra fast but good enouth for thos price.

    7. IkeOn

      Práctico, bonito y funcional, recomiendo el cargador de controles

    8. James Coogan

      New addition to my setup 🙌🎮

      I’ve been using this for a few days now and I have to say it hasn’t let me down, it can hold 2 controllers which charge within 3 hours as promised on the box, and it looks super sleek. The connection is sturdy and easy to slot the controllers in. The breathing blue light on the front let’s you know if it’s charging, and the colour of the symbols indicates the progress (red/blue = charging/fully charged)

      This comes with a USB-C cable to power it, but no plug, so make sure you have a USB-C plug socket adapter, or another device with a USB-C port to connect it with.

      The coloured lights are super helpful in letting you know if your controllers are charged or not, however I’m not a huge fan of the red. I kinda wish it was orange to match the LED on the controllers. Having said that, it’s only red while it’s charging. Once charged, you can turn it off with a small switch on the back, and the lights will turn off.

      Overall I’m really happy with this. It functions really well, charges the controllers very quickly, and looks nice in my setup. It’s also a very affordable price and is a great alternative to the official Sony dock 👍 thanks OIVO

    9. darryl

      Sì, ottimo e comodo, oltre che bello.
      Mi chiedo però: perché, se venduto in Italia, non ci siano le istruzioni anche in italiano?
      Ho avuto dei problemi per farlo funzionare, all’inizio sembrava non caricasse al punto che ho dovuto contattare il venditore per vedere se avesse dei problemi la mia apparecchiatura e devo dire che mi hanno risposto subito il giorno dopo, anche se non è servito perché ho risolto facendo varie prove e attaccandolo al caricabatterie del telefono.
      Con questo funziona ma attaccandola alla Play no. Sarà normale? Non saprei.
      Comunque va bene anche così.
      Aggiornamento: il Venditore ha giustamente chiesto chiarimenti sul funzionamento del mio caricatore e, accortosi che era davvero difettoso, me ne ha inviato un altro senza neanche bolere indietro il primo.
      Più serietà di questa, non esiste.
      Posso soltanto ringraziarli.

    10. Will

      The Oivo PS5 controller charging station is a sleek and compact charging solution for PlayStation 5 controllers. The design is simple, with two controller docks that fit securely and charge efficiently. The charging station connects to a power source through a USB-C cable, which is included in the package.

      One of the standout features of this charging station is its fast charging capability, which claims to fully charge two PS5 controllers in just 2.5 hours. Additionally, the charging station includes LED indicators that display the charging status of each controller, so you always know when your controllers are ready to go.

      The construction of the Oivo PS5 controller charging station feels durable and well-made, with a non-slip base that keeps the station in place on any surface. The compact design also makes it easy to store when not in use, taking up minimal space on your gaming setup.

      Overall, the Oivo PS5 controller charging station is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient way to charge their PS5 controllers. Its fast charging capabilities, durable construction, and compact design make it a great investment for any serious PS5 gamer. I have one for my PS4 as well.

    11. Jagiello

      Looks so cool. I haven’t had this product for very long so I can’t tell you if it’s got the longevity factor but what I can say is it looks COOL. Like futuristic. I love items like this with that high tech, spaceship cockpit type feel. Of course it’s design perfectly compliments the PS5’s 2050 design, with it’s white and black colours and shape that imitates the console.

      What is important to me is that I don’t overcharge my devices and, with the blue/red controller indicator feature that informs you when your pad is charged – I can switch off the object. Having two pads allows me to have peace of mind as to the longevity of both controllers, as I game a lot.

      Would certainly recommend. 10/10

    12. James Coogan

      It does exactly what it says on the tin. The charge is super fast, I had 1 bar on my controller, did a quick swap and topped it up in no time at all! The look is super sleek, and sits perfectly alongside the PS5 with its black centre piece and white outer panels. Plus the light up charge indicators are both useful and look great!

      The unit is compact, so it won’t take up too much space on your TV stand or desk. It’s easy to have out all the time, and can be plugged in anywhere via a USB. It’s easy to click the controller into, making it a very reliable gaming partner! You’ll never run out of charge again.

      Like I said, the charge is fast, and in the past I have been weary of non official charging for its safety. A longer test probably needed to fully judge it, but certainly so far it makes me feel safe. The unit feels robust, and of a high quality. And that makes me feel like the product is going to be safe.

      One slight negative, but my toddler knocked the TV stand and disconnected the controller from the dock slightly breaking the connection to the charge. The indicator light signals this immediately, and it’s easy to click it back into place. So you know… just be careful with toddlers 😂

      If you are looking for a charging dock to use with your PS5, I can certainly recommend this PS5 fast charger from Oivo Games.

    13. christine

      Cheap and good quality awesome size and worth the price

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