Monopoly – Longest Game Ever Edition


  • Monopoly Longest Game Ever edition
  • Extended gameplay until someone owns every single property
  • Game features 66 properties and only one die
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Recommended for 2-8 players
  • No assembly or batteries required
  • Multicolor plastic material
  • Released on 8 Nov. 2020
    (13 customer reviews)
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    Introducing Monopoly – Longest Game Ever Edition, the ultimate gift for Monopoly fans! Get ready to embark on an epic journey of wheeling and dealing, where the fun never ends and the game goes on and on!

    This special edition of Monopoly is designed for those who crave a challenge and want to test their strategic skills to the max. With a whopping 66 properties to buy, sell, and trade, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end. But wait, there’s more! The Longest Game Ever Edition also includes 40 additional spaces, ensuring that every turn is filled with surprises and excitement.

    Imagine the joy on the face of your Monopoly-loving friend or family member as they unwrap this incredible gift. They’ll be thrilled to dive into the world of high-stakes property trading and become the ultimate tycoon. Whether they’re a seasoned Monopoly pro or a casual player, this edition will provide endless entertainment and friendly competition for all.

    Not only is Monopoly – Longest Game Ever Edition a fantastic gift for Monopoly enthusiasts, but it also falls into the category of classic board games. It’s a timeless favorite that brings people together, creating unforgettable moments and memories. So, why settle for a regular game night when you can elevate the experience with this extraordinary edition?

    Get ready to roll the dice, strategize your way to victory, and experience the longest and most thrilling game of Monopoly ever created. With Monopoly – Longest Game Ever Edition, the fun never stops!

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    ‎8 Nov. 2020


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    13 reviews for Monopoly – Longest Game Ever Edition

    1. AJ

      We stopped after the third argument

    2. DeLaney

      I haven’t played this yet but I got it for my brother and he was so excited I can’t wait to see how long it takes I love monopoly so this is amazing

    3. brandon

      It’s a lot of fun if you have time on your hands, I wouldn’t recommend taking it travelling unless you want to be sat in a room for days, but for the price you get a lot of hours of fun!!

    4. Daniel Dunn

      This game has been a good addition to board games in my family’s home. If you thought the original took a long time then you were wrong. This game may literally take days if you play it well but the competitiveness is all worth it.

    5. T Vallis

      Does what it says on the box. Many days of fun.

    6. Daniel Hodgson

      I own 5 different monopolys. most just different countries or ones based off games. I do own the Mega edition with skyscrapers and more properties.

      Im a little sad that all the properties on this board are the same ones but with numbers after them. You cant really see that in the picture on here. I guess thats why they make it blurry.

      I understand the reason behind only having one die as to make it longer. The tokens couldve been better. just a rabbit and a turtle in silver or gold.

      A little shocking the first thing the manual says is to rip your money in half as they dont provide enough money for the game.

      But my main gripe and its a big one. who ever is the banker is going to have a terrible time. With every monopoly game ive ever owned there is a tray to put the different money notes in and a tray for all the property cards. this has none. So im either going to have to use another tray from another version or do without. I dont know if its supposed to come with a tray or not as some comments on here say theres bits missing.

    7. Emily

      This game was so much fun, me and my family had a great time playing it but we never really got a winner, when they say the longest game they mean it so just make sure to prepare for it and write everything down when you take a pause.

    8. Asia

      Really nice game longer then normal monopoly a lot of fun

    9. Giorgia Davison

      there is no end in sight please send help

    10. nicola bagnoli

      La qualità dei materiali è scarsa (il piano di gioco invece è discreto), ma il problema principale è che non è un gioco ma una sfida inutile alla resistenza. Le regole così come sono rendono impossibile che ci sia un vincitore. Resta il piacere della novità, alcune regole carine ma poi si torna a giocare col classico Monopoli.

    11. Charlie Mitchell

      Me and my family love monolopoly and when we found out we can spend hours playing a new game with new and interesting rules we had to get it. Its been so much fun giving it a go but we are still yet to finish it hahah

    12. Atir

      Wir haben uns mega auf das Monopoly gefreut, da wir Fan von Monopoly Spielen sind. Entweder hab ich es nicht gesehen oder es stand wirklich nicht dabei. Die Ereigniskarten und die Gemeinschafskarten sind auf Englisch, für uns nicht spielbar da wir es nicht verstehen. sehr schade und irreführend.

    13. Sporky

      I think the Tornado Card is hilarious makes the game more interesting

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