Manchester City FC Blue Moon Raspberry Vodka

  • Officially licensed Manchester City FC Raspberry Vodka, perfect for football fans
  • Distilled 5 times from 100% wheat for a rich, velvety taste
  • Premium 37.5% alcohol vodka, perfect birthday gift (70 cl)
  • Celebrates the spirit of Manchester City with each shot
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Elegantly crafted for Christmas celebrations
  • Storage recommendation: best stored in a cool dark place
  • Serving recommendation: neat, on ice, with a mixer, or in a cocktail
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    Introducing the Manchester City FC Blue Moon Raspberry Vodka, the ultimate treat for all die-hard Manchester City fans! This delightful concoction combines the smoothness of vodka with the irresistible sweetness of juicy raspberries, creating a truly unique and refreshing drink that will transport you straight to the Etihad Stadium.

    Crafted with utmost care and precision, this vibrant blue vodka pays homage to the iconic Manchester City chant, “Blue Moon.” With every sip, you’ll feel the electric atmosphere of match day, as if you were cheering alongside thousands of passionate fans. It’s the perfect way to celebrate victories, reminisce about historic moments, or simply show off your unwavering support for the Sky Blues.

    Whether you’re a seasoned Cityzen or a new recruit to the blue side of Manchester, this Blue Moon Raspberry Vodka is an absolute must-have. It’s not just a drink; it’s a symbol of your dedication and love for the club. Imagine the joy on a fellow fan’s face when they unwrap this fantastic gift, knowing they can now enjoy their favorite team’s spirit in liquid form.

    So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can surprise your loved ones with something truly extraordinary? The Manchester City FC Blue Moon Raspberry Vodka is the perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Let the flavors of victory and the passion of the game flow through your veins with every sip. Get ready to raise your glass and toast to the success of Manchester City FC!

    Additional information

    Product Dimensions

    ‎9 x 9 x 28 cm, 1.45 kg

    Manufacturer reference



    ‎700.0 millilitre

    Storage Instructions

    ‎Best stored in a cool dark place.

    Serving Recommendation

    ‎Neat, on ice, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

    Manufacturer contact

    ‎Bohemian Brands Ltd, Suite 4, 42 Watling St, Radlett, Herts WD7 7NN

    Alcohol Content

    ‎37.5 Percent by Volume


    ‎Bohemian Brands





    Age Range Description


    Caffeine content

    ‎Caffeine Free

    Package Information



    ‎Bohemian Brands Ltd

    8 reviews for Manchester City FC Blue Moon Raspberry Vodka

    1. Amazon Customer

      It’s a great present but a shame the badge is chipped/faded.

    2. kerry

      The bottle looks premium and modern, so can easily be displayed in the centre of the table. Thankfully the amount of raspberry in this vodka is just right, there isn’t a harsh taste like some other vodkas.

      It has a delicious, delicate raspberry flavour and it looks very pretty with the fresh raspberries in.

      I have been really enjoying mixing this with lemonade and fresh fruit. It has a really nice flavour with no any unpleasant aftertaste. This mix really highlights the raspberry whilst balancing the sweet and tangy mix of flavours. The fun is in the experimenting.

      This drink is perfect on a nice warm day or a chilled evening, Very aromatic and refreshing. It goes perfectly with some lemonade and ice or as part of a cocktail recipe to offer another layer.

      Very smooth drinking, SMOOTH beyond expectations!

    3. Amazon Customer

      Manchester City Blue “Moon” Raspberry Flavoured Vodka 70cl

      I like the attractive and well-presented bottle with its metallic silver embossed, which is suitable for Man City fans. However, I can’t say that its taste is my favorite. It has this unpleasant artificial scent and tastes unnatural – nowhere near raspberries. I like flavoured vodkas of Smirnoff, so I was expected more from this.

    4. MMB

      Initially I thought this screamed ‘novelty gift’ but while this Manchester City Blue “Moon” Raspberry Flavoured Vodka will mainly be bought for fans of the team, the drink itself stands on its own merit surprisingly well.

      As with the others in the range, the bottle is wonderfully designed with a shiny embossed label that really looks premium. No corners have been cut here on the bottle or the label and you get a feeling of authenticity rather than some novelty gift here.

      The brightly blue coloured vodka may make it seem like this sits in the realm of alcopops but it’s actually more subtle, more similar to a standard mildly flavoured vodka than something overly sweet. This makes it a joy to drink with ice rather than something you’d feel like should be swigged from a can!

      To sum up; premium quality vodka in a premium bottle for a decent price with the bonus of being a great present for a fan of the team.

    5. Paul B

      Delivered quickly however the label is rubbing off. For the price I’d expect it to be a bit better done.

    6. Julie D

      In a sky blue colour, this Manchester City FC branded flavoured vodka would be a perfect gift for fans of The Citizens. It’s a licensed product and it does cost rather more than many other branded flavoured vodkas but it tastes good and, importantly if you’re gifting, the bottle is a cut above – looks substantial and the club branding looks great.

      Though this 37.5% vodka would look really attractive in a home bar or set amongst other Blue Moon memorabilia, I think a recipient wouldn’t be disappointed by the taste if they decided to break open the bottle. There’s some sweetness there – not too much – and a nicely subtle flavour of raspberries. I’ve tried drinking it neat but prefer it with tonic water and ice and in summer this would be a very pleasant long drink.

      Clearly this 70cl bottle is rather more expensive than other branded flavoured vodkas without the Man. City association – but if you were just looking for a raspberry vodka, I somehow doubt you’d be looking at this. Bohemian Brands have produced something good here that does have the look and taste of a premium product. For a fan, it’s sure to be a memorable and very well-received gift suitable for any special occasion.

    7. Amanda Armstead

      This is a fantastic looking bottle, definitely looks good on the shelf!
      Just a shame it doesn’t come in a nice box for giving as a gift

    8. kerry

      When I first saw this bottle of vodka from British Bohemian Brands, it immediately reminded me of Plymouth Gin in its design of bottle and label, it’s an official Manchester City vodka and of course it has to be blue 🙂 but raspberry is different. This vodka is a good quality vodka, it tastes smooth and sweet and quite moreish. My son lives and works in Poland so likes to bring over good quality vodkas so based on my experience of drinking vodka this is up there with the best sweeter flavoured vodkas. It’s 37.5% volume in a 70cl bottle. It’s an attractive bottle and would make a fab gift for a Man City fan or just a collector of vodkas (to which I’m both) I’m very happy to recommend to you, please see my photos, thank you for reading my review I hope it’s helpful to you.

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