Macato Pasta Roller


  • Marcato Manual Pasta Machine with interchangeable accessory
  • Includes 3 aluminium rollers for making Lasagne, Fettuccine, and Tagliolini
  • Made of durable stainless steel and aluminium materials
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 20 cm
  • Allows for easy manual pasta making at home
  • Features a sleek silver design
  • Interchangeable accessory expands pasta-making capabilities
  • Compact and easy to store when not in use
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Introducing the Macato Pasta Roller, the ultimate kitchen companion for all the home chefs out there! This nifty gadget is here to revolutionize your pasta-making game and bring a touch of Italian flair to your culinary adventures.

Crafted with precision and love, the Macato Pasta Roller is designed to effortlessly transform your dough into delectable pasta sheets. Whether you’re a seasoned pasta pro or a beginner in the kitchen, this handy tool will have you creating restaurant-quality pasta in no time. From silky smooth lasagna sheets to delicate fettuccine strands, the possibilities are endless!

Why is the Macato Pasta Roller the perfect gift for home chefs? Well, let’s dive into the categories it falls under. Firstly, it’s a time-saver! Say goodbye to laborious hand-rolling and hello to effortless pasta preparation. Secondly, it’s a creativity booster! Experiment with different flavors, colors, and shapes to impress your loved ones with unique pasta creations. Lastly, it’s a quality enhancer! The Macato Pasta Roller ensures consistent thickness and texture, guaranteeing a perfect plate of pasta every time.

Imagine the joy on your favorite home chef’s face as they unwrap this delightful gift. They’ll be inspired to unleash their inner Italian nonna and embark on a pasta-making journey like no other. So, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a thoughtful gesture, the Macato Pasta Roller is the ultimate choice for any pasta enthusiast.

Elevate your cooking experience and gift the Macato Pasta Roller today. It’s time to roll, cut, and savor the taste of homemade pasta perfection!

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13 reviews for Macato Pasta Roller

  1. Stephen Holland

    We have used this machine nearly every Sunday for over 2 years to roll out our pasta. It attaches easily and well to the edge of our table. It’s easy to clean. After over 2 years the blades still cut the pasta perfectly. Everything works well. Could not be happier!

  2. M Minerva

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     Produto de ótima qualidade, manual ensina como usar e tem até receita básica! Fácil de usar

  3. niki

    I took a very long time deciding on which pasta machine to buy and after much debate and a lot of thought this was the one that looked like it was the best value for money and would be perfect for my needs.

    I am not using it to make pasta and will not be using the added attachment that comes with it. It is easy to detach that part from the machine. I am using my machine for rolling polymer clay. It works like a charm and really easy to use. It is exactly the same principle as it would be for rolling pasta. It has a number dial at the side that pulls out and around and you can roll your pasta to the thickness you desire. I have used both the thicker and thinner options (goes up to 9) .
    For me the bonus is that you can easily clean it and although there is a booklet with the machine I never read it. I used a paper towel and using my hand on the roller dial I rubbed down the roller and got all the different colours of clay off it before starting on a different colour. The back of the machine is easy to stick your hand up and wipe around there and once again I only used a clean paper towel as I didn’t want to get the machine wet. It stores back inside the box it came in perfectly.

    I used the tool that holds it down on the table by turning it and securing it tightly by hand so the machine doesn’t shift about. It works well and help the machine in place. The handle for turning just slots in and can be removed again too without any effort whatsoever.

    It is a really great machine and I would highly recommend it. It is made in Italy and I would say as a pasta machine that it is designed to be is brilliant and works well for anyone buying it to use with polymer clay too.

  4. Caz W

    Good quality sturdy machine.I find it easy to use and have had no problems,clamps onto my worktop and away I go.Also looks nice and shiny.

  5. Andy O

    Made some tagliatelle, the machine was pretty easy to use but I did have a bit of trouble with cutting into strips, as it clogged on one side… Tbf I’ve only used it once so it might be partly poor technique… But possibly in addition to the issue described below!

    I notice that there was a rod and plastic strip in the box when I opened it, I just assumed that they were spare… Although I thought it was odd to have a spare metal rod, not like it’s going to wear out!
    Anyway, when I had finished with the making. I disassembled to give it a clean, this is when I found that the metal rod and plastic “shroud” were actually meant to be fitted and weren’t spare.
    Makes me wonder if this was a return or somebody’s first day on the assembly line?
    Bit disappointed really, I bought the most expensive one thinking I’d pay for quality. It is very solid and I’m hoping that I won’t have the same issues with clogging of the cutter next time I use it, now I’ve assembled it correctly.

    In fairness, I’ve only dropped a star because of the incorrect assembly. It’s a pretty good bit of kit.

  6. Mrs V J Chapman

    My previous machine crinkled the dough but this one works beautifully, I am happy with it. Easy to use and install, easy to clean. It cuts in only 3 shapes but I am ok with it. Love it.

  7. Marcela

    Muy buena maquina. Leí reseñas de otras marcar y decían que no eran buenas. Esta maquina de muy buena calidad. Incluso se me ha caído al piso y creo que ni un rasguño y funciona a la perfección. Muy sólida y entretenida. Bien con el accesorio de spaghettis y fetuccinis. Sin duda la compraría de nuevo.


    Makes great pasta
    What would you expect from a machine made in Italy.

  9. Marcela

    I’m Leary of cheap tools. The reviews I read basically said this is the reference pasta making appliance. Italy is synonymous with pasta, so it makes sense they would make a quality appliance. The machine is just beautiful in its simplicity. Heavy metal construction, this will last a lifetime. I imagine this is on every Italian brides gift list and she’ll hand it down to her grandchildren type quality.

    I am in the US, so we measure flour by volume rathe4 than weight. My first batch was one egg and just under 2/3 cup flour. Egg mixed with flour in the classic flour on the counter egg in the middle mix together. Makes a stiff, dry dough. Rested dough in a plastic bag (they say 20 minutes). I ran the dough through. Nothing stuck to the machine. Rolled out beautifully. Then cut some narrow, some wide. Again, nothing stuck. This is drop dead easy! I have made German Spaetzle for years. This pasta process is just as easy. There was no cleanup. Nothing stuck. I can’t even tell it was used.

    I can’t compare different machines having just bought this machine. However, works well, first time user has success, made by Italian company, has attachments, and is sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

    The machine is twice the cost of Chinese knockoffs. So what’s the extra $40 to you. Just buy this one, enjoy a quality tool that will last your lifetime and is a joy to use.

  10. Stuart

    Excellent pasta roller with fittings for spaghetti and tagliatelle. The pasta rolls really thinly on the narrowest setting, almost transparent. Made some pappardelle by cutting sheets of pasta into four initially but anticipating lasagne, ravioli and cannelloni in the future

  11. Andy O

    Please don’t go for cheap pasta makers, they’ll break and you’ll have to purchase another one. This one works fine and it is very durable. I’ve been using it for a year to make my daily pasta and it is still working as day 1

  12. Guillermo Almonacid Fernández

    🔎 Overview 🔍

    If I could recommend a better manual hand crank pasta machine, I would. But the truth is I can’t. I can’t find another pasta maker out there that has this level of support, this many attachments, backed with a 10-year warranty, and a near perfect design. All of this packed in a beautiful Italian design with great heritage. It’s the Ferarri of pasta makers and it makes the best shaped noodles. This is the machine you want. This is the machine you need.

    ✅ Pros ✅

    – Multiple attachment head options to make all sorts of noodle styles. I even made udon noodles with this!
    – Beautiful Italian design with a clean stainless steel finish
    – 10-year warranty! Who does that?
    – Smooth crank and cutters that don’t eat up dough
    – Easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a brush

    ❌ Cons ❌

    – Takes a bit of getting used to and sometimes will take a bit of strength depending on the type of noodle you are cranking!

    📝 Overall 📝

    5/5 ⭐️’s to Marcato! I will happily purchase this again once my 10-year warranty is up! The machine is beautiful, runs smooth, easily cleaned, and makes pasta noodles like it was born for it. The price reflects the quality and the craftsmanship behind the product. I would recommend this to all my friends and family getting into pasta making. I will never be buying pre-made pasta noodles again! At the time of review, the Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness is selling for $86.82 on sale!

  13. Julien

    fast delivery, everything as in the description, good quality

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