Terrarium Kit (with Plants)


  • Build your own closed terrarium with this complete kit
  • Includes 4 living terrarium plants and cushion moss
  • Generous quantities to create a large terrarium up to 15 litres
  • Simple step-by-step instructions for easy assembly
  • Can be a great gift idea for plant enthusiasts
  • Comes in charcoal color and specific uses for indoor settings
  • Product dimensions: 30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86 cm
  • Item model number: taos-cl-kit-lrg-3
(8 customer reviews)
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Introducing the Terrarium Kit (with Plants) – the perfect gift for grandparents, gardeners, and home lovers alike!

Imagine a miniature world filled with lush greenery, delicate plants, and a touch of magic. That’s exactly what our Terrarium Kit offers. It’s a complete package that brings the beauty of nature right into your loved one’s home.

For grandparents who appreciate the simple joys of life, this kit is a delightful way to bring a piece of the outdoors inside. They can create their own little garden oasis, tending to the plants and watching them thrive. It’s a wonderful reminder of the beauty and tranquility that nature provides.

Gardeners will be thrilled with this kit as it allows them to explore their creativity and showcase their green thumb. They can design and personalize their terrarium, experimenting with different plant combinations and decorative elements. It’s a fantastic opportunity to let their gardening skills shine and create a unique masterpiece.

Home lovers will adore the Terrarium Kit as it adds a touch of elegance and charm to any living space. Whether placed on a windowsill, coffee table, or desk, it becomes an eye-catching centerpiece that sparks conversation and brings a sense of serenity to the room. It’s a gift that truly enhances the ambiance of any home.

So, why is this kit a brilliant gift? Because it caters to the passions and interests of grandparents, gardeners, and home lovers. It’s a thoughtful present that allows them to unleash their creativity, nurture nature, and bring a little piece of paradise into their lives. Give the gift of a Terrarium Kit and watch their faces light up with joy!

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Product Dimensions

‎30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86 cm

Item model number




Special features

‎Terrarium kit with living plants and moss

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8 reviews for Terrarium Kit (with Plants)

  1. Jen

    I’ve got a paludarium and ordered this for the top shelf, it’s way too big, you get loads and it’s all top quality, the plants were wrapped with care and very healthy, I definitely recommend this kit, A* quality

  2. justRob

    Arrived well packed and in great condition. 4 weeks in and the plants are still strong and in great condition 💪

  3. Paul

    Prompt delivery, excellent plants, just fabulous!!!

  4. Gianluca

    The kits provided enough ‘stuff’ to do 2 containers, plus a tiny one, just a shame that you cannot buy it without the plants so I could use my own as I’d love to do more.

  5. Jeanne67

    Everything I needed for the terrarium (except the actual bottle of course). Good healthy plants.

  6. Gordon Bennett

    The product its amazing, cannot be better. I’ve bought it to use in the Exo terra nano tall…it’s not enough space to use all of the set, so I did another (let’s say medium size) terrarium in a glass jar. I want to be clear, I went to a garden store to buy more variety of terrarium plants, that’s why I didn’t use the full amount of plants in the set.
    Particularly myself, I had a parcel delay with DHL so the Christmas moss arrived brown and dead, but of course I can’t blame the seller as he dispatched the products on time. Highly recommended.

  7. Jeanne67

    I absolutely loved this kit, it has everything you need apart from the glass container and tools.
    Everything is packed very well it came with enough earth, charcoal, 4 plants some moss, gravel and small stones.
    The plants were in perfect condition and very well packed individually in paper within their pots to avoid damage. In fact I used to be a gardener and I’ve purchased many plants online and these were the best I’ve seen.
    I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and would certainly recommend it.

  8. Paul

    This is a really great out to get you started with. I wouldn’t say my plants were quite as big as the picture makes out, but none the less they’re all good quality and look good in my set up.

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