Senior Moments Memory Workout: Improve Your Memory & Brain Fitness Before You Forget!

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  • Created by Tom Friedman, a renowned senior momentologist
  • Features engaging quizzes, puzzles, brainteasers, and memory challenges
  • Includes sound advice and historical anecdotes
  • Suitable for people of all ages, not just seniors
  • Aimed at improving memory and brain fitness
  • Published by Sterling Innovation on May 4, 2010
  • Paperback with 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 17.78 x 1.14 x 17.78 cm
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    Introducing the Senior Moments Memory Workout: Improve Your Memory! Say goodbye to those pesky forgetful moments and hello to a sharper, more vibrant memory. This fantastic gift is specifically designed for grandparents who want to keep their minds agile and their memories intact.

    With the Senior Moments Memory Workout, your beloved grandparents can embark on a fun and engaging journey to boost their memory power. Packed with brain-teasing puzzles, challenging quizzes, and stimulating exercises, this memory workout is like a mental gym for their minds!

    Not only will this gift provide hours of entertainment, but it also offers numerous benefits. By engaging in regular memory exercises, your grandparents can enhance their cognitive abilities, improve focus, and even reduce the risk of age-related memory decline. It’s like giving them the key to unlock their full memory potential!

    Whether your grandparents are puzzle enthusiasts or simply want to keep their minds sharp, the Senior Moments Memory Workout is the perfect gift. It falls under the category of brain training games, making it an ideal choice for those who love a mental challenge. Plus, it’s suitable for all skill levels, so whether they’re memory masters or just starting out, they’ll find plenty of enjoyment and improvement.

    So, why settle for a typical gift when you can give your grandparents the gift of a sharper memory? With the Senior Moments Memory Workout, you’re not just giving them a present, but also a fun and effective way to keep their minds young and vibrant. Get ready to witness their memory skills soar to new heights!

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    Sterling Innovation (4 May 2010)




    128 pages






    17.78 x 1.14 x 17.78 cm

    13 reviews for Senior Moments Memory Workout: Improve Your Memory & Brain Fitness Before You Forget!

    1. Marina

      I got it for my mother and she seemed to like it.

    2. Paoli

      Ich habe das Buch eigentlich für eine Seniorin gekauft, damit es ihr dabei hilft geistig fit zu bleiben. Allerdings finde ich die Aufgaben in dem Buch nicht passend für seine Zielgruppe… Manche Puzzle sind sehr sehr schwer, sogar für mich kein Leichtes und außerdem befindet sich darin mehr Text als eigentliche Übungen.

    3. Lisa C

      Bought as a gag gift for my mothers partner as part of his Christmas gift (I always buy funny gifts as a mini gift at christmas/bday etc) as he’s nearing that oap age ;). All jokes aside, I was not aware nor expecting it to be an actual work book. I had a quick look through it and although the joke is there the puzzles do look quite impressive. He hasn’t put it down since he got it. I do want to say I think this ‘work-book’ could be achieved by anyone over the age of 15 (educationally speaking)!! It did the job and he seems happy ,so I’m happy. Thank you.

    4. bailey

      This book is funny but as far as whether or not it Really works is to be determined. It is thought provoking, aside from just being a fun jab at the old person in your life.

    5. R Sanch

      Purchased for my elderly parents but I am surprised that I could not solve some of the puzzles. Great brain workout.

    6. sandybess

      It’s quite good though does have an American bias.

    7. Amazon Customer

      The writing/design is well done and rather fun. has me shaking my head a lot though so guess that means I need it haha

    8. P. Willcock

      Bought this for my aged P’s to stop them going senile. They still read the Daily mail and believe it so the jury’s still out. They loved the book.

    9. London Lass

      I bought this for an old man who is VERY difficult to find presents for. Initially I was looking for a joke present but, through purchasing this book, accidentally ended up with a gift that is actually rather good and which (to my shock and surprise) has gone down rather well. Only the other day I visited the old man to find that it had been bookmarked half-way through. The fact that the book hasn’t end up being `recycled’ for a local charity shop is astounding in itself but given that the old man was driven to tell me that it is `pretty good’ and the memory exercises `rather interesting’ should demonstrate the quality of this book.

      The old man is my dad. The above is the truth. This gift will not let you down.

    10. Lynne Thomas

      Some humorous references to keep you on the bright side of aging!

    11. LNC

      Prsent for l’y mum for Xmas. The book look fun and is made of very good quality.

    12. Emily Rees

      Good, going to be a funny present for a friend

    13. Karmen

      Excellent condition and looks better in person; the title is varnished and the corners are rounded. Happy with the design and content.

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