Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) – White


  • Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) – White: Newest member of the Nintendo Switch family
  • Features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, wide adjustable stand, dock with wired LAN port
  • 64 GB internal storage, enhanced audio for immersive gaming experience
  • Play anytime, anywhere with Joy-Con controllers attached for handheld or tabletop gameplay
  • Share screen with multiplayer mode using the wide adjustable stand
  • Dock for HD gaming on TV with two USB ports, HDMI port, and wired LAN port
  • Internal storage of 64 GB for game saves & enhanced audio from onboard speakers
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Introducing the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) in a sleek and stylish White color! Calling all gamers, this incredible console is the ultimate gift that will bring endless hours of fun and excitement.

Step into a world of gaming like never before with the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, this console is designed to cater to all your gaming needs. With its vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, every game comes to life with stunning visuals and vivid colors, immersing you in a truly captivating experience.

The versatility of the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is what sets it apart from the rest. Play it in handheld mode and take your gaming adventures on the go, or dock it to your TV for a more immersive gaming experience. The detachable Joy-Con controllers provide intuitive and responsive gameplay, allowing you to play with friends or family anytime, anywhere.

With a vast library of games to choose from, including beloved Nintendo classics and exciting new releases, there’s something for everyone. From action-packed adventures to thrilling multiplayer battles, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) offers endless entertainment possibilities.

This console is not just a gaming device; it’s a gateway to unforgettable memories and shared experiences. Whether you’re looking to surprise a friend, a family member, or even yourself, the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) in White is the perfect gift for gamers of all ages. Get ready to embark on epic quests, challenge your skills, and create unforgettable gaming moments. Get your hands on the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) today and let the gaming adventures begin!

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3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)





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8 Oct. 2021

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8 reviews for Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) – White

  1. Ankit Arora

    Also bis jetzt gibt es nichts zu meckern hab meine switch lite jetzt seit 2020 gehabt und sie wurde mir zu klein und ich wollte etwas mehr das ich zuhause am fernseher verwenden kann und unterwegs also hab ich mir die switch oled bestellt und das ding ist einfach nur geil. Großes display mit guter qualität, die spiele laufen aich echt gut und sie liegt mir schon tausendmal besser in der hand.

  2. D. Beyers

    The Nintendo Switch OLED is a fantastic iteration that elevates the gaming experience to new heights. The enhanced picture quality on the vibrant OLED screen is an absolute delight, making every game pop with vividness and clarity that truly mesmerizes.

    One of its standout features is the improved battery life, allowing for extended gaming sessions without interruption. However, it’s understandable to wish for a “next-gen” leap in performance, considering the evolving gaming landscape.

    Despite this longing, the Switch OLED beautifully bridges the gap between familiarity and innovation, offering a refined and immersive gaming experience that caters to both casual players and dedicated enthusiasts. Nintendo continues to prove its mastery in crafting consoles that captivate and entertain, making the Switch OLED a worthwhile investment for any gaming aficionado.

  3. Connor

    Full and pretty long Nintendo Switch OLED review, from a serious gamer.

    Ummed and arred about this console for quite some time before taking the plunge and buying it with a bundle, case, game and SD card. I have other individual reviews for those products on my profile. When I say I am serious about gaming I am playing at least 5 times a week have been playing now for over 2 decades and have had all the latest consoles, handhelds and PC’s so am confident I can give a full review of this console. I haven’t purchased online so couldn’t comment on that side of the Switch but everything else I have engaged with.

    First of nice and simple I like it I’m also glad I have it. The OLED Switch is the one I think you should go for in my personal opinion, having played on the normal Switch and seeing the size of the Lite Switch I feel like for the extra money the OLED is the best choice. Also the Switch lite is unable to dock and remove it’s controllers which is half the point of the Switch in my opinion. The blacks and colours really pop on the small OLED screen, and the majority of games really do look visually great. (More on the TV bit later.) You get that little bit extra screen size with the OLED but at no extra addition to the console size. The screen size is really decent, I was surprised in a good way that I wasn’t struggling to see everything on the screen or read text. Mainly as they know the games are on Switch zoom in and the text becomes enlarged so you can easily read it. Hand held visuals I’d rate 8/10.

    The games are really well done, as anyone will know Nintendo know what they are doing, and you get the full Nintendo experience here, it is one that they have perfected over the years. There are also new ones to engage with new player, but veterans will feel at home with returning classics and updated character games which make you feel right at home. The online store too also has what seems like an endless (it isn’t) number of games on sale all the time, it’s around about 1100 at any one given time, these range from really basic games that are only found on the store which can be £0.90 or the known Nintendo titles that have 20% off the main price. But there is something for everyone some of the smaller titles are fun, well designed and easy going, I have enjoyed both Lost in Bermuda and Trifox games from the store which I picked up for next to nothing. This is really nice coming from console and PC gaming were the price of gams can exceed £100 so paying 90p is a really nice change. Even the cheap games are well done too which is nice, it seems like the developers do take their time with the games, I assume that this is the case as the switch store is the only store front where you can sell games for the switch platform. Games I’d rate 9/10

    The console itself is a nice design visually one that does look simple yet modern. However I feel like it could be a little too flat/ thin for those used to a controller or with slightly larger hands. Whilst you can buy ergonomic attachments or stand-alone controllers, this is for the standard controllers that come with the Switch. I fell as if the Steam Deck design is far superior the thicker handles fit in the hand much better for comfortability and for longer periods of gaming. The charging point too is also at the bottom, which gets in the way more than you might think and you unable to stand the console up really when charging, without bending or resting the console on the charging cable, something I don’t like doing. The stand and buttons that you press do feel good too, my only gripe is the back bumper buttons aren’t spaced as well as I would have liked and those with slightly larger fingers may find it hard to hit the right bumper button as required. Having said that for children which is probably the larger intended audience it probably works really well, also there is no stick drift for me yet, and the buttons feel like they have been designed to last for a long time. Design/ ergonomics of the console I’d rate 6/10.

    The TV mode is the big, advertised part of the Switch and probably why it got its name. This is something I really haven’t done all that much, but I will say that I have a 4k 32” all singing all dancing gaming monitor which on my PC looks gorgeous, absolutely stunning visuals, (review on my page.) Now I know it isn’t as powerful yes and I wasn’t expecting it to be as good but I wasn’t exactly blown away (I played Lego Star Wars,) again it’s ok but I wasn’t impressed, its 720p output really isn’t all that much in today’s market with ultra 4k, ray tracing and the works, so I’ve kept mine in handheld mode pretty much 99% of the time of ownership. As I have a PC this really wasn’t my intended use for the Switch so if it is something you’re thinking about having as a main home entertainment system for the TV I would look at the Xbox series S, for slightly cheaper you’re going to get a much better picture. Visual for TV mode I’d give a 4/10.

    The portability factor is good. Its big enough that you can see a lot of stiff on the screen at any one given time, but its small enough to fit into my jogging bottom front pocket and fits into a bag and can be easily carried around without weighing you down all day. It’s something that I like to be able to pick up and put down I can take it to work play a couple levels of Mario and then put it away again ready for whenever that maybe. Having a case is a must, as the joy cons could easily get damaged as well as the screen could become easily scratched if it is lose in a bag all day. Portability I’d rate 10/10.

    Overall, I really do genuinely love the Switch, I recently sold my consoles as I am fully PC now but have still kept my switch. The games are great its portable and it looks surprisingly good in handheld mode on the OLED variant. Yes, the ergonomics aren’t perfect and yes, I would like it if they were better as we know it is possible as we have the Steam deck to prove that they can be better. However, if it is that much of an issue there are excellent 3rd party add-ons you can get to make the Switch more comfortable for those longer game sessions. This is something I think people of all ages and game abilities will like, the majority of games are fun, and it’s nice not to have to shoot something all the time for once, (there are shooters for those of you who want them.) I highly recommend it for handheld gaming at home or on the move, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for this as your only gaming console and your looking to play this mostly on a TV, I would as mentioned have to recommend a PS4/5 or Xbox s/x for gaming on the TV.

    Hope this helps someone make their decision, I think you’ll like it from what I have experienced with the Switch so far.

  4. Christian

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     El producto viene con todo original , la caja solo se ve un poco golpeada pero imagino que fue por el traslado

  5. Wren

    I am a great gamer. I always have the latest console and a pile of adventure and sim games. Until i slipped up!! I didn’t buy the Switch. Never thought there was a need for it if i am honest, Christmas was coming up hard on 2022 and Santa decided i had been a good girl….in short i got my 1st Switch. I powered it up and turned it on after inserting a pokemon game Pokemon violet…..ooooohhhh, i suddenly saw exactly what i had been missing. Cheez & crackerz!!! I was and am still in love. Now, this particular console was my second, if you read the saga of the shroom charging dock you will see why, i got it for a great price from Amazon which took a little of the sting out of HAVING to buy another console. That said, would i be without my Switch??? Not on your Nelly!!! My Animal crossing new horizons game is my constant companion. Wake up, ablutions, coffee, then animal crossing for an hour – also now i have Fae farm, excellent game btw i alternate a little. The sound is fantastic, i don’t hear well, so that says something. The graphics are seamless, beautiful a real escape from the grey texture the real World is carrying since the dreaded C word. Quite honestly, i am ecstatic i have my console and it has given me hours, days, nae….months of joy. I love this item, i bought a carry case and slip it over my shoulder when i’m out anywhere. Does that say a lot about my life, probably! But it says a lot about Nintendo Switch. There is a list, a sheer litany of games. Point and click adventures, none losing anything in the transfer, Pokemon old and new bigger and better, adventure games new and older, puzzles, sports, the point is there really is something for everyone. The console is easy to setup, easy to setup on your huge tv couple of HDMI cables popped in and away you go. The console is very intuitive, silky and smooth and the buttons are just in the right places. I cannot extol the virtues of it enough. Something i especially love is…..since Covid, people seem to be less tolerant of each other and i am noticing games like AnimalCrossing & Fae farm is teaching the younger kids how to be kind, they also speak to children instead of at them….teaching them about obscure types of fish,animals etcetera. I truly enjoy yhe Switch and when i feel a little low, i drop into one of my sim games and lose my worries for a time. I love Nintendo consoles and boast having most if not them all. This one to me so far is the best. Here endeth war and peace!!!

  6. jessica

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     la caja es japonesa, vino sin sellar pero con su cargador original para america. Por dentro impecable e intacto, parecería que lo abren solo para meterle el cargador original de nintendo para Estados Unidos y Mexico.

  7. jessica

    I just got the Nintendo switch and it’s a great product for my child he loved that a lot if your child is worth it of buying it you can make him buy

  8. Chuyin

    The product arrived fast and there are no issue with my nintendo switch . Box was nicely packaged without any dents.

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