Fire Starter – Emergency Survival Kit


  • Essential gear for camping, survival, bushcraft, or hiking
  • Can light fires in almost any weather with 3000° Celsius sparks
  • Made from durable ferrocium for high volume sparks
  • Features a wooden handle for a firm and stable grip
  • Includes a paracord bracelet, firesteel necklace, 10 tinder tabs, and multi-tool striker
  • Multi-use: can be used to light fires, camping stoves, and more
  • Lanyard included for easy attachment to backpack or belt
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    The Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. This premium magnesium ferrocium rod firesteel is designed to ensure you always have a reliable fire starter at your disposal.
    Crafted with durability in mind, the Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, no matter the environment. With a chunky wooden handle, this firesteel provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for effortless strikes every time.
    Equipped with a flint striker, this firesteel is ready to ignite sparks in an instant. The multi tool included with the firesteel adds extra functionality, making it a versatile tool for any camping or survival situation. Whether you need to start a fire, open a can, or tighten a screw, this firesteel has got you covered.
    Compact and lightweight, the Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel is easy to carry and fits perfectly in any camping or survival kit. Be prepared for any situation with this essential fire starter. Whether you’re hiking, backpacking, or simply enjoying a night under the stars, this firesteel will give you the peace of mind you need.
    Don’t let the elements dampen your outdoor experience. Invest in the Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel and ignite your journey. Start fires effortlessly and stay warm and safe with this reliable and durable firestarter.

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    13 reviews for Fire Starter – Emergency Survival Kit

    1. Fm4alice

      Ich hab es als kleines Abenteuer Gadget für unseren Outdoor Trip mit Kind besorgt, der Wow Effekt blieb nicht aus. Brauchbares Teil, nachdem man die Schutzschicht runterscharbt, kommen massenweise Funken. Feuer ist gelungen!

    2. Helen Phelps

      Product arrived nicely packaged and once primed for use after a few strikes it was creating lots of sparks to light the log burner during a chilly summer evening. It is very ergonomic to use and a handy new device to be able to use if we actually get some BBQ weather/as we head into autumn.

    3. RainbowMother

      Bought for my daughter’s bushcraft qualification practical. Easy to use.

    4. Amazon Customer

      I bought 2 of these as stocking fillers for my son and daughter in law as they want to get into bushcraft and camping.
      These are a great bit of kit. They are well presented in a little bag. So it’s easy to keep everything together and stick it in your tinder pouch or possibles pouch.

    5. Customer

      Nice bit of kit. My son had a bracelet with flint and steel which he received ages ago and finally started to make use of it. He got the got the knack but it takes alot of effort for small sparks and ran out quick. In comparison this takes no time to start fires loads of sparks and will last much longer. Hes become quite the pro and will definitely be getting more when they run out. Thank you its fantastic bit of equipment to include in a survival kit as well.

    6. guido boccalario

      E’ davvero incredibile la quantità di scintille che genera ! L’ho acquistato in abbinamento al mio coltello da sopravvivenza e devo dire che funziona egregiamente. Leggero e maneggievole. E’ davvero facile accendere un fuoco, basta che sia approntato il materiale adatto, secco e finissimo per l’innesco e via ! Raccomandato.

    7. James

      Testé avec du coton, elle fonctionne parfaitement.
      Je ferai le test avec une écorce de boulot séchée.

    8. Teresa

      Bought this for my teenage son. He had no trouble starting a fire with this. Amazing, as I know he sometimes struggled with his old one. When I tried it it shoots sparks all over the fire bowl. Hopefully it’s long lasting. Well worth the money.

    9. C******* N****e

      Got this tool for my 9 year old son to use. He practices with it almost daily(supervised of course). It’s a nice quality, I know that it will last him for quite a while. The multi tool is an awesome addition as well.

    10. fire guy 1234

      Great product very sturdy and secure, easy to use and very powerful

    11. Nergal

      quitte a prendre des allumes feu, autant y mettre un peu plus cher et avoir de la qualité… meme si cela fait le taf

    12. L D

      Great bit of camping kit. No more damp matches or empty lighters. Small, lightweight and indispensable. I’d definitely recommend

    13. AmazonCustomer


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