Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle


  • Inspired by the flavors of a Sunday dinner
  • Infused with garlic, black pepper, and rosemary
  • Versatile: suitable for sandwiches, toasties, baguettes, or pasta dishes
  • Contains MILK as an allergen
  • Suitable for gifting on various occasions
  • Made at a local family-run farm in Lincolnshire
  • Can be frozen for up to 6 months
  • Best before date: 2-5 months
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    Introducing the Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle, the ultimate delight for cheese lovers! This mouthwatering creation combines the rich flavors of a traditional Sunday roast with the creamy goodness of cheddar cheese. It’s like having a comforting Sunday feast in every bite!

    Crafted with love and expertise, this truckle is made from the finest quality cheddar cheese, carefully infused with the irresistible essence of a classic Sunday roast. Picture succulent slices of roast beef, roasted potatoes, and caramelized onions all beautifully blended into a creamy cheddar base. The result? A flavor explosion that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy!

    Not only does the Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle offer an incredible taste experience, but it also makes a brilliant gift for cheese lovers. Whether you’re shopping for a foodie friend, a family member, or even yourself (because you deserve it!), this unique cheese creation is sure to impress. It falls into the category of gourmet cheeses, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

    Imagine the excitement on their faces as they unwrap this delightful truckle, revealing its golden exterior and enticing aroma. They’ll be eager to slice into its creamy center and savor the delectable flavors that await. Whether enjoyed on a cheeseboard, melted into a gooey grilled cheese sandwich, or simply nibbled on its own, the Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle is a gift that will be remembered and cherished.

    So, why settle for ordinary cheese when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Treat yourself or a loved one to the Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle and embark on a flavor adventure that will make every day feel like a Sunday feast.

    4 reviews for Sunday Roast Cheddar Truckle

    1. Gracie

      Super impressed by the fast dispatch! Arrived before mothers day even though I ordered it quite late. Got as a gift for my mum who said it is nice although the black pepper was a little overwhelming she thought, but great if you like black pepper!

    2. Jodie Sheppard

      Got as part of a secret Santa, looked amazing and smelt great

    3. Lisa T

      Very nice cheese.

    4. Jessica Ingham

      Great item arrived just in time for Christmas. Can’t speak for how it tastes as it was to go with some wine as a Christmas present.

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