What Do You Meme?

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  • Hilarious adult party game for meme lovers
  • Compete to create funny memes with caption and photo cards
  • UK edition tailored for British banter and humor
  • Contains 435 cards (360 caption cards, 75 photo cards)
  • Best played with 3-20 players, suitable for ages 17+
  • Includes easel and bonus rules for gameplay
  • Created by What Do You Meme?, known for other hilarious games
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.43 x 16.51 cm; 800 Grams
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    What Do You Meme? is the ultimate card game for all the meme enthusiasts out there! Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt as you compete with your friends to create the funniest memes. This game is a hilarious combination of popular internet memes and your witty sense of humor.

    With over 400 caption cards and 75 photo cards, the possibilities are endless. Each round, a rotating judge picks a photo card, and it’s up to the players to come up with the most hilarious caption to match it. Whether you’re a fan of classic memes or the latest viral sensations, this game has got you covered.

    What makes What Do You Meme? a brilliant gift for card game fans is its ability to bring people together for a night of laughter and friendly competition. It’s perfect for game nights, parties, or even just a casual hangout with friends. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the room fills with laughter as everyone tries to outdo each other with their meme creations.

    Not only is this game incredibly entertaining, but it also taps into the current cultural phenomenon of memes. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest internet trends and share a good laugh with friends who appreciate the humor behind them.

    So, if you’re looking for a gift that will bring endless fun and laughter to your favorite card game fans, look no further than What Do You Meme?. Get ready to unleash your inner meme master and create hilarious memories that will have everyone begging for more!

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎10.8 x 11.43 x 16.51 cm, 800 Grams

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    Number of Game Players

    ‎3 – 20 Players

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    ‎28 Aug. 2021


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    13 reviews for What Do You Meme?

    1. Anonymous

      Iniziamo dicendo che non è un gioco per tutti, o meglio non tutti possono trovarlo divertente. È sicuramente un gioco adatto a chi conosce molti meme e sa apprezzarli, quindi in particolare a chi è coinvolto nel mondo di Facebook, Instagram e simili.

      Per essere un gioco di carte il prezzo non è bassissimo, ma è sicuramente un party game che vale la pena di avere.
      Richiede una conoscenza buona della lingua inglese in quanto su molte carte si trovano termini in slang, modi di dire o anche nomi di personaggi, programmi TV eccetera inglesi.

      La scatola è piuttosto ingombrante, ma questo perché le carte con le figure sono molto grandi ed il quantitativo di carte è molto buono.
      Esistono anche delle espansioni che personalmente proverò senza dubbio.

      Il gioco consiste nel mettere una carta Meme sul piedistallo, dopodiché i giocatori dovranno scegliere una delle carte che hanno in mano che secondo loro rappresenta al meglio quel meme. Le risate sono garantite!
      Ci sono delle carte “riservate agli adulti”, che citano quindi temi riguardanti il sesso, parolacce eccetera, impacchettate a parte e contrassegnate da un simbolo in basso a destra, così che si possa decidere se usarle o meno.
      Sono presenti alcune carte chiamate freestyle: quando una di queste carte viene giocata, tutti i giocatori dovranno inventarsi una frase riguardo quel meme, invece di giocare la loro carta.
      È un gioco che richiama molto Cards Against Humanity, anch’esso molto divertente!

    2. Zack

      Great game, fun for everyone

    3. NaomiLucy

      Very funny game to play.

    4. Danya

      Love this game, lots of great laughs with friends.

    5. Nearstars

      Jogo divertido para jogar em família.

    6. Amazon Customer

      Very funny game we have lots of laughter 🤣 playing this game. excellent value and very going quality cards it’s a must have gift.

    7. Lauren

      Bought this for family “fun” over Christmas. Yes there is a NSFW warning, and some of the text on the cards is pretty out there on the pervy scale. We could live with that, but the real let down was in the pictures. Many were just stock photos as opposed to the classic memes you find on the internet. I understand that this is probably due to the minefield of copyright infringements, so maybe it’s just impossible to really do the concept justice without printing your own…

    8. Zack

      I bought what do you meme because I really enjoyed playing cards against humanity with friends last Christmas and thought that making up memes would be a nice fun twist on game play. I also liked the fact that the name of the game is a play on words to Justin Bieber’s song what do you mean. Just to be clear though this game is not suitable for children.

      The game is straight forward like cards against humanity but here each person takes 7 caption cards and then one player takes it turns to be the judge and puts up an image with a supplied easel which could be for example a photo of a fat cat lying on it’s back. The caption card a player might have is, ’when your stepdad Rick drinks all your Mountain Dew’ or ‘When you’re trying to lose weight but gain 3 pound every time you walk by and smell the chippy’. Everyone then secretly selects one card and hands it to the Judge, the Judge then reads out each caption after shuffling them, it’s best to keep the photo visible to all players to create more laughs and banter. The judge then votes on which one they found the most funny and suitably matching. The judge then asks the players who’s card they chose and the winner of that round takes the photo card. The game also comes with freestyle cards and everyone has to come up with their own captions for that image on the spot. The game keeps going till you get hungry and order a pizza, not my words though, seriously that bit is in the rules!
      The game has plenty of caption cards to get through and there is a reasonable amount of photo cards too. It also comes with a separate lot of adult caption cards to discover.

      I played this with some friends aged between 21 – 32, we really had alot of fun and were laughing hysterically at each round of the game. Some of the photo cards were recognised by some of the players which was good – being meme fans.

      As this is the UK version they have done a good job with making the caption cards relevant and current to a UK audience for example one caption card says, ‘when your mate tells you they voted Leave’.

      Although there is plenty of caption cards I can imagine the re-playability of it will become less and less over time but there are expansion packs out there and I would of thought that the company will bring out more like we saw with Cards against humanity. Also the game does encourage you to use your own photos.

      The box it’s self is good quality and should last well but is not that compact. When packing away though it was a little tricky as the photo cards prevent the box lid sliding all the way down, as they cannot be stored alongside the caption cards which I would of probably preferred, but I think this would be possible after taking out the plastic tray the caption cards sit in anyway. The quality of the caption cards are not bad and pretty thick. The photo cards are a good size too. I have included some photos of the inside of the box, the box itself and the contents.

      The price I felt was maybe a little steep but I have found this has been varying a little on Amazon.

      So to conclude I would recommend this game to people that enjoyed cards against humanity, who are not easily offended and enjoy banter. I look forward to getting the game back out before next Christmas.

    9. Stephanie S

      We have so much fun playing this!! 100% reccomend

    10. Paulo Guerra

      Ein sehr lustiges Spiel das sehr viel Spaß macht – leider sind nicht bei jeder Gruppe alle Karten anwendbar, weil sie doch sehr speziell sind und ein Wissen von Marken in UK voraussetzen. Diese kann man aber auch aussortieren. Die Bilderauswahl ist klasse, die Bilder sind witzig, und es gibt meist genügend lustige Sprüche die passen. Das Set ist hochwertig produziert.

    11. Zero

      Sehr lustiges Spiel, darf in einer Spielesammlung nicht fehlen.

    12. Mark allott

      Bought as a gift for Christmas and plated a few games and it’s really funny.

    13. DanceQ

      Cadeau apprécier par mon amie de bonne qualité

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