Six Second Scribbles


  • Fast-paced drawing game challenging players to draw 10 items in 60 seconds
  • Over 100 categories with 1000+ items to draw, ranging from easy to difficult
  • All players draw simultaneously and then pass scribbles for others to guess
  • Balances quality and quantity, focusing on conveying ideas quickly
  • Compact size with small pencils and paper for portability
  • Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.5 x 4.3 cm; 300 Grams
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 8 years and up
  • Language: English
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    Introducing Six Second Scribbles, the ultimate card game for all the creative minds out there! Get ready to unleash your artistic talents and have a blast with this fast-paced and hilarious drawing game.

    Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just love doodling, Six Second Scribbles is perfect for card game fans who enjoy a good laugh. This game will put your drawing skills to the test as you race against the clock to sketch out hilarious and wacky prompts. With only six seconds to draw, the pressure is on to create masterpieces that will leave everyone in stitches!

    Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable game night filled with laughter and friendly competition. Watch as your loved ones attempt to decipher your lightning-fast sketches, resulting in endless moments of joy and amusement. Six Second Scribbles is not only a game but also a fantastic icebreaker, making it an ideal gift for parties, gatherings, or even just a casual hangout.

    With its compact size, this game is portable and can be easily taken on the go. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a weekend getaway, Six Second Scribbles will keep you entertained for hours. It’s the perfect gift for card game enthusiasts who love to have fun and showcase their artistic flair.

    So, grab your pencils, set the timer, and let the laughter begin! Six Second Scribbles is the ultimate gift that guarantees endless entertainment and unforgettable memories. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and create hilarious masterpieces that will have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter!

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    ‎12.3 x 9.5 x 4.3 cm, 300 Grams

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    13 reviews for Six Second Scribbles

    1. Dan H

      Really good fun and nobody playing needs any skill in drawing at all – in fact, being a good artist might be a detriment!

      This is really challenging we haven’t even progressed beyond the easy ones yet as it’s so hard. 60 seconds to speed draw ten things goes so quickly. Great fun guessing everyone’s rubbish doodles

      So pleased we bought this for family gatherings!

    2. Caroline

      I bought this as a Christmas gift for my kids. It’s fun for all ages. My 6 year was able to play competitively and enjoy the game with adults. Really fun and compact little game!

    3. Ashley T

      This game was so fun! It was very easy to explain and it is also quick to play. It’s very simple but we were cracking up at the pictures. I like that it’s small and would be easy to pack.

      A few small things that kept it from being a perfect 5/5, in my opinion:

      -For the price, I would have liked to have seen a one minute hourglass timer included versus being told to use your phone.
      -Why were there so many more ‘Tricky’ cards than ‘Easy’ or ‘Almost Impossible’?? It was strange that the piles weren’t even, and especially that there weren’t that many Easy cards. We were playing with 5 and we ran out of Easy cards after a few rounds.

      Overall, though, highly recommend. I bought one for a gift and after playing it over Christmas, bought another one for myself.

    4. Denise B.

      This game was a hit at the Vhristmas get together. Everyone who played had fun and it was a diverse group. Would recommend!

    5. Chris

      Bought this for our granddaughters for Christmas, 8 and 10 year olds, so easy to play and very funny when trying to draw 10 pictures of the items listed in 60 seconds, even funnier when the other players have to name what you have drawn. Excellent game to take in your bag for playing in the pub or anywhere with your children and family. Highly recommend.

    6. mummy2JLH

      As a family we love this game. It’s great fun and easy to play. Had us all laughing and playful disagreements. It’s an ideal size to take on travel too

    7. Jon D.

      Played it with five people, age range 21yrs to 56yrs. We all laughed out loud and it kept us entertained. It’s a simple but effective game and we’ll definitely be playing it again. Compact enough to take on holiday.

    8. Rachel C.

      This game is so small and portable. AND SO FUN! For kids and adults! Please make more! We love it so much and need more category cards now 😄😄

    9. Kawalla

      We got this for family game night and weren’t disappointed – it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take too long. Even our six year old was able to play with the big kids and adults. Easy to learn, lots of laughs, well worth the money.

    10. Debbie Glover

      A great game for lots of us at different ages. Probably aged 7+.
      Easy cards great for younger kids to join in or those less good at drawing! Lots of laughs

    11. Twirlilocks

      Much easier to play than pictionary. You’re ready to play as soon as you open the box, no complicated rules to explain.

    12. TNMG

      Brought this as a quick and simple game to play at Christmas.
      It was really fun for all ages.
      Because it’s a quick game it doesn’t matter if you’re not a great artist.
      We had a good laugh with it.

    13. Shannon

      Played this over the holidays a couple times, first to try it out with only the adults, and then once the 8 and 10 year olds tried it, they kept asking to play.

      It sounds like an easy enough task. 6 seconds to draw something. But people rarely end up drawing all 10 in a minute.

      Super cute game for the family

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