MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

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  • Wire-free smart wireless meat thermometer for indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Bluetooth 5 technology with a range of up to 330m open air, average 50m with obstacles
  • Free app for iOS and Android devices to monitor cooking progress
  • Ideal gift for BBQ enthusiasts and home chefs, perfect for holiday season gifting
  • Dual sensors for monitoring internal meat temperature and ambient/external temperature simultaneously
  • Dishwasher safe meat thermometer with stainless steel probe
  • Extend range over WiFi with MEATER Link using a second smart device
  • Probe specifications: Stainless steel, water-resistant, Bluetooth 4.0, max internal temp 200°C, max ambient temp 275°C
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Introducing the MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer, the ultimate gadget for BBQ lovers and foodies alike! This little wonder will revolutionize the way you cook your favorite meats, ensuring they are perfectly cooked every time.

Gone are the days of standing by the grill, anxiously waiting for your steak to reach the ideal temperature. With the MEATER Plus, you can monitor your meat’s progress from up to 165 feet away, thanks to its wireless connectivity. Simply insert the sleek probe into your meat, connect it to your smartphone, and let the magic happen!

But what sets the MEATER Plus apart from other meat thermometers? Well, it’s not just its cutting-edge technology, but also its incredible accuracy. The dual sensors measure both internal and ambient temperatures, providing you with precise readings and eliminating any guesswork. Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meals!

This brilliant gift is perfect for BBQ lovers who take their grilling seriously. It’s also a must-have for foodies who appreciate the art of cooking and want to achieve culinary perfection. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or smoking, the MEATER Plus will be your trusty companion, ensuring your meats are cooked to perfection every time.

So, why settle for mediocre meals when you can elevate your cooking game with the MEATER Plus? It’s time to impress your friends and family with perfectly cooked steaks, juicy chicken, and tender roasts. Get ready to take your BBQ skills to the next level and become the ultimate grill master!

Upgrade your cooking experience with the MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer and unlock a world of culinary possibilities.

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12 reviews for MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

  1. James M

    I’d wanted a Meater for a while and when my cheap 4-probe wired thermometer gave up the ghost, I decided to upgrade to a Meater+. Very, very glad I did.

    Let me get the “cons” out first.

    – Firstly, this a big probe — it will leave a sizeable hole in whatever you are cooking. If it is a beef rib roast or a whole chicken, you’re absolutely fine. Duck breasts or smaller, I’d stick to something more traditional. That said, the Meater is aimed at meats that take longer (i.e., you can walk away while it is cooking) — so this is forgivable.

    – Next, water resistant not waterproof. You can clean it in the sink without worrying about ruining it, but if you’re boiling a ham — again, you need to stick to your more traditional probe. This was more of an issue for me, as it is genuinely a useful scenario for the Meater that I cannot use it for.

    – Expensive. I got it on a Black Friday sale and I still winced at the price. I got one probe for 3x the price of its 4-probe predecessor! I want another 2 of these now to cover my larger cooks, but I’ll be buying them slowly over time.

    However, all these things can be forgiven with the pros that Meater+ brings. Firstly, the app is really nicely designed, super simple to use and set up. Initial setup did require me to “update my probe” which took close to 40 minutes, but once that was done, everything has been smooth sailing since. Select your meat type, the cut and your desired “doneness” and the rest is taken care of.

    I love the historical view of your cooks too. The app will save your data, showing you the ambient temperate and the internal temperature over the course of the cook. I can see where I opened the oven/BBQ and when/how long the meat was rested.

    Which takes me on to resting! Far and away the nicest feature is that the app predicts the resting temperature for you. It knows how fast the meat is warming up and your desired target temperature, so it will tell you to take the meat out of the oven to rest not AT the target temperature, but before it with a resting guideline, so that you have perfectly rested meat and the carryover heat has brought it to your perfect doneness. Sure, you can do all of that traditionally, but calculating it all properly requires far too much effort. Meater+ gives your meat that extra bit of finesse with ZERO effort on your part.

    Battery life and maintenance have all been super straightforward. I’ve done several long cooks, with no battery alerts and it is super easy to clean and put back in its bamboo-style charging station.

    In short, I love this little thing and will be purchasing a couple more. They are expensive though, there’s no denying — so I’d recommend for BBQ enthusiasts and home cooks that regularly cook large, expensive pieces of meat.

  2. NipNips

    Used for the first time, make sure you check the battery as you have to pull the little bit of plastic off to activate the battery. You have to charge it for 2 hours before first use. Very compact, nice container. App easy to download and use. You can choose how rare/ well done you want your meat and sends you reminders when to take it out and how long to rest it for. Its a bit expensive but worth it.

  3. Corona Kid

    Have now used this product a few times, for steak, chicken, salmon fillets and baked potatoes. Each time the results have been excellent. Rare steak, moist,but well cooked chicken & salmon and fluffy potatoes. No need to weigh items or use guesswork to get fantastic results everytime Meater
    does all the calculating. Great buy. Highly recommended.

  4. Malin

    Produit de qualité.
    Très pratique, facile à utiliser.

  5. Pere

    Har inte testat den än men verkar vara superbra.

  6. Alessandro

    Es un aparato muy practico

  7. Kelsey Eck

    Regalato ai miei genitori per Natale, l’abbiamo testato subito con un arrosto di maiale, cotto alla perfezione.
    L’oggetto è veramente minimale ma elegante, a differenza di altri termometri analogici, sembra una penna a sfera. La custodia di ricarica in legno è anch’essa elegante e leggera, trasferisce la carica al termometro tramite batteria di tipo AA (stilo), ovviamente cambiabile.
    L’app consente un’abbinamento molto veloce tra smartphone e termometro (in realtà quello che viene abbinato è la custodia di ricarica), è anche abbastanza intuitiva nell’uso, magari leggermente migliorabile sotto questo punto di vista, ma nel complesso molto buona. In estrema sintesi: si inserisce il termometro nella pietanza che si vuole cucinare al forno, si seleziona la tipologia in app (carne, pesce etc), il taglio (per esempio filetto, costata etc) e si sceglie il tipo di cottura desiderata. Se il taglio o la tipologia non è presente nella lista, si seleziona manualmente la temperatura desiderata. Dopodichè si infila in forno e ce ne si dimentica: l’app monitora la temperatura attuale, la temperatura target e la temperatura del forno. Quando si sta per raggiungere la temperatura target, avvisa di spegnere e lasciare riposare il cibo, sempre con la sonda inserita. Noi abbiamo cucinato 2 kg di maiale, taglio coppa, con temperatura interna impostata manualmente a 85 gradi. Arrivati a 80 gradi, l’app ci ha consigliato di togliere la carne dal forno e lasciarla riposare 20 minuti (ovviamente l’app mostra il timer relativo), sempre con termometro inserito. Dopo 20 minuti la temperatura interna è infatti arrivata a 85, carne cotta alla perfezione, pronta per essere tagliata e gustata. Il prezzo sicuramente non è “popolare”, ma oltre all’aspetto “tecnologico” il fatto di non dover aprire mai il forno durante la cottura come invece spesso deve avvenire con i termometri analogici (semplicemente per controllare la temperatura raggiunta) è sicuramente un vantaggio

  8. sledge89

    I’ve used it twice so far – once for the Christmas turkey, and more recently for a pork tenderloin.

    Both turned out perfectly. It’s genuinely very very impressive. I wish I’d bought it earlier.

  9. Tom Mannings

    Roasting joints has become a breeze, Christmas dinner, the package instructions on the beef was telling me one thing, the MEATER gave me a completely different time and the meat cooked to perfection. If I had followed the instructions the meat would have been over done.

    To use:
    Connect the probe to the app of your phone and select what type of meat you are cooking.
    Stick probe in your meat
    Place meat in oven
    See meat temp and remaining cooking time on app and remove when told.

    A completely fool-proof product.

    The MEATER is easy to clean, has a nice charging case, just make sure the battery in the charger is renewed often.

  10. Alex

    I’ve used this numerous times over the past 18 months and it works perfectly. Yes you get disconnection issues but it’s momentary. You need your phone, the wooden cradle and the device within the kitchen. It’s been a game changer for rib roast and leg of lamb, I used to overcook these following online cooking times. This device takes out the guess work and I found I needed to cook meat for less time. 10/10

  11. S&M

    I recently purchased the MEATER Plus: Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth Booster, and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with its performance. As an avid BBQ enthusiast, having a reliable and accurate meat thermometer is an absolute must, and the MEATER Plus definitely delivers.

    One of the standout features of this thermometer is its long-range wireless capability. With the Bluetooth booster included, I can monitor the temperature of my meat from up to 165 feet away. This is incredibly convenient, as it allows me to mingle with guests or take care of other tasks without having to constantly check on the grill or oven.

    Setting up the MEATER Plus was a breeze. All I had to do was insert the probe into the meat, download the app on my phone, and connect the thermometer via Bluetooth. The app is extremely user-friendly and provides real-time temperature updates, estimated cook times, and even notifications when the desired temperature is reached. The app also offers a variety of preset cooking options for different types of meat, ensuring that I achieve the perfect doneness every time.

    The thermometer itself is well-built and feels durable in hand. The probe is made from stainless steel and has a sharp, pointed tip for easy insertion into meats. It also has a built-in OLED display that shows the current temperature, so you can also check on the meat without having to constantly rely on the app.

    Accuracy is crucial when it comes to meat thermometers, and the MEATER Plus does not disappoint.

  12. NipNips

    the MEATER assist us in cooking our roasts to perfection, no risk of overcooked boring meat or undercooked salmonella chicken. Tonight was airfryer pork roast, was juicy meat and crackling was crisp and crunchy. Everyone loved it. Can fully recommend the MEATER to avoid disappointing meat

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