Buddha Board

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  • Authentic and original Buddha Board for experiencing calm and serenity
  • Creations slowly fade as they dry, providing a mindful experience
  • Easy to use, just fill container with water and start painting with bamboo brush
  • Inspired by Zen philosophy, perfect gift for practicing mindfulness, calligraphy, drawing, and relaxing
  • Suitable for people from 5 years old
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials and environmentally friendly
  • Paint with just water, no ink or chemicals, and no worries about stains
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    Introducing the Buddha Board, the ultimate gift for artists and creative souls! This magical board brings a whole new level of zen to your artistic journey. So, what makes it a brilliant gift? Well, let’s dive into the world of this incredible creation!

    The Buddha Board falls under the category of art supplies, but it’s so much more than just that. It’s a unique and innovative tool that allows artists to unleash their creativity in a calming and mindful way. With a simple brushstroke, you can create beautiful masterpieces on the board’s surface, using only water. Yes, you heard that right – just water!

    This enchanting board is perfect for artists who love to experiment and explore different techniques. As you paint, your strokes appear bold and vibrant, but as the water evaporates, your creation slowly fades away, leaving you with a blank canvas to start anew. It’s like a never-ending cycle of artistic expression!

    Not only does the Buddha Board provide endless artistic possibilities, but it also promotes mindfulness and relaxation. As you paint, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the present moment, letting go of stress and worries. It’s a therapeutic experience that allows your mind to wander freely and your creativity to flow effortlessly.

    Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, the Buddha Board is the perfect companion. It’s a gift that encourages self-expression, mindfulness, and artistic exploration. So, why wait? Grab a Buddha Board today and let your imagination run wild!

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    13 reviews for Buddha Board

    1. Mrs. L. L. Makowski-heaton

      I bought this for my younger clients but even my older clients love this. Draw/paint how your feeling at the beginning of a session and whilst you work through your feelings the picture disappears. So simple! Well made and looks good.

    2. Helen Gilbert

      I love the concept and the simplicity of this board. As any painting will fade away as the water dries there is no judgment, not need to follow any plan except my fancies of the moment. Also it is a beautiful object in its own right.

    3. tincan100

      The board works as it says it will, a lovely product. Slightly disappointed that it doesn’t look exactly like it does on the box, there is a small lip around the edge, and it looks cheap in comparison. Still worth a look if you like interesting items on your desk.

    4. Brian Brown

      Satisfied the recipient

    5. Mahree

      This was a gift for my husband for Christmas, and he enjoys it! It’s fun and easy, stores small, and actually works exactly as described. I was impressed! I don’t know that I would personally gift it without knowing someone was into this type of thing, but it’s cool for sure.

    6. LebeBewusst

      J’ai attendu longtemps de commander le Buddha Board sur Amazon car il était indisponible. Récemment, j’ai vu qu’il était de retour et je me suis jetée dessus! Le concept est simple: une surface, un support, un pinceau, et de l’eau! C’est vraiment hypnotisant et la boite livrée est très pro, arrivée le jour prévu et en parfait état. Le design passe partout, c’est devenu une activité que j’aime beaucoup et je recommande le produit à quiconque souhaite se détendre, ou simplement tuer le temps. Superbe!

    7. Amazon Customer

      Very calming to just paint with the water and then leave it five and your ready to go. My 4 year old also loves painting on this and keeps him busy for half an hour or so.

      Not to large in size with the main painting area being a bit over a4. No mess as it comes with a cover for the brush and easy to empty and dry the base.

    8. Shivana

      Excellent gift idea. Great packaging and top quality board and paint brush. Very sturdy and easy to draw on, looks classy too.

    9. Anon

      La verdad que es una gozada, lo compre para un regalo, y creo que voy a comprarme otro para mi. Es súper relajante, empiezas a dibujar sólo con agua, y se pasa el tiempo sin darte cuenta, se van desvaneciendo lentamente los trazos, y tu dibujo va evolucionando.

      Además trae también un soporte donde puedes poner el agua, y donde colocarlo a modo de lienzo.

      El diseño es elegante, y discreto, muy zen, en cualquier sitio queda bien.

      Muy contento!

    10. Anon

      Das Buddha Board wurde sehr schnell geliefert. Den Preis von 34,95 EUR finde ich angemessen. Das Buddha Board ist eine dünne Schiefertafel, die durch den mitgelieferten Pinsel mit Wasser befeuchtet werden kann. Dadurch wird das Board dunkel. Das Board kann in die beiliegende Halterung gesteckt werden. In diese kann das Wasser eingefüllt werden. Der ebenfalls beiliegende Pinsel ist sehr gut zum Malen darauf geeignet.
      Es ist wunderbar, eben mal ein paar schöne Figuren zu malen und sofort zu sehen, wie diese durch das Verdunsten des Wassers auf dem Board wieder verschwinden. Vorher ergeben sich noch neue Formen, die zum Deuten einladen. Nach dem Verdunsten des Wassers ist das Buddha Board wieder im Ur-Zustand und kann neu bemalt werden.
      Ich male sehr häufig und gerne darauf, ebenso wie meine Kinder!

    11. Jodye

      This is brilliant – painting without the mess! My 3 year old is engrossed and hasn’t stopped playing with it for two weeks solid. And its so elegant it really teaches about art and beauty.

      The only thing that would make this better is the option for two boards – 3 year olds really dont have the patience to wait for it to dry!!!

      Also enjoyed by me after she goes to bed, and occiaisionally by Grandma – very versatile and relaxing!

    12. JT

      Outstanding concept and well executed. Awesome for parents in that it doesn’t leave a mess, and encourages creativity over and over again! Fun for the whole family too! Once you get into it, very hard to put away! Have bought several now for our grandchildren, and they all love it.

    13. Max

      My hubby and I bought this as a gift for my sister, but were surprised by how much everyone enjoys using it. We have set it up on a high cupboard it the family room and we all find it very relaxing. My sister, who is an amateur artist, has really enjoyed the calming effect it has between projects and at breaktime. We highly recommend, it was a great purchase!

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