The Little Book of Hygge


  • The Little Book of Hygge explores the Danish concept of hygge, often associated with happiness
  • The audiobook is written and read by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute
  • Hygge is described as finding pleasure in intimacy, cosiness, and soothing experiences
  • The book guides listeners on how to incorporate hygge into their lives through activities like lighting, dinner parties, and dressing
  • Meik Wiking believes hygge is the key ingredient that makes Danes the happiest people in the world
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    Introducing The Little Book of Hygge, your ultimate guide to embracing coziness and finding joy in the simple things! Bursting with Danish wisdom, this delightful book is the perfect gift for anyone seeking a little extra warmth and happiness in their life.

    Step into the world of hygge, a concept that encompasses all things cozy, comforting, and content. From flickering candlelight to snuggling up with a soft blanket, this book will transport you to a place of pure relaxation and tranquility. Discover the art of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home.

    With its charming illustrations and insightful tips, The Little Book of Hygge is a treasure trove of inspiration. Learn how to create hygge moments in every aspect of your life, from savoring a cup of hot cocoa to embracing the joy of togetherness with loved ones. This book is a delightful reminder to slow down, appreciate the little things, and find happiness in the present moment.

    As a brilliant gift, The Little Book of Hygge falls perfectly into the category of Wellbeing gifts. It offers a gentle nudge towards self-care and mindfulness, encouraging the recipient to prioritize their own happiness and well-being. Whether it’s for a stressed-out friend, a busy parent, or someone in need of a little pick-me-up, this book is a thoughtful and heartwarming present that will bring a smile to their face.

    So, why wait? Dive into the world of hygge and give the gift of coziness and contentment with The Little Book of Hygge. Embrace the Danish way of life and discover the joy of finding happiness in the simplest of pleasures.

    13 reviews for The Little Book of Hygge

    1. Lauren Swindells

      Such a cute little book! Makes a great coffee table book as it’s so pretty on the outside, loved the quality of everything. Would definitely recommend if you want to feel cosy

    2. B Jenkins

      Great book

    3. Jasen

      The edges of the book were rugged and there were dirty stains around the edges. There are also some stains in the book. It was advertised as “New” but this does not seem to be the case.

    4. Miss RosePetals

      Hygge: active cosiness and comfort that translates into contentment and wellbeing. At least that’s what Google said when I typed the word into its translator over two weeks ago. The beauty of the word “hygge” (hoo-gah) is that it is one of few words that don’t have a direct translation into English, partially because it isn’t just one thing, it is many…

      It’s having a cup of tea in front of the fire while a storm rages outside, it’s wearing your Christmas pyjamas bottoms in February (guilty as charged!), it’s playing a board game with your family while you have a casserole cooking in the next room, it’s wearing your favourite fluffy socks. From what I understand hygge is more like a feeling than a fad, unique to each individual that experiences it.

      The word “Hygge” had been floating around my Pinterest board for about a week and I was intrigued. It was aesthetically pleasing and something that I could get into, namely cardigans, candles and pastries – the typical comforts that we indulge in during the darker months of the year. When I did my research I thought that this is just a way to get money out of people, which it may be to an extent (at least outside of Denmark), however I had everything I need to have a hyggelig evening at home already; a blanket, a good book, too many candles, and a fluffy cat, and a boyfriend, to cuddle.

      Of course hygge isn’t just about candles and pastries, it’s about togetherness and spending time with people you love; having a game night where you invite your family over for a game of Cluedo, or where you make stew for everyone, and there’s enough left over for everyone’s lunch for work tomorrow. It’s that sense of true contentment that is experienced in the presence of those you truly love.

      What I really loved about Meik Wiking’s (pronounced Viking, not joking!) writing is how he painted an image in my mind of him coming in from a skiing trip, dishevelled and exhausted, and sitting down with a couple of beers with his friends around a fire. That is hygge. It was an image that put me instantly at ease.

      Wiking puts hygge down to the Danes coming top, or nearly top, in most world happiness polls, and I can appreciate why. There’s less pressure to be something you aren’t, there’s an enjoyment of life outside of work, rather than the busybody lifestyle that we have adopted in the UK where work means everything and you feel unable to celebrate your small successes; like finishing that book you’ve been dying to read, or finding a cardigan you’ve been eyeing up for weeks in the sale (again, guilty as charged!) If the UK had more hygge I think we would be a much happier country. I know from my own experience, since I have adopted some elements of hygge my life has felt richer for it.

      So should you buy this book? Definitely… Along with some fluffy socks, a cardigan, a blanket and some candles. This book is made for lovers of creature comforts.

    5. Julie

      Did not know what to expect when buying this book. it is basically a coffee table book I purchased as a gift for my mother. She loves it though, there are all kinds of really neat facts and fascinating things contained therein. I flipped through it a bit and found it was a nice collection of living life as simple and cosy as possible. I recommend for anyone looking to just have a beautiful piece of art sitting on their table for company to quickly flip through when visiting.

    6. K. Jones

      Perhaps fittingly this is the sort of book that needs to be purchased as a physical book. The kindle version was all disconnected pictures and passages of 200-400 words per page with lots of white space. It offers brief introductions to hygge essentials which might be nice as a gift or a coffee table flick-through. As an informative read the content was only so-so. Hygge is not a difficult concept to understand, it has been sold to the British middle-classes for a few years now. Wooden floors, wood burners, fire pits, home baking, designer candles, Scandi home furnishing, Heinz adverts to warm the cockles of your heart and Nigel Slater with simple supper recipes to share with friends from rustic earthenware crockery. If this middle-class wet dream is your sort of thing try an issue of ‘The Simple Things’ magazine, you’d love it. Yes catching up with friends in a cozy environment is great, candles are lovely and sweets/cakes are always welcome (although I’m not sure you’d be living well or that long if you indulged too often) and I don’t think you need to tell Brits about the importance of a hot drink between friends. I guess my issue with the whole obsession with Denmark, Hygge and happiness is that the reason they are so happy is because they have an more equal society with free healthcare, an excellent welfare system, better working culture and better wealth redistribution through tax. To be fair the book does make this very point at the beginning. So when the British middle-classes want to recreate Danish living here in the UK they arguably need to do a bit more than installing a woodburner and having a cake and games night with friends. I really believe Hygge in the UK is nothing more than a marketing tool, selling the Danish dream through expensive knitwear and light fittings, without the pesky tax hikes or being nice to poor people. This book buys into all that fakery. If you want to show off to all your friends how Danish and hygge you are, great buy this book. If you really want real hygge, invite your friends around, feed them whatever is in the fridge, have chat over a cuppa and take time to really consider those for whom hygge is the least of their concerns. Do check out the free report on Danish happiness available at the authors Happiness Research Institue website, it is much more enlightening than this book and shows that the UK has some fundamental changes to make if we really want to go Danish. However, this report paradoxically shows that the Danish are not ‘living well’ in terms of health. If anything hygge has left the Danish nation in suprisingly poor health. Staying in all the time, indulging in the nicer things in life with friends, has it’s downside.

      *2018 update: In light of the author’s most recent book, The Little Book of Lykke, I wanted to update my review. It’s as if Wiking read this review and then wrote the book I had been initially seeking in The Little Book of Hygge. So yes, this book is more a lifestyle book where as ‘Lykke’ really gets to the nitty-gritty of happiness, making excellent use of The Happiness Institutes research. For the record, I’m not middle-class bashing. I’m very much working-class living in a middle-class lifestyle, with the wood burner being fitted this year. I’m the biggest hypocrite of them all, that doesn’t mean that I can’t see the absurdity of some middle-class lifestyle trends. I do feel a bit guilty about only giving 3 stars and upped it to 4 as the author has now done his apparent intelligence and thoughtfulness some justice by writing a more substantial book. It’s almost like ‘now’ he’s allowed write a frivolous little bit of fluff with recipes and crafting ideas.

    7. Esined

      This was a gift for my Daughter & she was very happy with it

    8. Cynthia Obrien

      Book arrived quickly and as described. Lovely easy reading . Gives Hygge inspiration. Just a slight mark on the cover but otherwise in excellent condition. I will use this site in the future.

    9. Freya le Fevre

      Arrived quickly, easily and in good quality 👌🏻

    10. Shraavi

      Definitely a cozy read. I read this during winters, it’s a feel good book.

    11. lucia

      Molto bello, da tenere sul comodino

    12. Jane

      Very happy

    13. Isa

      Beschenkte war vom Inhalt begeistert ;)))

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