The Hygge Game


  • The Hygge Game is a card game designed for ages 14 to 99 that focuses on creating a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere with loved ones
  • The game includes 110 cards with over 300 thought-provoking questions to stimulate meaningful conversations amongst players
  • Suitable for various settings such as a night in, small parties, or dinners with friends and family
  • Encourages storytelling and sharing among players, fostering a sense of togetherness and connection
  • Product dimensions are 14.48 x 14.48 x 4.57 cm and it weighs 249 g
  • Manufacturer recommended age is 14 years and up
  • The game does not have specified educational objectives but aims to promote quality time and bonding experiences
  • The Hygge Game is made of cardboard material and does not require batteries or assembly
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    Introducing The Hygge Game, the ultimate companion for cozy nights in and heartwarming gatherings! This delightful game is the perfect addition to your collection of Wellbeing gifts.

    With The Hygge Game, you can dive into the Danish concept of hygge, which celebrates all things cozy, comforting, and joyful. Gather your loved ones, light some candles, and let the game guide you through a world of warmth and happiness.

    This brilliant gift is designed to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of togetherness. It’s a fantastic way to bring people closer, whether it’s family, friends, or even new acquaintances. The Hygge Game encourages open conversations, laughter, and a genuine appreciation for the little things in life.

    Inside the beautifully crafted box, you’ll find 300 entertaining and thought-provoking questions, prompts, and challenges. Each card is carefully designed to spark engaging discussions and create unforgettable moments. From sharing heartwarming memories to exploring dreams and aspirations, The Hygge Game is guaranteed to bring smiles and warmth to any gathering.

    Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a special occasion or simply want to add some hygge to your own life, The Hygge Game is the perfect choice. So, gather your loved ones, embrace the cozy atmosphere, and let the laughter and connection flow. Get ready to create memories that will warm your heart for years to come!

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎14.48 x 14.48 x 4.57 cm, 249 g

    Item model number


    Educational Objectives

    ‎Not available

    Number of Game Players

    ‎2 and up

    Assembly Required


    Batteries Required


    Batteries included


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    Remote Control Included




    13 reviews for The Hygge Game

    1. Samfa

      The Hygge game went down a treat at a pre New Year weekend away. It was just as described cosy, conversation. You may need to remind one or two guests that it is just that a conversation starter and not always a question that must be answered specifically.
      I should of known that – well we had fun enough but found that the majority of questions we got through that night, we knew the answer. You could easily get bored with this one if you are an avid Quiz goer or well read, keep abreast of all manner of world events.
      Knocked 1 star off for this reason.
      Overall as pair they work well together

    2. ernestina s.

      Just like the subtitle says: cozy conversations. Some questions are maybe too american from a european perspective

    3. Neil

      This is a great facilitator for opening up interesting and enlightening conversation in a non-threatening, non-competitive environment. It’s a warm, feel good experience and yet can also create some “lively” debate. Everyone I have played this with has said how brilliant it is. It has a simple format, which is often the case with the best games, and you play it for as long as you want. Well worth giving it a go.

    4. Josh Milton-Barker

      Good game

    5. Cleide Fernandez

      We had initially found this at a brewery while on vacation with friends and loved it so much that we purchased for home.

      It is definitely not a game as the cover art suggests, but a box which contains cards with great conversation starters. There are some serious cards, some laughter inducing ones, just generally a great way to spend a cozy evening with friends or family. The box itself is small and the cards even smaller, so it’s also portable if you’re going somewhere and want to have a fun way to kick off conversations- it has more than you’ll ever get through in one sitting.

    6. SNL

      Greatly enjoyed by different groups

    7. Tina

      Adorei. Material maravilhoso tanto na qualidade do papel como das perguntas. Se tiver adolescentes no grupo só selecionar as perguntas que seriam mais indicadas para adultos.Amei❤️

    8. Nadia

      It is not a game but more a conversation starter. Great subjects and fun to do.

    9. Jac Warrender

      In a world where phones take over this is a great way to get conversations going

    10. Diane

      Me gusto mucho, ya que es un juego muy divertido para conocer a los amigos o a la familia. En temas muy diversos.

    11. Sharon T

      This is a great family game. The questions make you think and you learn interesting random things about your fellow players, even if they’re family! I would recommend this game, we had fun playing over the holiday, players ages were from 7 to 71 and everyone enjoyed it.

    12. Nadia

      I only just received the game, so will see how it goes, but I’m disappointed with the size of the box Vs amount/size of the cards. As shown on the pictures cards take less than a half a space in the box. Would be better to have them packed in a small box so it’d be easier to take them out with you in a pocket or in the purse. Will ditch the box and get a little sack for them instead. What a waste

    13. Skinny Chops

      As far as I can gather this is a cosy chatting game, a bit of an antidote to ‘Cards against humanity’.
      I gave it as a gift so haven’t played it. It was nicely packaged and it looked like a good quality present.

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