Glitter bomb


  • Unique design of spring-loaded glitter bomb in the shape of a normal envelope
  • Offers a variety of options including fine glitter, sequins, hearts, and d!cks
  • Sent anonymously to the target address with no receipt or return address
  • Not suitable for the elderly or individuals with heart conditions due to sudden movement and noise upon opening
  • Handmade in the UK with 90% recyclable materials
  • Offers signed for/special delivery options at extra cost for tracking
  • Ships worldwide except for Germany, airmail may take up to 10 working days
  • Reminder to check with the target before opening cases if the prank is not admitted to
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    Introducing the Glitter Bomb, the ultimate prank gift that will leave your friends sparkling with laughter! This little gem falls under the category of prank gifts, and boy, does it deliver a glittery surprise like no other.

    Imagine the look on your friend’s face as they open a seemingly innocent package, only to be showered in a glorious explosion of shimmering glitter! It’s like a mini celebration just for them, except with a hilarious twist. The Glitter Bomb is designed to bring joy and laughter to any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, a farewell party, or just a random Tuesday when you feel mischievous.

    Not only does the Glitter Bomb provide endless entertainment, but it also serves as a brilliant gift for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a unique and unexpected present that will stand out from the crowd. Forget about boring socks or generic gift cards; the Glitter Bomb is a one-of-a-kind surprise that will leave a lasting impression.

    Secondly, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Long after the initial explosion of glitter, your friend will find specks of sparkle in the most unexpected places, bringing back memories of the hilarious moment. It’s a prank that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

    So, if you’re looking to add a touch of mischief and laughter to someone’s life, the Glitter Bomb is the perfect choice. Get ready to unleash a glittery storm and watch as your friends become the stars of their very own sparkling show. Get your Glitter Bomb today and let the pranks begin!

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    Cardboard, Paper, Multicolored Glitter, A Pinch Of Humor, A Dash Of Mischief

    7 reviews for Glitter bomb

    1. Anonymous

      Gave my friend the gift that keeps on giving, of forever finding glitter in their carpet and on their possessions. They may never speak to me again but that’s a worthy sacrifice for the satisfaction of knowing they will never forget this day.

    2. Cathy Main

      Thanks for your purchase! You’re welcome back anytime!! ☺️

    3. Anonymous

      Thanks for your purchase! You’re welcome back anytime!! ☺️

    4. Nat Cee

      Thanks for your purchase! You’re welcome back anytime!! ☺️

    5. Joanne

      Amazing!! Great prank! Thank you!

    6. Chesca

      Excellent product and customer service. I highly recommend the seller! Thank you!

    7. Anonymous

      Omg brilliant! Got it sent to my husband as payback for getting on my nerves. Liked the idea of sequins rather than glitter so I didn’t have to hoover a million times. He didn’t suspect a thing, came in a brown envelope which completely disguises the product so definitely surprised him. Popped open made my husband jump which was hilarious, really well made, definitely worth the money.

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