Yoga Dice


  • Yoga Pose Dice for mixing up yoga routines
  • Ideal gift for yogis of all levels
  • Seven wooden dice with different poses on each side
  • Thousands of possible pose combinations
  • Challenges endurance with seated, standing, balancing, twists, etc
  • Promotes meditation and relaxation
  • Educational objectives include numeracy and spatial awareness
  • No assembly or batteries required, made of wood, colored Yoga Dice
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    Introducing Yoga Dice, the perfect gift for all the yoga lovers out there! These little dice are here to add a whole new level of fun and excitement to your yoga practice. With Yoga Dice, you can say goodbye to boring routines and hello to endless possibilities.

    Each set of Yoga Dice contains a variety of poses, body parts, and time durations. Simply roll the dice and let fate decide your yoga adventure! Will you be striking a pose like a graceful tree or twisting into a powerful warrior? How about focusing on your core or stretching those tight hamstrings? The combinations are endless, ensuring that every yoga session is a unique and exciting experience.

    Not only are Yoga Dice a blast to use, but they also make a brilliant gift for yoga lovers. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned yogi or someone just starting their yoga journey, these dice will bring a smile to their face. They add an element of surprise and creativity to any practice, making it even more enjoyable and engaging.

    Yoga Dice fall into the category of unique and innovative yoga accessories. They offer a refreshing twist to traditional yoga routines, encouraging practitioners to explore new poses and challenge themselves in different ways. By gifting Yoga Dice, you’re not only giving a fun and entertaining present but also inspiring your loved ones to deepen their yoga practice and embrace the joy of exploration.

    So, roll the dice, strike a pose, and let the yoga adventure begin! With Yoga Dice, every practice becomes a playful journey towards balance, strength, and inner peace. Get ready to roll, stretch, and have a whole lot of fun on your mat!

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    ‎9.21 x 8.89 x 9.21 cm, 181 g

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    ‎Numeracy & Spacial Awareness



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    ‎Yoga Dice

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    ‎27 Jun. 2017

    13 reviews for Yoga Dice

    1. Rene M Garcia


    2. Amazon Customer

      I brought this as a gift for a fellow “yogi” and I can say – it was an amazing gift! She loved it, one of the best things are they are good chunky die, with clear images.
      Perfect for a busy yogi on the go wanting to randomize their flow workout, or for newbies wanting to give it a go.

    3. Nastai

      El envío llegó en buen estado y en el tiempo estimado.

      Había visto estos dados de yoga en otra página y los encontré aquí mas baratos. La verdad que es tal cual la foto. Los dados dan muchísimas posibilidades para hacerte una sesión de yoga a traves de distintos Chakras. Traen un pequeño manual donde explica todo, el único inconveniente es que está en inglés (para quien no se defienda bien con este idioma va a tener problemas, porque es un vocabulario muy específico y hay que entenderlo bien sino te va a salir mal la postura).

    4. Rene M Garcia

      Schön verpackt, Holzwürfel sind schön handlich
      Insgesamt einfach eine nette Idee, auch zum verschenken

    5. Julie L

      These yoga dice are great. They are about the size of a kids smaller wooden alphabet/building block, 1 1/4”. They are a nice smooth wood with rounded edges and the images are in blue.
      There are 7 dice. Each die has 5 poses and a chakra, for a total of 35 poses and 7 chakras. Each die represents a different category of poses- sun salutation, standing, balancing, seated, forward bend, & core.
      The book shows the pose, the name ( not Sanskrit) and how to do the pose. For the chakras, it shows the chakra symbol, name, info, on that chakra, benefit and suggested poses for balancing that chakra. I personally find the chakra sides to be a bit annoying. I don’t have the chakras memorized and in order to use the chakra as a pose I have to stop and look in the book for the suggested pose (which I also don’t have memorized). I would rather have had 7 more poses. But, in time I will memorize the chakra poses.
      Also, it’s funny, but I had trouble in the beginning with the seated wide-legged forward fold picture. I was following the floor line as in the other dice and was looking at it upside down. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what pose it was. Lol I included a pic.
      To do a flow, I roll the dice, put poses in order from standing to seated & re roll chakras. I sometimes use the chakra as a “wild” pose and add on to a pose that was rolled, such as happy baby. I would do a figure 4 after. Then re roll dice for 3 or 4 more flows.
      They are easily seen while standing except in the sun ( they have a sheen to them and the sun bounces off a bit making it a bit hard to see from a standing position).
      The cardboard container they store in is pretty sturdy. All in all, they really are a fun and useful yoga tool. Also great for group yoga.

    6. Julie

      Bought this for a yoga friend who loved it and would help with the classes she runs. Something different.

    7. Jess_in_the_UK

      Bought for a friend who love yoga. Found it innovative.

    8. Jess_in_the_UK

      I was looking for a small gift for a friend who loves yoga, pilates, and mindfulness, and I came across those cute Yoga Dice – perfect present indeed!
      They come in a beautifully designed round box, easy to store and to take with you anywhere you wish.
      The box holds endless inspiration for every yoga lover! Seven wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses-seated, standing, balancing, twists and more-that, when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels.
      There is a little illustrated booklet as well.
      Example of use: every morning you start your routine by throwing the dice, which tell you which positions to practice. The combinations are endless, you make up a new flow every time!
      It’s convenient, funny, good quality wooden dice and can help drive your yoga practice if you lack inspiration.
      They would also be cool to use with children if you want to initiate them to the core yoga poses in a relaxed, entertaining way. I would just be careful with the little ones, the dice are not small but kids always take everything to their mouth.
      As always they were delivered the next day with Prime, in a solid packaging, I’m very happy with this purchase and will definitely buy this set again for other Yoga loving friends and colleagues.

    9. Ms J

      Bought as a gift which was well received. She loved them !

    10. Gillian

      Bought this as a gift for a friend. On the days she can’t make it to yoga, she breaks these out. She really thought this was a thoughtful gift. It’s also a unique gift. I would buy this again for a yoga enthusiast.

    11. Zenon Buratta

      My cousin liked these and got her back into yoga after a break

    12. kirstycrap6

      Great gift!

    13. Amazon Customer

      Fun novality gift for a yoga person

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