International 136w Wall Travel Charger


  • Cutting edge GaN technology delivers maximum 166W output
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • High efficiency and environmentally friendly
  • Dual port design for simultaneous charging of multiple devices
  • Fast charging for smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Supports USB-C PD3.0 and USB-A QC4.0+ outputs
  • Includes one-year full warranty with 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with various devices including MacBook, Dell, HP, Samsung, etc
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    The International 136w Wall Travel Charger is the ultimate companion for globetrotters and jet-setters alike! Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple chargers for your devices when you’re on the go. This nifty gadget is designed to cater to the needs of travelers, making it a brilliant gift for anyone who loves exploring the world.

    With its compact and lightweight design, this travel charger easily fits into any suitcase or backpack, ensuring that you stay powered up wherever your adventures take you. It features a universal plug that is compatible with outlets in over 150 countries, so you can charge your devices without worrying about compatibility issues.

    Not only does the International 136w Wall Travel Charger charge your smartphones and tablets, but it also has multiple USB ports and a built-in AC outlet, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. No more fighting over outlets or waiting for your turn to charge!

    This versatile charger is perfect for travelers who want to stay connected and powered up at all times. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, lounging on a tropical beach, or navigating bustling city streets, this travel charger ensures that you never run out of battery life.

    So, if you’re looking for a practical and thoughtful gift for the travel enthusiast in your life, the International 136w Wall Travel Charger is the way to go. It’s a must-have accessory that will make their journeys more convenient and enjoyable. Get ready to embark on your next adventure fully charged!

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    8 x 8 x 2.8 cm, 250 Grams

    Date First Available

    22 Feb. 2021


    VINA International Holdings LTD

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    10 reviews for International 136w Wall Travel Charger

    1. nbi

      I really liked the look of this unit on Amazon & when I unpacked it.

      Unfortunately it failed at the first hurdle as it would not power my HP laptop using the same 100W-rated USB cable that works fine with my existing UGreen 65W GaN PD charger.

      Given some of the other reviews, clearly there are quality control problems at LinkOn.

      However I’d like to dispel some myths from previous reviews.

      1. While the design of the UK adapter provided means that when plugged into a wall socket it can be pushed down off the adapter this is unlikely to happen accidentally as the friction fit is quite good and does not leave any exposed live conductors on the adapter. (I might suggest a clip-fit for future designs though.)
      2. The device is not earthed but this is not a legal requirement in the UK where low AC current devices are allowed to omit a conducting earth pin as they are in the EU. (CE-mark still valid after Brexit guys.) Since this device even when supplying 166W will draw less than 1A this is fine, as it is with all phone chargers and table & standard lamps even with 150W incandescent bulbs that invariably use 2-core flex.

    2. Meshari A. Aladwani

      Habe das Netzteil schon mehrmals gekauft, 3-mal gekauft. Eins ist mir auch gestohlen worden.
      Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Netzteil. Es begleitet mich fast ständig in meinen Rucksack. Ich lade damit alles von meinem Handy, I Pad und auch meine Notebooks.
      Das Notebook wird schneller geladen, als mit dem original Netzteil. Auch beide Notebooks oder Ipad und Notebook zu laden ist kein Problem. Gerade unterwegs auf Reisen, ist es sehr angenehm, weil man nur ein Netzgerät für alles mit dabei haben muss. Für Notebooks ohne USB-C Schnittstelle, habe ich mir einen Adapter gekauft. Auch das funktioniert ohne Probleme. hier der Link.
      LinkOn PD zu DC Adapter 100W USB-C Buchse zu DC Stecker

      Das letzte Netzteil hat sein ein paar Tagen Probleme gemacht. Es ist ein deutliches Knistern zu hören und lädt wenn überhaupt nur ganz kurz. Wo das Problem liegt, weiß ich nicht.

      Aber LinkOn hat sehr schnell reagiert und hat mir ein neues zum Austausch schicken. Perfekter Service.

      Sehr gutes Netzteil, mit sehr guten Service.

      Das Garantiesystem bei Amazon ist aber zu verbessern. Das war etwas kompliziert und man sieht gar nicht ob noch Garantie besteht oder nicht.

      Update es gab eine Wackelkontakt am Netzteil, wahrscheinlich weil meine Kinder mit dem Fußball das Netzteil getroffen haben. Der vordere Kontakt wird ausgetauscht, der Service ist wirklich sehr, sehr gut. bin wirklich zufrieden mit dem Netzteil.

    3. Marie-Charlene

      Très efficace et ne chauffe pas. Prends en charge les derniers protocoles de charge rapide. Livré avec différents adaptateurs pour d’autres pays.

      Capable de charger rapidement tous les périphériques branchés en même temps, ce qui est rarement le cas chez les concurrents

      Un peu gros.

    4. bewertung

      En mis pruebas, fue capaz de cargar:

      C1 – Macbook Pro de 100 W
      C2 – Galaxy S21 de ~20W
      A1 – Galaxy S22 de ~10W
      A2 – Galaxy Tab A7 de ~5W

      Muy potente! Y me encanta que el enchufe incorporado sea Tipo A y venga con extensiones Tipo C y Tipo G.

    5. Amazon Customer

      European adaptor stopped working it only works on the the US and UK outlets. Its also too heavy

    6. nbi

      Firstly the charger is exactly as described and will charge multiple devices very quickly. I have 2 of these now. I charge my Surface Pro 7 through USB C port at a good rate. I couldn’t say whether it’s as quick as the supplied charger but it means I can carry 1 charger rather than 2 in my everyday carry bag. The earth pin is not connected which is perfectly legal and safe for a double insulated device. You will find many devices are like this and certainly all the chargers I have are. My only minor gripe would be that it is easy to unclip the UK adaptor when inserting a little heavy handed but it does not leave live components to touch as stated in other review. Overall a great charger and I never leave the house without it, just make sure you get cables (100w) that are as good as the charger.

    7. harajyuks

      This is a very good product, fast charging and practical.

    8. Gallowglass

      Recently got to test this out on a trip to the UK. Fast reliable charger with support for multiple devices. Would recommend.

    9. Dylan Wales

      To clarify, I bought this device in November of 2021 and have used it as my daily device for almost an entire year now.

      This device can provide 45W charging to the Samsung S20 Ultra utilising the Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 QC4.0 charging method (which most chargers only support 1.0) whilst also charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in Fast Charging mode; that’s around 55W-70W of constant charging power for my day-to-day use (depending on the wireless charging output as it can variate).

      So far the device is in immaculate condition and I have used it at other peoples houses, in my own house, abroad and whilst on trains; I’ve only had one issue with the UK adapters plastic snapping but LinkOn support was able to provide me with a replacement UK adapter piece – they sorted out the delivery in one day and then even expedited the delivery for next day delivery so I wouldn’t be without my day-to-day charger for more than 48 hours.

      The devices charging ports are all in excellent condition after my 10+ months of using it and have not loosened their port connectivity what-so-ever like a-lot of chargers these days.

      The device is also fairly futureproofed at a 100W USB-C charging output on their main ports; currently some of the fastest charging mainstream smartphones only reach between 45W-60W super-charging, so there’s still room for faster charging in the next decade.

      Overall excellent device to use!

    10. Dylan Wales

      absolutely great charger for home and travelling. packs loads of power and with GaN tech its light and small compare to a charger which deliver this much power.
      original charger had issue but seller is top notch and when it comes to customer service, they reply within minutes. sorted my issue as well.
      enough ports to charge all my kids and mine gadgets. i have taken pictures to show it packs travel adapters and also detail wattage for each port and scenarios for multiple ports.
      only downside is that it wont charge my MacBook while other USB C is in use but will maintain (slow charge) it.
      bit pricey though but again its one of in its own league. well packaged and solid, UK adapter fits well and doesnt come off while its in wall socket.
      happy to answer any question if someone thinking of buying it. would recommend and specially for family with kids while travelling.

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