Tea Blending Workshop for Two


  • Tea blending workshop for two by Bird and Blend Tea Co
  • Offered as a gift experience by Virgin Experience
  • Unique and interactive gift idea
  • Participants will learn the art of tea blending
  • Workshop designed for two people
  • Opportunity to create personalized tea blends
  • Experience includes tasting and guidance from tea experts
  • Perfect activity for tea enthusiasts or those looking for a creative experience
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    Discover the art of tea blending with our Tea Blending Workshop for Two! Calling all tea enthusiasts, this experience is the perfect gift for those who love to sip and savor the flavors of their favorite brews.

    Step into the world of tea and embark on a delightful journey of creativity and taste. Our workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of tea blending from expert tea connoisseurs. You and your companion will be guided through the fascinating process of creating your very own signature tea blends.

    Unleash your inner tea artist as you experiment with a wide range of premium loose-leaf teas, aromatic herbs, and exotic spices. From delicate floral notes to bold and invigorating flavors, the possibilities are endless. With expert guidance, you’ll learn the art of balancing flavors and creating harmonious blends that cater to your personal taste preferences.

    Not only will you gain valuable knowledge about the world of tea, but you’ll also have the chance to bond with your fellow tea lover. Share laughs, stories, and creative ideas as you embark on this tea blending adventure together.

    This Tea Blending Workshop for Two is the ultimate gift for tea aficionados. Whether they are seasoned tea drinkers or just starting their tea journey, this experience will ignite their passion for tea and provide them with a unique and memorable experience. Treat your loved ones to a gift that will leave them steeped in happiness and forever grateful for the delightful flavors they can create.

    48 reviews for Tea Blending Workshop for Two

    1. Km

      Really enjoyed the tea making workshop. Passionate and friendly staff made a great evening.

    2. Ian

      George and Grace did a wonderful job of explaining how different teas are made and blended. We made our own blends and bought some discounted blends that we’d tried during the workshop.
      The venue was really central and Borough Market was well worth visiting.
      All in all an excellent experience.

    3. Jackie

      A very informative and fun evening. I knew very little about tea but came away knowing alot of information. There was a good tasting along with a demonstration of macha (which I hadn’t heard of before) There was then an opportunity to blend our own teas. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

    4. Alison

      Excellent evening. Host very accommodating. Would recommend to others!!

    5. Laura

      It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the knowledge and enthusiasm from the staff was great,

    6. Alan

      I learnt far more about tea than I did not know I did not know.

    7. Alison

      A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Enthusiastic staff shared their expertise in tea blending and there were lots of teas to taste along with tea cocktails. We enjoyed creating our own blends and were impressed with the quality of the ingredients used. Will definitely be buying tea from Bird & Blend in the future.

    8. Toni

      Staff were lovely- warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Opens your mind to the possibilities of tea, and it being a competitor to coffee. Alcohol with tea to make cocktails, and oat milk with green tea were new to me. So many flavour possibilities too, with the provision of lots of samples to help you learn more about tea and what to buy in future.

    9. Russell

      Great trip out to make our own tea and enjoy some tea inspired cocktails.

    10. Louise Hardwick

      It was a fantastic evening, and brilliant value. The hosts were great fun and very knowledgable. We had unlimited tea-based cocktails all evening. We sampled lots of different teas and learnt about them. Then we made our own! We were given goody bags as well. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

    11. S & M Jenkins

      Really intriguing evening learning and mixing new tea blends and their health benefits. The instructors were enthusiastic, knowledgeable & very attentive to our needs. Thank you!

    12. Eloise

      We booked this as something different to do on a Friday evening. Sophie and Wesley were great hosts, we left having tried many different teas, a better understanding of the different teas, drank a different array of drinks throughout the night (who knew we wouldn’t mind matcha!) and were left to our own devices when blending our own tea. There was no pressure to buy products at all so it felt like a really chilled, laid back evening. Would recommend.

    13. Kathy

      Was a great experience, lots of good advice and tips about tea. Some interesting blends and a great choice to purchase after for those who wanted to.

    14. John

      Not entirely sure we knew what we would get but oh boy it was fantastic. Knowledgeable staff, friendly guests, quirky and interesting experience. Really worth it. Recommended.

    15. Sarah

      We were treated to unlimited tea cocktails and hot drinks. We tried so many types of tea and even got to blend our own – taking away three samples! Really fun experience – I now appreciate and understand tea more! the staff were lovely too.

    16. Gem

      A lovely evening we learned and tasted lots and came away with our own special blends. Would definitely recommend this.

    17. Karen

      Very friendly and informative. I really enjoyed finding out more about tea, trying out many blends and even making my own.

    18. Barbara

      I would not be exaggerating when I claim that this Workshop was transformation. You will nerve serve green/white/oolong etc again but will insist that the water is at the correct temperature. HUGE fun, very informative, lovely hosts and masses of participation. Great present or just go yourself.

    19. Freddie

      Tom was such a good host for the group, very informative and helpful throughout, as well us getting us all talking and contributing. Very interesting day. Lovely selection of drinks on offer too

    20. Paul

      Great hosts, detailed explanations, enough tasting samples and some gorgeous alcoholic teas too! Group of 8 last night, all went smoothly, with a chance to mix your own samples at the end.

    21. Nanda

      Have just enjoyed a lovely evening here learning all about teas and sampling loads of flavours. Niamh, Dan and the lovely lady who made us tea cocktails were all very welcoming and passionate about their topic. Not lost on a tea lover like me. Really enjoyed our evening tasting and mixing, a Iovely gift from my husband. Thoroughly recommend, thank you

    22. Dusty and Ros

      A well prepared and organised event with very enthusiastic staff. Lots if information and samples to try, ending with the opportunity to create your own blends of tea to take home.
      We would have found a handout useful, and note pad when creating our own blends – easy to forget what you’ve added to your creations.
      A great evening – thank you.

    23. Hannah

      Would totally recommend this. A friend bought it as a gift for me and my fiancé. It was great to see so many types of tea and we got to make 3 blends to take away with us. We were also served endless tea cocktails and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly. We’ll be going back for more!

    24. Laura

      Fantastic workshop with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations, we got to sample a number of different types of tea, had unlimited tea cocktails and the chance to make our own blends. It was fun and something a little different and would definitely do it again

    25. Matthew Geisler

      Had a great time on this experience. I booked this as a birthday surprise for the other half (tea lover) we both really enjoyed it. Great talk about tea, got to taste loads of types and had a great time making our different blends.

    26. Joanne

      My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of tea! Josh led the session, sharing his knowledge, passion and creativity with us all. I have been won round to the delights of green tea (though rooibos might take a little longer…) Amy provided fantastic tasters for each, and help with blending our own. Thank you for a great evening both!

    27. Emma

      If you or someone you know loves tea, then this is the place to go! My friend and I were the only 2 to attend a tea tasting evening (this was during storm Eunice!) and the staff still made the full effort for us. It was a wonderful evening and every tea we tried was delicious. Recommend 100%

    28. Deborah

      I booked this as a present for my mum who loves tea. We had a great time and learnt all about different types of tea, the history, and how it’s made. We tried lots of tasty blends including cold brews and tea cocktails. At the end we mixed our own blends to take home. The mixologists were super friendly and informative. I would definitely recommend the Bird & Blend tea workshop!

    29. Sue

      Good evening with knowledgeable & friendly staff. Tasted lots of Teas & cocktails. Enjoyed blending our own Teas to bring home

    30. Tony

      Informative and we enjoyed tasting the different blends.

    31. Sarah

      Loved the tea blending event. Informative but fun, nice group of participants, bottomless tea based drinks and cocktails but we got to make our own tea blend

    32. Julie

      The tea tasting and blending evening at Bird and Blend in Borough Market was really good fun. It opened my eyes and taste buds to the world of blended teas. We had a fantastic evening and really appreciated the opportunity to blend our own teas. The staff were great and hugely knowledgeable.

    33. Jean

      I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with my daughter. Jazz and colleague were fantastic hosts so knowledgeable and very welcoming. I felt very relaxed in their company and such a lovely cosy shop.

    34. Peter

      This was a birthday present for my wife, a big tea drinker: she loved it. Jakob and Lily were brilliant , getting everything just right for us. It lasted 2.5 hours and was time well spent.

    35. Lynette

      We tasted about 13 different tea blends including white tea, matcha, black tea with a variety of flavours – lavender, goji berries, cacao, mint, pea flowers and several more. Some blends were served cold others hot. We had a competition to match names to the teas another to work out less processed to more processed teas. Throughout had a choice of tea cocktails. Finally we blended some tea blends of our own and named them. Altogether a very enjoyable evening. Thank you Bird & Blend.

    36. Paige

      Wasn’t too sure what to expect but it was a brilliant experience, lovely staff and lovely tea of course. Would love to do another when there is a more local store to me, definitely recommend!

    37. Shirley

      I wasn’t sure about a tea experience, but it was really good fun. The presenters were very informative and made us feel very at home and the content was interesting – and tasty!

    38. Laura

      What a great workshop! It was really interesting and our hosts were so knowledgeable. We loved sampling all the different tea blends, highly recommended.

    39. Charlotte

      We loved the tea blending workshop, there was lots of interesting information on offer and yummy teas to taste. Enthusiastic workshop leaders and a great atmosphere. Can’t wait to try my own special teas!

    40. Pam

      This is outstanding. If you are thinking of booking -do. You will not be disappointed. The two demonstrators were welcoming, generous with the cocktails, and very informative. We did lots of sampling and learnt all about the many different types of tea, from matcha, to black, white green and herbal. We were given bags and free samples and came away with sachets of tea we had blended ourselves. Tea purchases were at a discount. I’m seeing tea in a whole new light now.

    41. Chinelo

      As I keep repeating, who knew tea could be so much fun? Had an amazing time and got to try so many teas. Exceeded my expectations!

    42. Ellen

      Had a great time at the tea workshop at the Angel branch. Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year Denise and Nathan were professional and very friendly. They were both very knowledgeable. Overall a really fun experience

    43. Smita

      We have been given bird and blend experience as a gift. We booked a location near angel station we are group of 10. Store was small but clean and well kept. Free drinks been served, Denise informed history of teas in different parts of world. We tested approx 10 types of tea with help of Nathan. In the end we made our own blend to take home. Denise and Nathan were great, their product knowledge was amazing .Both were Polite and pleasant and added fun elements. Overall great experience.

    44. Jeff

      A fun and informative evening. Belle was a superb host who gave lots of information about each of the many tea blends we sampled. Enjoyed a tea based cocktail whilst creating my individual tea blends to take home..

    45. Simon

      Enthusiastic staff and engaged audience. Learned a lot about tea, tea blends and herbal teas.

    46. Cait

      I can’t say enough good about our evening. Staff members were fu , knowledgeable and engaging; there was a real warmth throughout the experience and the small group nature of the workshop felt like a group of friends gathering over delicious drinks. We learned a lot about teas. Hands down, will go again.

    47. Julie

      We were not sure about this experience. We like tea just plain ordinary tea. Nothing fancy. The 2.5 hours flew by. It was very interesting and very tasty. We came home and bought the experience for our daughter and partner. We recommend.

    48. Alex

      The tea experience at the bird & Blend was amazing. Tasted so many different blends, the hosts explained to us everything about the blends and about the different base teas. Also told the history of the shop and owners. Unlimited tea cocktails or tea drinks were also available to order from the mixologist. Anila and Emily were amazing hosts

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