Cold Brew Tea Starter Kit


  • Cold Brew Tea Starter Kit
  • Includes best-selling cold brew bottle
  • Contains 4 x 50g loose leaf tea blends for cold brewing
  • Valued at £60 when purchased separately
  • Save £6 with this kit
  • Makes more than 20 bottles of cold brew tea
  • Includes award-winning Rhubarb & Custard Rooibos and Strawberry Lemonade teas
  • Comes with Perfect Tea Spoon and How to cold brew guide
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    Introducing the Cold Brew Tea Starter Kit, the ultimate gift for tea enthusiasts! This kit is a game-changer for all tea lovers out there, especially those who appreciate the art of cold brewing.

    Imagine sipping on a refreshing glass of perfectly brewed iced tea on a hot summer day. With this starter kit, you can effortlessly create your own delicious cold brew tea creations right at home. It’s like having your very own tea barista!

    This kit includes everything you need to become a cold brew tea connoisseur. From a sleek and durable glass pitcher to a set of high-quality stainless steel infusers, you’ll have all the tools necessary to brew your favorite loose leaf teas to perfection. The infusers are designed to allow the tea leaves to expand fully, ensuring a rich and flavorful brew every time.

    Not only does this starter kit make brewing cold tea a breeze, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any tea-drinking experience. The beautiful glass pitcher showcases the vibrant colors of your tea, making it a delightful visual treat. It’s perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a peaceful moment of self-indulgence.

    Whether you’re a seasoned tea aficionado or just starting your tea journey, this Cold Brew Tea Starter Kit is a brilliant gift choice. It falls under the category of must-have accessories for tea drinkers, providing them with a unique and enjoyable way to explore the world of cold brew tea. So why wait? Treat yourself or surprise a tea-loving friend with this fantastic kit and elevate their tea-drinking experience to new heights!


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