Murdle: Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles

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  • #1 Sunday Times bestseller and winner of Waterstones Gift of the Year 2023
  • Features 100 original murder mystery logic puzzles by G. T. Karber
  • Puzzles challenge players to deduce the culprit, weapon, location, and motive
  • Book created by the mind behind the popular online mystery game at
  • Offers a humorous twist on traditional detective puzzles
  • Includes illustrations, codes, and maps to enhance the solving experience
  • Ideal for armchair detectives and fans of mystery-solving stories
  • Published by Souvenir Press in English, paperback with 384 pages dimensions of 13.4 x 3.6 x 21.4 cm
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Introducing Murdle: Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles! Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and crime-solving aficionados, this mind-bending collection is here to challenge your deductive skills like never before. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of thrilling whodunits, where every twist and turn will keep you on the edge of your seat!

With 100 intricately crafted murder mysteries to unravel, Murdle guarantees hours of brain-teasing entertainment. Each puzzle presents a unique crime scene, complete with suspects, alibis, and clues that will put your logic to the ultimate test. Can you crack the case and identify the cunning culprit?

This brilliant gift is a must-have for puzzle fans of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned sleuth or just starting your detective journey, Murdle offers a wide range of difficulty levels to suit every skill level. Sharpen your problem-solving abilities, enhance your critical thinking, and unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Not only does Murdle provide endless hours of fun, but it also offers a fantastic opportunity for socializing. Gather your friends and family for an exciting game night, where you can collaborate, compete, and put your heads together to solve these devilishly devious mysteries. It’s the perfect way to bond, challenge each other, and create unforgettable memories.

So, if you’re searching for a gift that will captivate puzzle enthusiasts and ignite their inner detective, look no further than Murdle: Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles. Get ready to unravel mysteries, sharpen your mind, and become the ultimate puzzle-solving legend!

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Souvenir Press, Main edition (22 Jun. 2023)




384 pages






13.4 x 3.6 x 21.4 cm


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12 reviews for Murdle: Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles

  1. Amazon Customer

    Bought two of these, both recipients pleased with their gift.
    Gradually increasing challenges and mysteries to solve as you progress throughout the book. Keeping both recipients occupied well and they both get bored easily. Might have to treat myself!

  2. Katie B

    This is a cheap copy made in India.
    They should mention this info properly. The paper quality is not good.

  3. Alex

    I wanted something fun to do as an alternative to doom-scrolling social media and stumbled across this book on my Amazon feed. I suppose I ordered it without knowing anything about the contents so when it arrived I was a little surprised to see each puzzle had a similar format. That’s on me for being impulsive!

    Once I had reconciled this fact, I got cracking with my first Murder Mystery and it was a huge amount of fun!

    As you progress, the difficulty ramps up in a way that the ratio of clear evidence vs deduction tests your brain in a manner akin to a good Sudoku, albeit with more murder and weapons.

    Behind the puzzles, there is also an enjoyable narrative as characters appear again, devious plots unfold and our detective skills are put to the test.

    I dip into the book and complete a couple of puzzles each night. So far, it acts as an enjoyable buffer between the activity of my day and the needed relaxation of bedtime. Overall a wise purchase!

  4. Shell

    I’ve given it a good rating although I’ve only done a couple and I’m not sure this is for me but it does make you use your brain so that’s always a good thing.

  5. biplab

    Would like a way to easily go to answers, hints or the next puzzle. Would be great to have a piece of film the same size as a page to mark the chart with a dry erase marker. Then when complete put in the correct answer. Of course it’s fun as it is. I hope more are made.

  6. biplab

    So glad I got this. I can’t put it down. I already want the 2nd book.

  7. rainy

    Absolutely love the Murdle Book of Logic Puzzles! The puzzles are super fun and come in three different levels, so there’s something for everyone. I appreciate the extra sections sprinkled throughout the book – adds a nice surprise! The grid provided is a game-changer for keeping things organized. Bonus points for having the answers at the back, saving me from any head-scratching moments. I would say this is aimed at adults and older children 15+. What sets it apart is the clever incorporation of a story – it’s not just puzzles, but a whole journey. Five stars for this engaging and well-thought-out puzzle experience!

  8. Amazon Customer

    📕 I got this gift for my son, who is very into puzzles and heavily into murder mysteries and has read just about all the Agatha Christie books. The book is clearly printed and quite a good stocking filler for the avid mystery solver. The puzzles are a take on the traditional logic problem, with some characterisation and story added for good measure.

    📕 The puzzles have different difficulty levels, but none so far have proved too much of a challenge that the included solutions need to be consulted. I was worried that repetitiveness or very easy puzzles would have the book quickly abandoned, but despite the attractions of television and computers over the Christmas period, plus university course work, the book has had some steady attention. Only time will tell if that will persist, but so far, it is looking good for this new take on the logic puzzle book. ✔️

  9. Floralloon

    Have bought this for a number of friends and in particular for a friend who is having treatment for cancer, he loves it and helps distract and pass time whilst at hospital , have just bought another edition and waiting for the third book to be released !

  10. Katie B

    Me and my partner are always looking for new activities to do together and now that autumn has started weekends with breakfast in bed and solving some of these have really been so much fun and added that extra thing to get us out of a rut (just watching netflix or whatever). It’s really good with an activity you have to do together. So this was an amazing addition to our list of activities for when we have time dedicated to do things together 🙂

  11. Aaron

    I bought this on a whim trying to find some more interactive evening entertainment to avoid screen time. I bought this with a few escape games to play with my partner.

    At first, we struggled to work out the puzzles but now we understand how it works we are on a roll. It’s so rewarding when you finally work one out for yourself, and there are hints and answers to refer to for help.

    I can describe this as riddle-cludo with sudoku-like logic puzzles. There is an ongoing story and I think you can refer to old cases and evidence as the book goes on as well as additional puzzles to decypher along the way. It is really well thought out and assembled.

    I have already recommended this to a couple of friends and thought i’d write a review. Happy to see that when we are finished there is a second book.

  12. Judith

    If you like logic puzzles and murder, this is the book for you! This only arrived last night and I’ve done 4 of the puzzles already and have brought the second book!

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